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Lord Janner unfit to stand trial, judge rules

Lord Janner unfit to stand trial, judge rules

Lord Janner is unfit to stand trial over allegations of child sexual abuse spanning four decades, a High Court judge has ruled.

Mr Justice Openshaw told the Old Bailey the 87-year-old peer had “advanced and disabling dementia”.

Both prosecution and defence barristers had agreed at a previous hearing that Greville Janner was not well enough to take part in a criminal trial.

Lord Janner is accused of 22 counts of sex offences against boys.

The peer, who was suspended from the Labour Party in April, denies the allegations.

He is accused of 15 counts of indecent assault and seven counts of a separate sexual offence against a total of nine alleged victims.

The Old Bailey heard the allegations spanned the years 1963 to 1998. Twenty-one of the charges relate to children who were aged 16 or under at the time.

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Eight men quizzed by police probing claims of abuse at care home after calls for investigation by Lemn Sissay

Eight men quizzed by police probing claims of abuse at care home after calls for investigation by Lemn Sissay

Eight men have been questioned by police investigating claims of abuse at a children’s care home attended by the poet Lemn Sissay.

The men spoken to by detectives are all believed to have worked as carers at the Wood End Assessment Centre in Atherton, near Wigan, between the 1970s and 1990s.

They were not arrested but interviewed under caution over claims of abuse made by former residents. Most of the complaints are of physical assaults but there are also some claims of sexual abuse.

Detectives have now passed a file to the Crown Prosecution Service for prosecutors to decide if any charges should be brought relating to the investigation.

Mr Sissay, 48, who was elected Chancellor of the University of Manchester earlier this year, was a teenager in the care system when he spent nearly a year at Wood End in 1984.

He has publicly denounced the regime and conditions at the centre and led calls for an investigation via articles on his blog and social media accounts.

Ten years ago he made a BBC TV documentary in which he discussed his experience at Wood End and he has written extensively about his time at the centre.

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Abuse survivors turn to vigilantism

Abuse survivors turn to vigilantism

Two child abuse survivors have turned to internet vigilantism to trap paedophiles after becoming frustrated at a lack of police resources to tackle online grooming.

The men have begun posing as 13- and 14-year-old girls in Facebook groups and chatrooms to carry out stings on men who try to meet for sex. Operating under the banner of Paedophile Hunters London, they have secured one conviction, and six other men they have targeted are facing charges including attempted sexual assault.

Jay, 29, who requested that his real name was not used, said he considered the stings “my therapy”. His colleague, JB, 36, said: “Being a survivor of child abuse. I believe no other child should suffer what I went through, so if I can stop a child being raped, tortured or even murdered, that is what I should do.”

They said they wanted to expose “a lack of funding or cuts where not enough is being done to stop this vile crime”.

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Jersey Care Inquiry: Yacht Club Abuse Cover-Up

Jersey Care Inquiry: Yacht Club Abuse Cover-Up


Heath July 1976 at the Royal Channel Island Yacht Club
Sir Edward Heath does feature as part of Operation Whistle, currently investigating historical allegations of abuse in Jersey.’

Investigations into claims that police socialised with suspected paedophiles at a Jersey yacht club “came to a dead end” when the police chief was denied access to the yacht club registers, which would have shown who was present at gatherings.

Graham Power was in charge when the police investigation into historical child abuse began in 2006. He said there were reports that children were abused on boats.

heath and constable

“I was told that a group of police officers and senior officials, and people who were subsequently associated with paedophile activity, used to meet as a group at the yacht club at the same time and socialise together.

“The reports that things were happening out at sea all seemed to join up into a sort of set of circumstances that merits investigation.”

Voice for Children blog comments:


What everyone now reading reports such as the JEP’s on the Graham Power hearing should remember is that there is hardly anything at all new in what Mr Power has revealed about the disgraceful machinations of the Jersey Establishment. That the MSM are now reporting such things is simply because the Inquiry and those brave few who fought for it have forced them to. The question that should be asked is given Jersey’s ‘media’ had Mr Power’s huge statement years ago why didn’t they publish the truth then?

Indeed, the fact is that Graham Power produced very little, or nothing new, whilst giving his evidence to the Inquiry. A great deal of what he had to say was produced in his affidavit years ago which was published on this Blog HERE.

It was also made a public document by former Deputy Bob Hill as a part of his proposition P.166 (forgotten the year). The State Media were burying all this stuff back then and it was the Bloggers who were publishing it. It is only now, some five, or so, years later that the MSM is reporting, what we were reporting back then.

savile haut de la garenne

An ex resident of Haut de la Garenne Childrens Home claims he saw children from the home being taken on to Heaths yacht and came back crying. There have been allegations that 11 boys left on Heaths boat and only ten returned when he went out with Savile. This was reported to the police with a Jersey Senator but nothing was done

Latest: Jersey Care Inquiry

16 January 2015

Jersey’s Care Inquiry has heard from a witness today who backs up claims that disgraced TV Presenter Jimmy Savile was in Jersey in 1976 when he denied he was.

‘Mr D’ was 15 years old when Savile visited Jersey children’s home Haut de la Garenne and had a photograph taken with a group of children.

Mr D says he was “too withdrawn” to ask to be in the photograph himself. But he says he saw a group of children pose for the photograph with Savile by the swimming pool.

This is the second witness to claim Jimmy Savile visited Haut de la Garenne.

Yesterday a man claimed he was sexually assaulted by Jimmy Savile during an outing with the care home.

He said Savile took him aside after the photograph was taken..

It has also now emerged that Savile visited the infamous Haut de la Garenne care home on the island of Jersey. Savile sued The Sun in 2008 to cover this up and to prevent the publication of a photograph which allegedly shows Savile in the company of children at the care home. As a consequence the paper had to withdraw the article and the photograph, but the picture is still widely available on the net and the story, though not the picture, has been published by both The Daily Telegraph and The Daily Mail

The current Jersey Inquiry into child abuse has heard that Jersey Senator Wilfred Krichefski raped a 12-year-old boy in the staff room of the Haut de la Garenne children’s home.

Senator Wilfred Krichefski carried out the attack with another man known as ‘The Old Posh Gent’.

On Jersey, Senator Wilfred Krichefski served as president of the Harbours and Airport committee and later as president of the Defence committee with responsibility for the police

Paul Every was the commanding officer of Jersey Sea Cadets who was arrested as part of Operation Ore for serious crimes against children but not suspended by the Jersey Sea Cadets.

Postcards link Islington care home children to scene of notorious Jersey sex abuse

The postcards provide solid evidence that children from Islington’s homes in the 1970s were sent on trips to Jersey, in an exchange programme with children from the notorious Haut de la Garenne home, where widespread abuse took place.

John Mann MP – Wanless Review and the Dickens file

John Mann MP – Wanless Review and the Dickens file

Debate headed by Labour’s John Mann regarding Wanless Review and the Dickens file. Sorry, missed opening seconds, most of it’s here though.


Former MI6 deputy director George Kennedy Young is ‘key figure’ in missing child abuse dossier, says MP

In Parliament Mr Mann described the Dickens dossier as “intriguing to say the least”.

He said that a former deputy director of MI6, George Kennedy Young, was involved in a right-wing Conservative group which gathered details on alleged paedophiles within the Commons.

Woman awarded MBE for services to children ‘did nothing to stop paedophile husband’, say victims

Woman awarded MBE for services to children ‘did nothing to stop paedophile husband’, say victims

A woman honoured for services to a children’s charity has been accused by victims of turning a blind eye to her husband’s child abuse.

But last week, her husband was unmasked as a depraved child sex monster who preyed on his victims for 17 years.

Ex-soldier Hugh “Mitch” Mitchell was jailed for 10 years for the serial abuse of youngsters – chiefly in a bedroom-cum-dungeon in their marital home.

His victims are glad justice has finally caught up with him but they are also angry because they believe his wife, while not guilty of actual abuse, was aware of his sick behaviour, reports the Daily Record .

They pointed to the length of time the abuse was carried out, her presence at a doorstep confrontation with one victim’s parent and a paedophile-themed “novel” penned by her husband.

It emerged in court that Gill Mitchell, 59, was aware of the book’s existence for 10 years but hid it at her workplace until just before her husband was due to face trial.

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The Gangster and The Pervert Peer (s) – political corruption – how it’s done

The Gangster and The Pervert Peer (s) – political corruption – how it’s done

Boothby, Driberg – The Krays – and dirty politics.

Nothing changes

Thanks to Truthseeker for finding the video
Former Australian Prime Ministers named in VIP Paedophile ring

Former Australian Prime Ministers named in VIP Paedophile ring

A woman claiming to be the victim of a “VIP pedophile ring”, which involved three former prime ministers, has alleged she was prostituted to “pedophile parties” at Parliament House in Canberra.

Speaking to media in Sydney, Fiona Barnett detailed her alleged abuse by the alleged elite pedophile ring 40 years ago.

The 45-year-old said she was abused by the ring, which included high-ranking politicians, police and members of the judiciary, at the age of five and claimed there were thousands of other victims.

“My experiences were horrific beyond words,” she said. “But the way I’ve been treated for reporting the crimes I witnessed and experienced has been far worse than my original abuse experiences.”

The northern NSW woman went on to detail “hundreds of crimes” she claimed she had witnessed, including child abduction, torture, rape and murder.

Ms Barnett described the alleged operation as a “very well-coordinated international pedophile ring”, and said there was a strict hierarchy.

“I was only saved for the VIP pedophiles,” she said.

“It’s a hierarchy, what I witnessed was the very top of the hierarchy.”

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I’ve worked closely with paedophiles – we must never downplay the horrors of what they do

I’ve worked closely with paedophiles – we must never downplay the horrors of what they do

I have worked with paedophiles and their victims and I have empathised with both. As a therapist in Broadmoor, my patients committed some of the most heinous crimes imaginable, yet there are few that I would describe as “monsters”.  But, there’s a difference between differentiating the person from their actions and down playing those actions, which is what Glenn Wilson did in his article, “Not all paedophiles are bad people“.

Among the clinical team that I worked with at Broadmoor, we shared the consensus that paedophilia is a) an aberration and b) cannot be cured, only managed. I am disturbed by any discourse that seeks to normalise what is a deeply dysfunctional psychological illness that preys upon the most vulnerable in our society, children.

As well as the idea that paedophilia is deemed “normal” by some professionals, as Wilson claims, there are other myths peddled in the article that need to be challenged. Wilson claimed that paedophilia is benign because many don’t act on their thoughts. But firstly, the reason paedophilia is so difficult to cure is precisely because many paedophiles cannot control their impulses. Their brains are often hard wired in such a way as to render them impermeable to most counselling or CBT. Many of the individuals I worked with recognised this and asked for medication to suppress these impulses, which can work for some.

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Not all paedophiles are bad people – by Glenn D Wilson

Not all paedophiles are bad people – by Glenn D Wilson


Setting the framework for a normalisation agenda? Is this the fall back position for when it becomes apparent to the majority that there was wide scale abuse of children for decades? The prelude to changing legislation til it fits the abusers requirements for non-culpability?

Unsurprisingly Thomas O’Carroll is a staunch admirer of Wilson

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 16.24.30

The quote ^ is from Tom O’Carroll’s blog – to which I will not link.

More info on Wilson and PIE can be found here