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Overpopulation: The Making of a Myth

Overpopulation: The Making of a Myth

Half the world’s population lives on 1% of its land

Using gridded population data published by NASA, which records the global population in each 14-square-km patch of Earth, Galka’s map visualizes how half of us have crammed ourselves into 1 percent of the world’s land space (yellow), and the other half is living in the remaining 99 percent (black).

T.V-Unbelievable- ‘E.T- Extraterrestrial’ by Katy Perry Parody

T.V-Unbelievable- ‘E.T- Extraterrestrial’ by Katy Perry Parody


Declassified: CIA Helped Produce Hollywood Blockbuster That Grossed over $100 Million

Declassified: CIA Helped Produce Hollywood Blockbuster That Grossed over $100 Million

Zero Dark Thirty was developed and manipulated by the CIA, according to a Freedom of Information Act request filed by Vice News.

By Carey Wedler and

While the government is no stranger to pushing narratives through cinema, the story of Zero Dark Thirty is particularly jarring because Osama bin Laden was, for years, a foundational tenet of the adventurist war on terror. The filmmakers could have depicted the government’s inability to find him for a decade (granted, this was Boal and Bigelow’s intention, though they still sought the CIA and Panetta as their source of information). They could have investigated and told a story about the murky circumstances surrounding bin Laden’s death. They could have explored the fervent war hysteria of the American populace, spurred by perpetual propaganda from the establishment pitting Osama bin Laden as a bogeyman warranting total imperialist intervention. Instead — with box office revenue over $130 million worldwide — they added to that fanaticism with the help of the government that created it.


Dave and the Drones – Part III

Dave and the Drones – Part III

Every thriller needs a twist and turn

It started as:

Mr Cameron described the drone strikes as “an act of self-defence” which had to be carried out to protect Britain from terrorist attacks because “there was no alternative.

Now it’s become

UK envoy makes new legal argument for drone killings in Syria

Letter from British permanent representative to United Nations says airstrikes were justified on basis of ‘collective self-defence of Iraq’

Th(is)  new explanation, which was not disclosed to MPs at Westminster when David Cameron first told MPs about the killings……

The prime minister made no mention of defending Iraq when he told MPs on London that an RAF Reaper drone had killed two British jihadis, Reyaad Khan and Ruhul Amin, in the Syrian city of Raqqa, in a strike on 21 August.

“Is it because parliament previously voted against action in Syria, making this justification at odds with the will of the commons? The prime minister cannot face two ways on this issue – he needs to urgently explain this discrepancy.”

“David Cameron needs urgently to answer questions about whether there was genuinely an imminent threat to the UK or is this an expansion of the war against Isis without parliamentary approval? This argument was never raised in parliament. It can’t be both explanations.”

Rycroft’s personal involvement will also raise eyebrows. He was Tony Blair’s private secretary at the time of the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

His name was on a key memo revealing that Britain and the US were planning five months before the invasion to take action against Saddam Hussein without a second UN resolution.

By coincidence, Iain Macleod, legal adviser at the Foreign Office, was also legal counsellor at the UK mission to the UN in New York in the run up to the Iraq invasion.

How many twists and turns and wriggles are needed to show the LIE?

Climate change refugees?

Climate change refugees?

Yep – hard on the heels of the EU’s Juncker laying out his plan for dealing with the refugee ‘crisis’

we have Juncker talking of the next ‘wave’

“We are tackling the root causes of the next migration wave, in the next coming decades if we are addressed in a proper way the climate change problem, because tomorrow morning we’ll have climate refugees and we have to know that. And we should surprised or astonished if the first climate refugees are coming to Europe. We have to act now.”

IF you consider that the puppet masters speak in code – and if you consider that ‘climate change’ has ZERO to do with the weather – but rather has EVERYTHING to do with the MOOD of the PEOPLE………… then you might interpret much of what these politicians pontificate in a rather different way?

They are FRIGHTENED of the growing awareness of the people – cos this threatens their political power base.

THINK about it


Execution of British citizens………(Dave and the Drones)

Execution of British citizens………(Dave and the Drones)

Part I – (not written by Fredrick Forsythe or George Orwell)

By , Chief Reporter – telegraph

Here’s the summary

Britain’s war on Isil in Syria was launched from a nondescript aircraft hangar in Lincolnshire 3,000 miles away, where an RAF drone pilot in a leather chair fired the missile that killed two jihadis on a road outside Raqqa.

Here’s some extracts:

culmination of months of planning which had begun with David Cameron authorising the use of drones to assassinate British-born

Khan had hit the headlines last year when he left his Cardiff home and later appeared in an Isil recruitment video alongside a grinning Ruhul Amin.

Oddly enough – he was already allegedly dead?

His death had already been reported by Twitter users linked to Isil, perhaps in a deliberate attempt to throw off the intelligence services.

‘Intelligence’ services – ? (not Cameron then)

After the Prime Minister had been informed of the threat, he convened a meeting of the National Security Council, at which the Attorney General, Jeremy Wright QC, confirmed there was a “legal basis” for killing the two men.


it fell to Mr Fallon to give the green light for the operation.

Not down to Dave then – always good to have a fall guy

It is from here that the drones are flown by men wearing flying suits, and it was from here that the missile was fired that killed….

Glad they were wearing appropriate costumes – wouldn’t it be horrendous if they’d been wearing cheap supermarket jeans? (Wonder if they mention their ages anywhere?)

Mr Cameron and Mr Fallon did not watch the air strike being carried out, but were informed about it immediately afterwards.

Maybe Dave was out surfing in different sorts of sewage?

Mr Cameron described the drone strikes as “an act of self-defence” which had to be carried out to protect Britain from terrorist attacks because “there was no alternative.

Yeh Dave – killing peeps long distance without any trial of facts (oops Janner) – well it must be self-defence – stands to reason don’t it?

“And there was nothing to suggest that Reyaad Khan would ever leave Syria…..

Strange how Khan wasn’t a threat to Ed Balls tho?

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 00.55.26

“There was a terrorist directing murder on our streets and no other means to stop him – said Dave..…………….

Part II of “Dave and the Drones’ to follow in the near future

(coming to a street near you – for your ‘safety’)

Let’s make a drama about pederasts

Let’s make a drama about pederasts


Channel 4 to make Operation Yewtree drama about household name accused of historic sex offences

National Treasure will be penned by This Is England co-writer Paul Thorne and is inspired by the downfall of shamed stars Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris and Stuart Hall

In recent years we’ve been bombarded with revelations about the historic sex offences of people in the public eye and the lives that they’ve destroyed.

“This fictional drama explores the emotional impact on both a family that finds itself in the eye of such a media story, and on the accuser.”

It will be penned by This Is England co-writer Paul Thorne (?)

I looked him up. Paul Thorne is a comedian. Not the same guy as Jack Thorne


this is nudging by the media – from newspaper thro TV ‘programme’

an attempt to manipulate public perception

thro obfuscation and confused messages, so that people

feel sorry for celebs – forget about current politicians

and the survivor/victim becomes the baddie

It shows they’re desperate doesn’t it?

BBC among broadcasters to repeatedly breach Ofcom code over propaganda content

BBC among broadcasters to repeatedly breach Ofcom code over propaganda content

by Ian Burrell – Independent

International broadcasters including the BBC repeatedly broke the Ofcom code by screening programmes funded by foreign governments, charities and NGOs, an investigation has revealed.

The media regulator discovered a series of contraventions of its impartiality guidelines and found hundreds of nominal-fee programmes  had been paid for by bodies ranging from United Nations departments to the Indonesian ministry of trade and a Cambodian casino firm.

It said the practice carried “inherent risk to independence and editorial integrity” and it has ordered an “industry-wide” meeting of news networks to address the matter.

The BBC was found to have breached Ofcom’s code on sponsorship 20 times on its World News channel, where it featured programmes underwritten by funders ranging from the Aga Khan Foundation to the International Diabetes Foundation and the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation.

Propaganda: Do You Know You’re Soaking In It?

Propaganda: Do You Know You’re Soaking In It?

Each and every day we are subject to propaganda, yet many of us are oblivious to the fact that we are being manipulated so frequently. In light of compelling information and evidence which supports largely predictable outcomes, propaganda can be used to confuse, obstruct, and distract individuals and society from clearly understanding the issues at hand. As we face serious and interconnected challenges, it is important to understand the role propaganda plays in society.

Propaganda is a form of communication geared towards manipulating and influencing the mindset of individuals through a series of emotionally charged messages. It can be used to either promote certain causes or to negatively influence and persuade people to support various ideological positions. Propaganda is powerful because everyone is susceptible to it. Robert Cialdini, Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Marketing at Arizona State University, author of the best-selling book Influence, outlines why people don’t realise they are being subject to propaganda: “In order to deal with it, we need shortcuts. We cannot be expected to recognise and analyse all the aspects in each person, event, and situation we encounter in even one day. We do not have the time, energy, or capacity to process the information; and instead we must often use our stereotypes, our rules of thumb to classify things according to a few key features and then to respond without thinking when one or another of these trigger feature are present.”

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