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Patrick Rock/ Protection Officer/Johnson Family/Sir Simon Milton/Ian Greer

Patrick Rock/ Protection Officer/Johnson Family/Sir Simon Milton/Ian Greer

Patrick Rock resigned as Deputy head of Cameron’s policy unit

No.10 aide Patrick Rock resigns after being arrested over child abuse image allegations.Rock was one of Cameron’s Downing Street fixers.

The two had worked together as SPADs to Michael Howard and Rock was very much part of the old special adviser network.

Jo Johnsomn

appointed by David Cameron as Parliamentary Secretary at the Cabinet Office (in addition to his role as an Assistant Government Whip)

Irk Hudson ‏@IrkHudson

I asked (Jo Johnson) ex-head of Cameron’s Policy Unit if taxpayers are funding a protection officer for Patrick Rock. @tom_watson

 Asked if taxpayers are paying for protection officer for Rock Why does your bro not answer?

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Family: Boris Johnson (second right) with father Stanley (left), sister Rachel (second left) and brother Jo (right), at the launch of his book 'The Churchill Factor: How One Man Made History', at Dartmouth House yesterday

Family: Boris Johnson (second right) with father Stanley (left), sister Rachel (second left) and brother Jo (right), at the launch of his book

Stanley Johnson at another book launch with Norman Lamont (left) and Leon Brittan (right)

Norman Lamont:

Before entering Parliament he worked for N M Rothschild & Sons, the investment bank, and became director of Rothschild Asset Management.
The day after his dismissal from the Treasury, Sir Samuel Brittan (Leon’s brother) wrote in the Financial Times that history was likely to record him as one of the better Chancellors


Boris Johnson and Sir Simon Henry Milton

Sir Simon Henry Milton (2 October 1961 – 11 April 2011) was a British Conservative politician.He lately served as London’s Deputy Mayor for Policy and Planning, and before that was a leader of Westminster City Council and Chairman of the Local Government Association.

Milton was a director of Ian Greer Associates, a parliamentary lobbying company “with close links to the Tory party” which was at the centre of the Cash-for-questions scandal in the 1990s.

Deputy Chairman Simon Milton was helping Ian Greer and Associates Simon Milton is now dead but his partner Robert Davis is still a Westminster Councillor.

Ian Greer, political lobbyist, has died aged 82. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/obituaries/12001034/Ian-Greer-lobbyist-obituary.html …

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We all know Ian Greer, controversial lobbyist and close pal of Simon Milton , fled to South Africa following the cash for questions scandal in the nineties.

Was this the only reason he fled?

Maybe not.

Ian Greer has set up a charitable organisation for adults and vulnerable children affected by the Aids crisis in South Africa.

According to ‘Ground Up’ :

The Helderberg Street Peoples’ Centre in Somerset West cares for poor and marginalised people. It is a soup kitchen, but it also offers counselling and support to people with drug and alcohol problems, amongst other things.”

The HSPC website claims:

” In 2001, Ian Greer brought together eight churches of different denominations to help the poor and destitute in the community, by forming the Helderberg Street People’s Centre, now known as HSPC.

How very noble of Greer to devote so many years of his life to supporting the destitute and vulnerable people of South Africa.

But what’s this?

The Make A Difference Trust is proud to work with Mr Ian Greer and the highly dedicated team of carers and volunteers at the Helderberg Street Peoples Centre in the Western Cape: South Africa.

Through support from the Yves Guihannec Foundation as well as the many individuals who have donated funds towards this worthwhile programme, we have been able to truly make a significant difference in the lives of so many”.

Is this the same Yves Guihannec Foundation which is run by tax avoidance expert Robert Venables Q.C. and which has never produced any accounts for the Charities Commission?

It may well be.

… Ian Greer…

… lots of probing questions.

Lots of questions about Dolphin Square.

Lots of questions about Simon Milton.

Lots of questions about Derek Laud.

Lots of questions about vulnerable children.

Lots of questions about the Yves Guihannec Aids charity.

Lots of questions indeed.



1969: When Ian Greer met Peter Righton

https://bitsofbooksblog.wordpress.com/2015/01/30/1968-1970-albany-trust-peter-righton-antony-grey-and-ian-greer/  n.b. YORK uni Conference

At the time Greer, who thirty years later would achieve notoriety in the Cash for Questions scandal… was also working for the Mental Health Trust. In 1966 in a surprising detour from his political aspirations, Greer’s name had been passed to Lord Butler and Sir Evelyn Rothschild and he had accepted an appointment as National Director.

In his June 1995 statement to the Parliamentary Select Committee on Standards & Privileges Greer gave a more detailed account of his invitation to head up the Mental Health Trust, hand-picked by Lord Butler (former Home Secretary at the time Sir Ian Horobin MP’s prosecution for abuse of boys, promoted to Deputy Prime Minister in Macmillan’s Night of the Long Knives during) and Sir Evelyn De Rothschild.

Real Stories Gallery ‏@HIVstories
although telegraph mentions he was in SA, doesn’t show pics or expand on his charitable work there.


Missing dossier on alleged paedophile ring handed to Labour MP John Mann

Missing dossier on alleged paedophile ring handed to Labour MP John Mann

A dossier of evidence of an alleged paedophile ring which was believed to have been lost has been handed to a Labour MP who has been at the forefront of demands for justice for victims.

The dossier is believed to be a copy of the evidence handed to then Home Secretary Leon Brittan by Conservative MP Geoffrey Dickens in 1984.

A review of the Home Office’s handling of child abuse allegations dating back to the 1970s failed to locate a copy of the file. The review, by NSPCC chief executive Peter Wanless, reported last year that there was no evidence to support claims of an official cover-up, but warned it was impossible to draw firm conclusions because of shortcomings in the paper records from the time.

John Mann said that the file was handed to him by the same individual who had provided it to Mr Dickens in the 1980s, after it was compiled by former Tory MPs Sir Victor Raikes and Anthony Courtney – both now dead.


There were a number of dossiers –


Investigation into late Lord Brittan scrutinised  – 21st October 2015

Investigation into late Lord Brittan scrutinised – 21st October 2015


Wednesday 21 October 2015, Grimond Room, Portcullis House

At 2.15pm

  • DCI Paul Settle

At 2.45pm

  • Assistant Commissioner Patricia Gallan, Metropolitan Police
  • Deputy Assistant Commissioner Steve Rodhouse, Metropolitan Police

At 3.15pm

  • Tom Watson MP

At 4pm

  • Alison Saunders, Director of Public Prosecutions


Operation Vincente has now been made known to a wider audience

Hasn’t made it to wiki – yet ?

nor here:



I wonder WHO is winning?

Leon Brittan: Scotland Yard admits reopening rape investigation over fears of ‘media criticism’

Leon Brittan: Scotland Yard admits reopening rape investigation over fears of ‘media criticism’

Scotland Yard has admitted reopening a rape investigation into Lord Brittan because it was worried about “media criticism and public cynicism”.

Detectives examining a rape claim against the former Home Secretary, dating back more than 40-years, concluded there was not enough evidence to proceed in September 2013.

However the case was reopened and the terminally ill Lord Brittan was questioned by police the following May after Labour MP, Tom Watson, revealed he had written to Alison Saunders, the Director of Public Prosecutions, to complain.

When in November 2014, just two months before Lord Brittan died, the Crown Prosecution Service said there was not enough evidence for them to consider bringing charges, one of the Met’s most senior officers, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Steve Rodhouse appealed that decision, dragging the case out still further.

Read more http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/11935953/Leon-Brittan-Scotland-Yard-defends-handling-of-sex-abuse-claims.html

Zac Goldsmith urged to withdraw paedophile ring allegations

Zac Goldsmith urged to withdraw paedophile ring allegations

Zac Goldsmith is facing questions from a former Conservative MP and the brother of Lord Brittan after he refused to withdraw claims made in parliament about an alleged paedophile ring in his constituency.

The Conservative mayoral candidate for London has been accused of repeating unfounded allegations of abuse by VIPs in Richmond, south-west London, that were apparently based on testimony from a convicted fraudster.

Goldsmith told MPs in November there had been a cover-up of abuse at Elm Guest House, involving establishment figures including a former cabinet minister, whom he did not name, but who was identified on social media as Leon Brittan. A spokesperson for Goldsmith said the MP had “rightly” asserted that child sex abuse should be taken seriously.

Read more http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2015/oct/14/zac-goldsmith-urged-to-withdraw-paedophile-ring-allegations

Tom Watson to face select committee over pursuit of Leon Brittan – “Tom Watson a decent man with integrity”

Tom Watson to face select committee over pursuit of Leon Brittan – “Tom Watson a decent man with integrity”

I personally would like to say thanks & well done to Tom Watson a man with real integrity.

Tom Watson will appear before a parliamentary committee next week to explain why he urged police to reopen an investigation of rape against the late peer Leon Brittan.

The home affairs select committee has invited Labour’s deputy leader to appear next Wednesday at what is expected to be a fractious meeting. Watson will not attempt to avoid close questioning from MPs, it is understood.

Conservative MPs are furious with Watson over his pursuit of Brittan, who was suffering from cancer in his final months, as well as the Labour MP’s comment soon after Brittan died that the Tory peer was “close to evil”.

It means that the tables will be turned on Watson, who gained a reputation as a ferocious select committee inquisitor after he grilled Rupert Murdoch over phone-hacking allegations in 2012.

Brittan died in January without knowing that he had been cleared of suspicion over the allegation that he had raped a woman. It has emerged that Watson had previously written to the director of public prosecutions, Alison Saunders, about an allegation of rape when he learned that the police inquiry was being dropped.

Four Conservative MPs asked the committee chairman, Keith Vaz, to put Watson’s actions on the agenda when it meets in private on Tuesday.

Read more http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2015/oct/13/tom-watson-select-committee-pursuit-leon-brittan




Tom Watson ‘forced out’ head of VIP sex abuse case as he admits Leon Brittan slur caused ‘distress’

Tom Watson ‘forced out’ head of VIP sex abuse case as he admits Leon Brittan slur caused ‘distress’

The detective in charge of the VIP sex abuse investigation stepped down after complaining that he was being deliberately undermined by Tom Watson, the Labour MP, The Telegraph understands.

Scotland Yard knew two years ago that claims about a Westminster child abuse ring were largely unfounded, but investigations were strengthened under political pressure, it has also emerged.

“Tom Watson has questions to answer. He has put pressure on the authorities to carry on with an investigation that had gone nowhere.”
Damian Green, the former policing minister

The revelations will put further pressure on Mr Watson, Labour’s deputy leader, over his role in forcing police to question Lord Brittan over allegations of rape. The former home secretary went to his grave with the shadow of a rape allegation hanging over him, despite the fact that police had dismissed the case over lack of evidence.

Det Chief Insp Paul Settle, who was head of the Metropolitan Police’s paedophile unit, quit the VIP child sex abuse scandal last year following a series of interventions by Mr Watson.

Read more http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/11923560/Exclusive-Tom-Watson-MP-forced-out-head-of-VIP-sex-abuse-case.html

Commentary: my frustration over rape probe into Leon Brittan

Commentary: my frustration over rape probe into Leon Brittan

For me, it was very difficult to go to the police about the rape that I endured in 1967 as a student in London. Police must be looking into allegations about Brittan, I thought. My information might help to build up a picture about him.

“Jane” writes about gathering the courage to report her rape complaint, and her disappointment with outcome.

Read More http://www.exaronews.com/articles/5590/commentary-my-frustration-over-rape-probe-into-leon-brittan

CPS Statement on Lord Brittan 24 June 2015

CPS Statement on Lord Brittan 24 June 2015

An article on the Exaro News website has wrongly claimed that the CPS has refused to tell the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) whether it had enough evidence to charge the late Lord Brittan in relation to an allegation of non-recent rape.

we provided police with early investigative advice on this matter in July 2013

The decisions in this matter have always been taken by the police. They made a decision to take no further action in 2013 and, despite their later investigations, they were never able to conclude that the evidential test for a full charging decision was met.


Buck passing and ar*e covering – and no mention of child rape

Wonder what they’ll come up with for JANNER case?

(how recent is ‘non-recent’? Is that different from ‘historic’?)

CPS refuses to advise police on rape case against Leon Brittan

CPS refuses to advise police on rape case against Leon Brittan

Prosecutors are refusing to tell Scotland Yard whether it had enough evidence to charge former home secretary Lord Brittan with raping a young woman.

The refusal has prompted frustration among detectives and for the complainant, known only as “Jane”. The police still wanted to know whether their case was strong enough to prosecute the Conservative peer were it not for his death.

Read more http://www.exaronews.com/articles/5586/cps-refuses-to-advise-police-on-rape-case-against-leon-brittan