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Chilling new face of police in Britain

Chilling new face of police in Britain

Armed to the teeth and sporting military fatigues and a combat helmet, the officer is part of a counter-terrorism unit unveiled at Wembley last night.

The elite Scotland Yard squad arrived in huge armoured vehicles to throw a ring of steel around the 80,000 fans watching England beat France.

The marksmen were also toting their new lightweight, semi-automatic SIG 516 rifle.

The 130-strong unit has been developing new tactics with UK special forces, including abseiling from helicopters and tackling rampaging gunmen.

They have been trained to shoot for the head instead of the usual target, the chest.

They came out of the shadows in the wake of the massacre of 129 people in Paris on Friday.

The heightened terror threat was confirmed last night when another friendly – between Germany and the Netherlands – was called off very late because of a ‘concrete’ bomb threat.

No risks were taken because three of the seven Paris suicide bombers had targeted a fixture at the Stade de France between France and Germany.

Last night’s match began with English and French fans uniting to sing France’s national anthem, La Marseillaise.

One expert described the counter-terrorism officers at Wembley as ‘effectively SAS officers in police uniform’.

Amid some of the tightest security ever seen at a sporting fixture, they took up key positions around the ground.

Many of the officers chose to cover their faces because they sometimes work undercover.

Jersey Care Inquiry: Yacht Club Abuse Cover-Up

Jersey Care Inquiry: Yacht Club Abuse Cover-Up


Heath July 1976 at the Royal Channel Island Yacht Club
Sir Edward Heath does feature as part of Operation Whistle, currently investigating historical allegations of abuse in Jersey.’

Investigations into claims that police socialised with suspected paedophiles at a Jersey yacht club “came to a dead end” when the police chief was denied access to the yacht club registers, which would have shown who was present at gatherings.

Graham Power was in charge when the police investigation into historical child abuse began in 2006. He said there were reports that children were abused on boats.

heath and constable

“I was told that a group of police officers and senior officials, and people who were subsequently associated with paedophile activity, used to meet as a group at the yacht club at the same time and socialise together.

“The reports that things were happening out at sea all seemed to join up into a sort of set of circumstances that merits investigation.”


Voice for Children blog comments:


What everyone now reading reports such as the JEP’s on the Graham Power hearing should remember is that there is hardly anything at all new in what Mr Power has revealed about the disgraceful machinations of the Jersey Establishment. That the MSM are now reporting such things is simply because the Inquiry and those brave few who fought for it have forced them to. The question that should be asked is given Jersey’s ‘media’ had Mr Power’s huge statement years ago why didn’t they publish the truth then?

Indeed, the fact is that Graham Power produced very little, or nothing new, whilst giving his evidence to the Inquiry. A great deal of what he had to say was produced in his affidavit years ago which was published on this Blog HERE.

It was also made a public document by former Deputy Bob Hill as a part of his proposition P.166 (forgotten the year). The State Media were burying all this stuff back then and it was the Bloggers who were publishing it. It is only now, some five, or so, years later that the MSM is reporting, what we were reporting back then.

savile haut de la garenne

An ex resident of Haut de la Garenne Childrens Home claims he saw children from the home being taken on to Heaths yacht and came back crying. There have been allegations that 11 boys left on Heaths boat and only ten returned when he went out with Savile. This was reported to the police with a Jersey Senator but nothing was done

Latest: Jersey Care Inquiry

16 January 2015

Jersey’s Care Inquiry has heard from a witness today who backs up claims that disgraced TV Presenter Jimmy Savile was in Jersey in 1976 when he denied he was.

‘Mr D’ was 15 years old when Savile visited Jersey children’s home Haut de la Garenne and had a photograph taken with a group of children.

Mr D says he was “too withdrawn” to ask to be in the photograph himself. But he says he saw a group of children pose for the photograph with Savile by the swimming pool.

This is the second witness to claim Jimmy Savile visited Haut de la Garenne.

Yesterday a man claimed he was sexually assaulted by Jimmy Savile during an outing with the care home.

He said Savile took him aside after the photograph was taken..


It has also now emerged that Savile visited the infamous Haut de la Garenne care home on the island of Jersey. Savile sued The Sun in 2008 to cover this up and to prevent the publication of a photograph which allegedly shows Savile in the company of children at the care home. As a consequence the paper had to withdraw the article and the photograph, but the picture is still widely available on the net and the story, though not the picture, has been published by both The Daily Telegraph and The Daily Mail


The current Jersey Inquiry into child abuse has heard that Jersey Senator Wilfred Krichefski raped a 12-year-old boy in the staff room of the Haut de la Garenne children’s home.

Senator Wilfred Krichefski carried out the attack with another man known as ‘The Old Posh Gent’.

On Jersey, Senator Wilfred Krichefski served as president of the Harbours and Airport committee and later as president of the Defence committee with responsibility for the police


Paul Every was the commanding officer of Jersey Sea Cadets who was arrested as part of Operation Ore for serious crimes against children but not suspended by the Jersey Sea Cadets.

Postcards link Islington care home children to scene of notorious Jersey sex abuse

The postcards provide solid evidence that children from Islington’s homes in the 1970s were sent on trips to Jersey, in an exchange programme with children from the notorious Haut de la Garenne home, where widespread abuse took place.




BREAKING: Police officer charged with seven counts of rape

BREAKING: Police officer charged with seven counts of rape

PC Michael Graham, a police officer attached to the borough of Hounslow, was arrested at his home earlier this month and has been suspended…..

Officers from the sexual offences exploitation and child abuse unit are investigating the police officer.

So why is the news ‘breaking’ now if he was arrested earlier in the month?

And why have they named him – when they refuse to name VIP’s accused of raping children?



Police admit they will IGNORE law banning smoking in cars

Police admit they will IGNORE law banning smoking in cars

Police bosses say it is an “unnecessary extra layer of bureaucracy”.

So – tho I agree that this ‘legislation” would be impracticable to enforce day to day – (apart from being another erosion of personal choice and freedoms) – is this – as a statement -basically saying that police can choose to ignore legislation if it’s too beaurocratic?

Under the Smoke-Free (Private Vehicles) Regulations 2015, it will now be an offence to light up in a car carrying children under the age of 18.

The smoking ban can be enforced by the police, who have the power to stop the vehicle and council workers, who do not have this power.

COUNCIL WORKERS?   Where did that come from? Who exctly does that include? Direct employees and/or private partnerships/sub contractors? 


We are now entering a Beyond Bedlam state – trapped in a nightmarish world, from which there is no hope of escape – unless everybody reactivates common sense.

Emergency police cars given to civilian staff

Emergency police cars given to civilian staff

Seven police forces in England have given company cars with blue lights and sirens to civilian staff not trained to use them, the BBC has learned.

Finance, HR and IT directors were among nine senior staff given vehicles.

One tax expert said the recipients could save thousands of pounds each year as emergency vehicles are treated differently by HM Revenue and Customs.

The forces said the vehicles were part of their wider fleet, and denied they were provided for tax reasons.

BBC News sent Freedom of Information requests to all 45 UK forces, asking them if they had provided civilian staff with cars fitted with emergency response equipment, and received responses from all.

‘Not qualified’

The seven forces which said they had were Devon and Cornwall, Merseyside, Humberside, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, Avon and Somerset, and Greater Manchester Police.

Read more http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-34142499

New guidelines say police should not rule out tip offs from ‘psychics, witches or clairvoyants

New guidelines say police should not rule out tip offs from ‘psychics, witches or clairvoyants

Police should not rule out investigating tip-offs from psychics, witches or clairvoyants to help find missing people, according to new guidelines.

A consultation document from the College of Policing, which is the official source of professional practice on police work, has said that information from mediums should not be dismissed.

The consultation, which runs until next month, is to help ensure that cases of missing people are investigated effectively and supported by relevant management structures.

A consultation document from the College of Policing, which is the official source of professional practice on police work has said officers should not dismiss tip offs from psychics

And in the detailed report it states: ‘High-profile missing person investigations nearly always attract the interest of psychics and others, such as witches and clairvoyants, stating that they possess extrasensory perception.’

‘Any information received from psychics should be evaluated in the context of the case, and should never become a distraction from the overall investigation and search strategy unless it can be verified.’

Harvey Proctor – porn/pawn?

Harvey Proctor – porn/pawn?

So what’s going on with this publicity stunt?

My Exclusive Interview with Harvey Proctor (video)

Harvey Proctor: Former MP accuses police of ‘homosexual witch hunt’ after murder probe

Interesting choice of words?

‘Witch hunt’? Isn’t that Cameron’s choice of phraseology  back in Nov 2012 – when the government were forced to announce two  investigations relating to the findings of the Waterhouse Tribunal?

Police in the blame frame

Interesting choice of venue?

St Ermin’s hotel – with it’s links to spies and clandestine ops

St Ermin’s Hotel Intelligence Book of the Year Award

Interesting MSM headlines?

Harvey Proctor: Former MP ends anonymity of the rest of alleged nine-strong paedophile gang

Interesting that the above headline infers that there were only nine abusers – most deceased(**)

In marked contrast to:

76 politicians, 178 celebrities and 7 sports stars: the scale of VIP child sex abuse inquiry

Interesting that Proctor’s formal press statement spells out a full list of accusations, hitherto not made public?

(One very important point to make is that this statement has not been checked exactly with what he actually said today.)


Imo it would be:

Interesting to know if Proctor’s being paid or blackmailed

(**) Interesting that Sir William Gerald Hugh Beach GBE KCB MC – according to National Archives was born in 1923 – and died in 1993 – tho not according to wiki)
Inquiry into ‘toxic’ undercover policing methods gets underway

Inquiry into ‘toxic’ undercover policing methods gets underway

The three-year inquiry will examine the motivation and scope of undercover police operations, looking at their impact on individuals, establishing how operations were authorised and overseen and discovering how much officials and ministers knew, the BBC reports.

“The breadth and nature of what is being alleged is almost too big to grasp, but it fundamentally comes down to a simple question of whether elements of the police were out of control,” says the BBC‘s Dominic Casciani.

In his opening remarks, head of the inquiry Lord Justice Pitchford said the investigation would also examine evidence that undercover operations targeted people because of their political views or participation in social justice campaigns.


Undercover police officers who disclose crucial evidence to a public inquiry into the covert infiltration of political groups could be given immunity from prosecution.


Relationships with undercover officers wreck lives. The lies must stop

Mark Kennedy’s alter ego, Mark Stone, was a lie perpetrated, overseen and supervised by the secret state. His deception was supported by fake ID and training and he was paid overtime for his troubles. A backroom of handlers and other officers tracked his movements and communications with us.

Former girlfriend of undercover spy sues corporate security firm

The woman is taking legal action against Global Open, a commercial firm hired by companies to monitor protesters. She alleges in the high court case that Mark Kennedy pursued her to start the relationship, while, she says, he worked undercover for Global Open.

Kennedy had previously worked for the police as an undercover officer and used a false identity to infiltrate environmental groups for seven years. He maintained his fake persona after he left the police.

Global Open, established by a former Special Branch officer Rod Leeming, is one of a number of private security firms that operate in a largely secretive world. Big companies, such as energy producers and arms dealers, hire firms to monitor protesters who are organising campaigns against them.

Police chief warns that officers may no longer respond to burglaries

Police chief warns that officers may no longer respond to burglaries

Chief Constable Sara Thornton, head of the new National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC), said that significant budget cuts and the changing nature of criminality meant that police had to prioritise.

She told the BBC: “Crime is changing in this country.

“We need to move from reacting to some of those traditional crimes to thinking about focusing on threat and harm and risk and really protecting the public.

Maybe they should simply stake out Westminster and the House of Lords?


More than a third of police child abuse investigations ‘inadequate’, says watchdog

More than a third of police child abuse investigations ‘inadequate’, says watchdog

More than a third of child abuse investigations by the police are inadequate, a damning report by watchdogs has warned.

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary found 38 per cent of inquiries in a sample of nearly 600 were not conducted to a good enough standard.

Among cases involving online child abuse performance was even worse, the inspectors found.

A national sample of 124 online abuse cases found 52 per cent were not investigated properly – and in one unnamed police force a staggering 72 per cent were sub-standard.

Read more http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/11712102/More-than-a-third-of-police-child-abuse-investigations-inadequate-says-watchdog.html