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Disgraced former PR guru Max Clifford fights for his life after suffering a cardiac arrest

Disgraced former PR guru Max Clifford fights for his life after suffering a cardiac arrest

Disgraced former publicist Max Clifford, imprisoned for a series of sexual assaults, was fighting for his life last night after collapsing twice in his cell before suffering a cardiac arrest in hospital.

Clifford, 74, is serving an eight-year sentence at Littlehey Prison in Cambridgeshire for sex attacks carried out between 1977 and 1985 on four girls aged between 15 and 19. He has been seriously ill since suffering a heart attack in August.

His daughter, Louise, 46, said: ‘He collapsed in his cell on Thursday when he was trying to clean it – it was just too much.

‘Next day he collapsed again and was unconscious for several minutes – though he doesn’t know how long.

‘He was seen by a nurse, who insisted he must be transferred to a local hospital.

‘That’s where he had his cardiac arrest, later on Friday. He is now in the critical care unit. He’s in a bad way.’

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Max Clifford Charged With Indecent Assault

Max Clifford Charged With Indecent Assault

Max Clifford has been charged with one count of indecent assault allegedly committed in 1981, the Crown Prosecution Service has said.

The former public relations executive will appear at Westminster Magistrates Court on 21 July.

Scotland Yard said the charge relates to a woman aged over 16.

Baljit Ubhey, Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS London, said the CPS had considered evidence gathered as part of Operation Yewtree in making the decision.

She said: “Having completed our review, we have concluded that there is sufficient evidence and it is in the public interest for Mr Clifford to be charged with one offence of indecent assault.”

Clifford represented some of the biggest names in showbusiness during a career that spanned more than four decades.

He became well known for brokering deals with tabloid newspapers for kiss-and-tell stories.

He formerly represented pop mogul Simon Cowell, the late reality TV star Jade Goody and boxer Muhammad Ali.


Max Clifford being used to distract away from Janner ?

Max Clifford being used to distract away from Janner ?

Disgraced PR man Max Clifford could face fresh charges over new sex allegations

Blah blah blah

The former government minister Alan Clark had sex with children, according to the publicity agent Max Clifford. In a secretly filmed, three-minute interview posted on the internet last night, the publicist said that the Tory MP and diarist…

The Independent 2012-11-08

The article’s been pulled

Question is – how come Max Clifford evaded having his collar felt for so many years?

At approx 1.25 Clifford admits that 14 year old girls were abused.


Published on Nov 7, 2012

A covertly recorded video in which Max Clifford states that he creates false images, deceives people and and lies. He then goes on to admit that he had played a part in covering up the sexual abuse by Tory Minister, Alan Clark of two girls from the age of 14 who were the daughters of his mistress, stating, ‘The only slightly serious side about it was he’d actually interfered with those girls from the age of fourteen.’

Max Clifford is now the PR Ambassador for the charity Children In Need.

DC is allegedly Dominic Carmen who it is believed uploaded this video and then removed it (or made it private) for reasons unknown once the Jimmy Savile scandal began to widen into other areas of child abuse. It is for reasons of public interest that this video has been re-uploaded. Max Clifford has serious questions to answer.

So why bring this forefront in the news now – when it’s been out there for years?