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Media Conspiracy over Cologne Mass Sex Attack

Media Conspiracy over Cologne Mass Sex Attack

The mass sex attacks carried out by nonwhite refugee-invaders in Cologne, Hamburg, and Stuttgart have definitively exposed the manner in which the controlled media attempts to manipulate news—and how the advent of the Internet and social media has completely undermined their previous control over information flows.

The attempted cover-up started with clear political orders from the very top of the German government to the Cologne police. Evidence of this comes from the official police website in Cologne.

In the very first Cologne police report of the events of New Year’s Eve, as published on their official website, it was said that the evening had gone off “in a relaxed atmosphere” and the celebrations in the city’s cathedral square had been “largely peaceful.”

The incredible lies spouted by the police in Cologne can still be seen on their website here, but the New Observer has taken screen shots of that page just in case they see fit to take it down after reading this exposé.

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EU border force plan revived as refugee crisis spirals

EU border force plan revived as refugee crisis spirals

Europe’s refugee crisis has revived plans for a controversial pan-EU border and coast guard force to patrol countries like Greece and Italy which are struggling to cope with the wave of migrants.

But analysts suspect frontline nations will resist ceding sovereign border control rights to other European Union states and that Brussels will have to settle for a far less ambitious proposal.

“This is a little bit like calling for a European army.

Remember this?

Our goal is an EU army says Germany’s defence chief:

An EU army is Germany’s ‘long term goal’ according to one of its ministers.

Ursula von der Leyen called for defence cooperation to be strengthened so that the continent can respond quickly to international crises.

But her comments will raise fears the German government will back the call by European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker for an EU-wide fighting force.

In March, Mr Juncker said the EU needed its own army to address the claim that it is not ‘taken entirely seriously’ on the international stage.

Found On A Volkswagen In Portland

Found On A Volkswagen In Portland

Germany Calls for Pedophiles to Come Out for Anonymous Treatment

Germany Calls for Pedophiles to Come Out for Anonymous Treatment

Germany is promoting a social campaign for persuading pedophiles – including those who have abused children – to undergo confidential therapy. The program aims to help pedophiles, many of whom struggle to avoid becoming criminals, and above all to protect children.

The radical treatment for pedophiles, called Project Dunkelfeld (“Darkfield”), has grown in Germany, with 11 centers now open across the country. More than 400 pedophiles who have never abused children have attended this program (the term “pedophile” refers only to the sexual attraction to minors, rather than the act of abuse.) The program aims to prevent sexual abuse of youngsters, as it catches pedophiles before they commit the crime.

“It is a disease, it is a trait, it is not a choice. They haven’t chosen to change, but they can learn how to live responsibly with their sexual desires,” Petya Schuhmann, a psychologist at the project, told the Independent.

The first step of the program is to analyze a patient’s past sexual behavior and feelings in order to figure out further strategies of avoiding potentially abusive situations in the future. The doctors note that, for some men, the recipe may be pretty simple — never being alone with children, for example. Other tactics may involve changing attitudes, helping the patient to grasp that sexual contact with children can never be consensual.



‘Hackers’ give orders to German missile battery

‘Hackers’ give orders to German missile battery

The attack took place on anti-aircraft ‘Patriot’ missiles on the Syrian border. The American-made weapons had been stationed there by the Bundeswehr (German army) to protect Nato ally Turkey.

According to the civil service magazine, the missile system carried out “unexplained” orders. It was not immediately clear when these orders were carried out and what they were.

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