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Child sex abuse inquiry to focus on churches and politicians

Child sex abuse inquiry to focus on churches and politicians

The independent inquiry into child sexual abuse in England and Wales will investigate allegations against politicians living and dead, and a variety of public institutions, in the first of 12 hearings into alleged abuse and cover-ups, the chair has said.

Judge Lowell Goddard revealed details of the first investigations to be carried out in public into child sexual abuse dating back decades. They cover institutions such as the Church of England, the Roman Catholic church, Westminster, children’s homes in Nottinghamshire and the London borough of Lambeth, child abuse on the internet, as well as grooming and sexual exploitation in Rochdale, Devon, Cornwall, Oxford and Rotherham.

The scale of the first 12 investigations to be announced – which will be followed by up to 13 more – was ambitious, Goddard admitted.

“To run 12 investigations in parallel represents an organisational challenge that is unprecedented in a public inquiry in the United Kingdom,” she said.

“We are determined to succeed and expect full co-operation of all institutions and individuals who can assist us in our work.”

While some of the investigations may take 18 months, others could last many years, but Goddard said she hoped to keep to her timetable of the inquiry lasting five years.

Goddard’s £17.9m investigation – the biggest public inquiry into institutional child abuse and accusations of establishment cover-ups ever held in England and Wales – will not be able to convict people or punish them. She has said, however, that she will not shrink from naming individuals who have abused children and the institutions which allowed it to happen.

Read more http://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/nov/27/child-sex-abuse-inquiry-to-focus-on-churches-and-politicians

Victim testimonies permanently deleted by child sex abuse inquiry

Victim testimonies permanently deleted by child sex abuse inquiry

Victims of alleged child sex abuse who submitted accounts through the Government’s inquiry website were told their testimonies had been deleted because of a technical blunder.

Following a change in the inquiry’s website address, any submissions through an online form between 14 September and October 2 were “instantly and permanently deleted” before reaching staff.

The Independent Inquiry Into Child Sex Abuse (IICSA) apologised for “any inconvenience or distress” and reassured those who shared their experiences that their information had not been put at risk of disclosure.

Those whose submissions have been lost have been asked to resend their information.

The inquiry into historic sex abuse was set up last July but has suffered a number of delays after two previous chairwomen resigned.

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Submissions to Theresa May’s child sex abuse inquiry accidentally deleted

Submissions to Theresa May’s child sex abuse inquiry accidentally deleted

Victims of alleged child abuse who submitted testimonies to website between 14 September and 2 October deleted due to technical blunder



There’s no comment I can make re the above that won’t be made in SPADES elsewhere

and speaking of SPADEs and other botched investigations


Nottinghamshire Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry group meet with The Goddard Team

Nottinghamshire Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry group meet with The Goddard Team

By Mickey Summers

Monday Sept 28th 2015, PRESS RELEASE

Survivors from the Nottinghamshire Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry group met with representatives of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse established under Judge Goddard to examine the extent to which state and non state institutions and authorities failed in their duty to protect children from harm. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss how survivors were to be central in the outcomes of the Goddard Inquiry, to brief the central team on the landscape in Nottinghamshire and survivors concerns of the continued obstruction and deceptiveness of the authorities in seeking to minimise their responsibilities of decades of abuse of Children, and to establish the boundaries of the national inquiry with the possibility of a more specific local inquiry.

Survivors attending the meeting were able to air their general concerns with the conduct of the police operations Daybreak and Xeres which has still to see any prosecutions after 5 years of investigations despite an unprecedented level of survivors coming forward to give evidence, and their concerns with the apparent unwillingness of the City and Council authorities to engage survivors and opening themselves to public scrutiny with an independent local inquiry.

The discussions with the Goddard team, necessarily broad as they move forward, clearly gave much confidence to the survivors group of the determination of Goddard not only to deliver a cathartic experience and allow survivors to tell of their experiences, not only that Goddard was determined to ensure all necessary lessons are learnt and recommendations made to ensure that the institutional abuse of children can never again happen, but also that where there is evidence of failure by those that were supposed to protect the children, that they too will be exposed and bought to account.

In terms of the necessity of a local inquiry, it became clear that if Nottingham were to be selected as a ‘case study’ then there would be no need for anyone else to conduct alternative inquiries, as they were confident that the established lines of Inquiry would deliver the exposure here in Nottingham that survivors and whistleblowers have been seeking to achieve, and indeed the architecture of that local dimension to the inquisitorial aspects of Goddard could be used as the template for other areas considered for ‘case study’ status such as Islington.

There is clearly more to do, but survivors left the meeting knowing that Goddard will get to the truth and were prepared to listen to survivors. It is expected that greater clarity of the proposed regional truth sessions that will allow survivors to tell their stories will come late autumn, along with the confirmation or otherwise that Nottingham will be a case study and the mechanics of how that will operate.

Justice delayed is justice denied

Justice delayed is justice denied

JUSTICE Lowell Goddard, the New Zealand lawyer appointed to head the inquiry into historic child sexual abuse, has been pressed by the Establishment to extend and delay the completion of her work.

After her appointment in February 2015 she said that the inquiry would report in 2018. Now in a little-noticed announcement she has moved the deadline beyond the date of the next general election, in 2020. This will allow politicians linked to the Westminster paedophile scandal to escape scrutiny before the public has a chance to vote. Survivors will not receive the justice they deserve and another Establishment cover-up will have been skillfully executed.

The inquiry has been mired in controversy from the start, with Home Secretary Theresa May criticised for presiding over a shambles and helping to engineer a cover-up of the way the Establishment protected paedophile MPs and peers from criminal prosecution in the past.

The first person appointed to lead the inquiry was Baroness Butler-Sloss, who stood down in July 2014 amid questions over the role played by her late brother, Lord Havers.

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Survivors Question Role of U.K. Home Office in Child Abuse Inquiry

Survivors Question Role of U.K. Home Office in Child Abuse Inquiry

fter years of horrifying revelations about sexual abuse of children by people of power and influence, Britain called in a judge from New Zealand in a bid to guarantee the independence of a new inquiry into what appears to have been a massive institutional cover-up for decades.

In an opening statement July 9, Judge Lowell Goddard said she will lead a team that will investigate thousands of allegations of abuse perpetrated by “people of prominence in public life.” Cases involve both present and former high-ranking officials in central government, MI5 intelligence and security services, the Metropolitan Police Service’s Special Branch and the state-owned BBC.

The department that oversees many of those authorities is the Home Office, a catchall ministry that is one of Britain’s most potent institutions, in charge of immigration, police, domestic security and MI5. So when survivors like Andrew Lavery, who was abused in his early teens at the hands of Benedictine monks, learned that dozens of Home Office staff were being seconded for the inquiry, he was stunned. “How can the Home Office investigate themselves?” he asks. “It’s toxic.”

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Salary and expenses figures for employing this second rate New Zealand Judge for the CSA inquiry have just been published.

The UK taxpayers are going to have to fork out nearly £2.5 million to cover her between now and 2020 to oversee perhaps the biggest cover up in the last fifty years. Let’s take a look at what Theresa May thinks is good value for money for the taxpayers……….

1. An initial salary of £360K pa up to 2018.

2. £110K pa cost of living allowances.

3. Her rent and utilities paid in full through to 2020.

4. £12K pa for sundries.

5. Full time use of a car and chauffeur.

5. Return flights to New Zealand 1st Class for herself and family.

Nice work if you can get it and an inslult to the loose change paid out to survivors of institutional child abuse and expoitation.

5 Years to bury, shred, lose, alter and modify evidence to get all the establishment paedos off the hook.

Now you all know where your taxes are really being spent!

Child sex abuse: There could be hundreds of thousands of victims reveals inquiry judge… Tell us something we don’t know!! !!

Child sex abuse: There could be hundreds of thousands of victims reveals inquiry judge… Tell us something we don’t know!! !!

But the true figures “may be worse” because of systematic “under-recording and mis-recording” by police, Justice Lowell Goddard warned.

Officially launching her inquiry today, the New Zealand High Court judge said although generations of abuse had left “scars” on victims and society, her inquiry “provides an opportunity to expose past failures of institutions to protect children”.

Justice Goddard warned abusers that she will not shy away from investigating abuse in Westminster’s “corridors of power” or naming any VIPs involved. Every government department, public body and 18 religious groups have been ordered not to shred or destroy any documents which may be relevant to her work.

The long-awaited inquiry, which could run until late 2020, was set up by Home Secretary Theresa May last July. It came in response to claims of a top-level cover-up over allegations that a paedophile ring operated in Westminster in the 1980s. It has been hit by delays and controversies including the resignation of the two previous chairwomen because of concerns about their links to the establishment.

Read more  http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/590087/Child-sex-abuse-hundreds-of-thousands-possible-victims-reveals-inquiry-judge

Historical child sexual abuse inquiry to open

Historical child sexual abuse inquiry to open

The independent inquiry into historical child sexual abuse in England and Wales will open later, nearly a year after it was first announced.

It will examine how public bodies handled their duty of care to protect children from abuse.

Justice Lowell Goddard, who chairs the inquiry, will summarise how it will be run, including timescales and the areas of public life that will be examined.

The inquiry was first announced by Home Secretary Theresa May in July 2014.

It followed claims of a high-level cover-up of child sex abuse involving public figures, including politicians.

Justice Goddard, a New Zealand High Court judge, is the third person named to chair the inquiry; her two predecessors resigned over concerns about their links with the establishment.

Baroness Butler-Sloss, the first inquiry chairwoman, resigned a week after it was set up.

This followed calls for her to quit because her late brother, Sir Michael Havers, had been attorney general in the 1980s.

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