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Cam Force One? British PM orders £10m ministerial jet.. Whilst working families have their tax credits cut !

Cam Force One? British PM orders £10m ministerial jet.. Whilst working families have their tax credits cut !

Prime Minister David Cameron and senior ministers are to get their own £10-million version of the US presidential jet Air Force One to whisk them around the world on official visits, despite a fresh round of austerity measures from Chancellor George Osborne.

An RAF Voyager A330 will be transformed into an Air Force One-style jet, allowing the PM to travel in style and security on long-haul flights. The conversion is reported to cost around £10 million.

The aircraft, which will also be available for the Royal Family to use, is expected to carry 160 passengers and have secure communication links, according to the Times.

It will also be equipped with missile detection technology, permitting it to fly over warzones where normal airlines cannot travel.

The VIP jet could be in service as early as next year.

Cameron and Osborne will announce the move as part of a security and defense review on Monday.

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11 millionaires who voted for Tory tax credit cuts in the House of Lords

11 millionaires who voted for Tory tax credit cuts in the House of Lords

George Osborne enlisted some of Britain’s richest people in a panicked bid to save his tax credit cuts.

More than 270 peers trooped through the House of Lords last night to back the Tory Chancellor – and were allowed to claim £300 each just for turning up.

Now their names have been released in a roll call which includes some of Britain’s most prominent multi-millionaires.

Theatre bigwig and Tory peer Andrew Lloyd-Webber prompted outrage by voting after flying in from New York for work .

Billionaire Tory donor Lord Bamford, Britain’s 29th richest man, took a break from running the JCB digger empire to troop through the lobbies with his peers.

Baroness Hollis quotes real cases of people who will lose out .

Bra tycoon Michelle Mone also backed the cuts despite enjoying free travel last month in a ministerial car – where she hung out her top to dry .

George Osborne is plotting revenge on the unelected Lords after he lost the vote despite the millionaires’ help.

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Osborne unveils £2bn Chinese nuclear power deal to strengthen ‘golden relationship’

Osborne unveils £2bn Chinese nuclear power deal to strengthen ‘golden relationship’

It’s hoped the cash will prompt final investment from French energy company EDF to get the delayed Hinkley Point C project off the ground.

Mr Osborne today said the stations are essential part of powering the country, and boasted that the deal paves the way for a wave of Chinese investment into British infrastructure and business.

The Chancellor is currently in China as part of a five-day tour aimed at strengthening a “golden relationship” of business and trade relations between the two countries.

He wants China to help fund further nuclear power stations, as well as Tory business initiatives including the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ project.

However, EDF threw water over the Chancellor’s announcement and said that Chinese cash does not put Hinkley Point back on track.

The energy company is still deciding whether to invest in the £24.5bn station would be the first nuclear power generator built in Britain in 20 years.

It was supposed to be in operation by 2023, but earlier this year EDF announced thee project would be delayed.

During the next ten years, Britain is expected to need to replace around quarter of its energy capacity due to ageing nuclear and coal power plants retiring.

Mr Osborne said the Hinkley Point plant is expected to produce enough energy to supply seven per cent of the country’s needs, powering around six million homes.

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4 charts that show how George Osborne wants to sell more public assets in 12 months than Britain has in the last 20 years

4 charts that show how George Osborne wants to sell more public assets in 12 months than Britain has in the last 20 years

As the Government sets about implementing a programme of sell offs, new research shows George Osborne will raise more cash from the sale of public assets this year than from the last two decades of privatisations combined.

Tory plans to pass publicly owned services into the hands of private companies are likely to generate around £31.8 billion for the Chancellor in 2015/16 with parts of RBS, Royal Mail and Lloyds up for grabs.

Mr Osborne began his programme of sell-offs this week when he authorised the disposal of £2.1 billion of shares in RBS, representing a £1 billion loss to the taxpayer, seven years after the bank was rescued by a £45 billion Government bailout.

Shares in RBS are trading 33 per cent lower than when the Labour government initially purchased them. If the Government sells all it’s holding at this price it will end up losing around £15bn of public funds.

Back in 2013, Under the Coalition, 70 per cent of the public stake in Royal Mail was sold, and last month Mr Cameron announced half of the remaining shares had left public hands.

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Now even Labour say the next PM will be George Osborne

Now even Labour say the next PM will be George Osborne

George Osborne’s hopes of succeeding David Cameron received a surprise boost yesterday when a Labour elder statesman backed him to become Prime Minister.

Frank Field said the Chancellor could emulate Margaret Thatcher, who made it to No 10 despite being unpopular at the start of her political career.

And in an equally remarkable tribute, former Minister Field compared Osborne’s £9-an-hour ‘living wage’ initiative in the Budget to Labour Prime Minister Clement Attlee’s creation of the modern welfare state.

Field’s praise for Osborne, currently on holiday in Italy, follows polls showing the Chancellor’s ratings as a potential Prime Minister have soared in recent months.

Buoyed by the economic recovery, he is catching up with Tory leadership rivals Boris Johnson and Theresa May. Field said the ‘living wage’ proposal could help to transform Osborne’s image.

‘When Margaret Thatcher first came to people’s attention as Education Secretary, she was very unpopular,’ said Field, the only Labour politician who was a close confidant of Lady Thatcher. ‘But she changed and went on to become one of the great Prime Ministers. I think Osborne may do the same.’

As Education Secretary in Edward Heath’s Conservative Government in the early 1970s, Lady Thatcher was nicknamed ‘Thatcher the Milk Snatcher’ after she scrapped free milk in primary schools.

We must not forget Mr Osbourne younger days.. Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 11.06.48
The damning verdict on Osborne’s ‘regressive’ Budget: Destroying 13M Families… Old agenda being played out well there Mr Osbourne

The damning verdict on Osborne’s ‘regressive’ Budget: Destroying 13M Families… Old agenda being played out well there Mr Osbourne

A staggering 13 million families will be worse off by an average £260 a year due to the four-year freeze in working-age benefits and tax credits announced by George Osborne, according to an in-depth assessment of yesterday’s Budget by an influential thinktank.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies said the benefit cuts will not be offset by the new compulsory national living wage, which will rise to £9 an hour by 2020.

It described the overall changes to benefits in the Budget as “regressive” and predicted the next five years of austerity would take “much more from poorer households than richer ones”.

Paul Johnson, director of the IFS, said households receiving tax credits would be “significantly worse off” by the changes unveiled by the Chancellor, even taking into consideration a boost in wages.

The IFS estimated that the four-year freeze to tax credits will hit around 3 million families, making them worse off by an average of £1,000.

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Bullingdon Mafia Strike Again

Bullingdon Mafia Strike Again

Have you read ‘The Little Prince’? It is a book aimed at children and adults alike written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery a French pilot and is supposedly based upon the hallucinations he experienced whilst almost dying of thirst following his crash in North Africa in the early 1930’s. I will not spoil the story but it is a lesson to adults not to stop asking questions and if you have do not stifle the desire in your children. What’s this got to do with this government and their misogynist, elitist, superiority complex infested tendencies based upon ignorance and spurious science I hear you contemplate? Well a lot and not much really. On the one hand this budget like every other budget and policy they try to implement requires us to accept it or fear the consequences of physically challenging it. On the other if you believe the propaganda about austerity being required to cull poor people and perceive only ‘hard’ workers as admirable then asking questions about reality is superfluous. I mean why ask a question if you are only looking for a specific answer because the chances are you already ‘know’.

So to the nitty gritty (aka eugenics) of the austerity packages this Chancellor and his chums inflict upon others but will never be able to empathise with or understand.

  • £9 Living Wage by 2020 is a joke. A 40 hour week will equate to £1440 a month. To put in to context that is Iain Duncan Smith’s bill for polishing his head. It is a re branding of New Labour’s Minimum Wage and adds nothing new apart from tricking the less politically astute in to the con.
  • Tax credits limited to first two children. A form of eugenics that will punish the poor for having children whilst enabling the wealthy to have no such restrictions. Social engineering of the most elitist and sneering kind.
  • Housing benefit removed for 18-21 year olds. Those young people who do not go to university ie the less well off will be forced to live with parents if their incomes are too low and thus restrict the independence of the poorest.
  • Inheritance tax to be abolished on all properties under £1 million. What about those who do not own property? It widens the gap between the haves and have nots.
  • Lowering of corporation tax by 1% will benefit big business over smaller businesses. Chancellor keeping promise to Tory donors.
  • Wage squeeze for public sector workers for next 4 years. Another example of this government punishing the public for the greed of casino bankers. Further propaganda will be also used to play private and public sectors off against each other whilst ignoring those who are actually to blame. Smart trick for those who aren’t so smart?
  • BBC to pay for licenses of over 75’s. They become even more Conservative friendly out of fear for upsetting government whilst we are conned they are left wing. Left of what?

The supreme trick though is to throw in some announcements that play with the populist vote but do not require too much analysis. They are:

  • MOT’s to be removed from all new cars and motorcycles for first 4 years (instead of 3).
  • Fuel duty to be suspended for next 6 months

So the Top Gear fanatics will be appeased whilst the vulnerable are robbed.

The Sheriff of Nottingham is back and don’t you forget it. Whereas the narrator survives his hallucinations in ‘The Little Prince’ I fear that for many in the twenty first century this will not be the case if this government has its way.

HALF of Tory ministers have tried drugs says Lib Dem leadership hopeful

HALF of Tory ministers have tried drugs says Lib Dem leadership hopeful

Norman Lamb, MP for North Norfolk, made the revelation as he attacked Britain’s current drugs laws as pathetic and a “monumental failure of public policy”.

The 57-year-old, who is hoping to succeed Nick Clegg as Lib Dem leader, was a care minister in the Coalition Government when he worked with many of the current Conservative ministers.

He said: “We have the crazy situation that, almost certainly, more than half of this government – half of the government ministers in a Conservative government – will have taken drugs in their younger years.

“They put it down, in a very middle-class way, to youthful indiscretion, while other fellow citizens end up criminalised and their careers blighted as a result of taking a substance that is less dangerous than substances that are entirely legal.”

Tobacco is legal yet kills about 100,000 people a year in the UK, he said, while alcohol “causes untold damage to families”.

Would like to remind people of this at PMQ’s back last year when our CHANCILLOR seemed rather what should we say.. SPACED !!!!

George Osborn – signs of arrested development?

The Summer Budget | He’s Been Thinking About You…


People choose to be poor and disabled – this is the logic behind the Tories’ £12bn of welfare cuts

People choose to be poor and disabled – this is the logic behind the Tories’ £12bn of welfare cuts

It’s now been revealed that £12bn worth of welfare cuts will be included in next month’s budget, with even more rolled out in the autumn spending review.

Such cuts are based on nothing more than the Tory myth that poverty is a choice which people can be scared or starved out of. Osborne’s logic appears to be that if the Tories make life for poor people insufferable, they will simply choose to be well-off. As such, poverty is a lifestyle choice or a moral failing.

Nor does anyone “choose” to be disabled. Or to belong to a social class, gender or ethnic group which has been economically oppressed for centuries by the establishment.

Nor do unemployed people choose to not be in jobs which simply do not exist.–this-is-the-logic-behind-the-tories-12bn-of-welfare-cuts-10338790.html

Boris: “Why aren’t you, why aren’t you even standing? That’s the question we all want to know.”

Nicholas: “Because I’m in a wheelchair.”