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​You’re Going to Need an Ad Blocker for Your Next TV

​You’re Going to Need an Ad Blocker for Your Next TV

McMillan was watching the movie through an Amazon Fire set top box, and as an experiment, tried playing it from his computer connected to the TV through an HDMI cable. In both cases the Army ad appeared at the one-minute mark, leading McMillan to deduce that the ad was being served by Samsung, and that the internet-connected TV was using content recognition to show ads on top of any video coming in through the TV’s input.

This seems to be a brand new kind of targeted advertising, McMillan told me. “In this case, it seems to be running some kind of watermarking or audio recognition system on top of anything that’s playing,” he said.

Smart TVs have embedded “automatic content recognition” technology that’s analyzing viewing habits and “sending data to third parties on everything you watch”


Yet another reason to hit the ‘OFF” switch?

Cuadrilla and leading fracking firms’ tax haven ownership

Cuadrilla and leading fracking firms’ tax haven ownership

Cuadrilla, one of the UK’s leading shale gas firms, is majority owned by entities based in offshore tax havens, a Greenpeace investigation has found.

The analysis of financial data and companies house filings also reveals that 40% of existing oil and gas exploration licenses have been awarded to exploration partnerships in which at least one company is owned offshore.

The news comes as the government prepares to announce the next round of licenses to drill onshore for oil and gas.

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This includes companies based in tax havens such as Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands, all of which were recently placed on an EU tax haven blacklist for being “non-cooperative” with efforts to combat tax avoidance.

45% of Cuadrilla is held by Riverstone Holdings through a Cayman Islands-based investment fund, while another 45% is held by Australian company AJ Lucas, which is 50% owned and substantially bankrolled by Kerogen Capital, registered in the Caymans.

Other leading fracking firms owned by companies registered offshore include Third Energy – which is owned by a division of Barclays bank based in the Cayman Islands – and Celtique Energie, which has sought to frack in South Downs national park.

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Children as young as eight were forced to perform sex acts on each other and ANIMALS while in council care, judge finds

Children as young as eight were forced to perform sex acts on each other and ANIMALS while in council care, judge finds

Children were made to perform ‘sexual activities’ with each other and animals at a hotel, a family court judge has concluded.

Social workers from Coventry City Council had asked Judge Hilary Watson to investigate a series of allegations made by a number of children in their care.

The judge has now made a number of shocking findings of facts after analysing evidence at a court hearing in the city.

She said the allegations were made by four children aged between eight and 14 against a man they knew.

No one was identified in her written ruling, in which limited detail about the incidents was made public.

The children spoke of travelling to Birmingham on a bus and indicated that the hotel was in the city. They also indicated that activities had been recorded on video.

Judge Watson said some of the ‘suggestions’ might seem ‘fantastical’, but concluded they were probably a ‘grim reality’.

She said: ‘In my judgment, the children are telling the truth when they describe being taken… to a hotel where they had wine and tablets and were made to perform sexual acts watched by other people.

Calling all dog lovers. HELP needed

Calling all dog lovers. HELP needed

This is something close to my heart.

8,000+ Staffordshire Bull Terriers get put down every year, this is generally not the fault of the dog but the owners.

GKK Animal rescue was set up by Gina Shaw to try and save some of the at risk dogs.

GKK are desperately looking for Fosters to help them in preventing anymore dogs being destroyed.

If you are dog lover and can find room in your home  and heart to foster a dog, please get in touch with Gina Shaw
01626 352765


Facebook Gina.Shaw.790  GKK Animal Rescue (closed group)


God Help Us: David Cameron plans parenting classes for all families –

God Help Us: David Cameron plans parenting classes for all families –

Lesson 1. Leave your baby behind in a pub after Sunday Lunch.

All parents should enrol in state-backed parenting classes to learn how to raise their children properly, David Cameron will say as he announces a new plan to stop families breaking up.

In a speech this week, the Prime Minister will argue that all parents would benefit from more advice on helping children play and dealing bad behaviour.

He will use a major speech on Monday to set out proposals for a new voucher system to incentivise parents to attend the classes in an attempt to make parenting advice socially “normal” and even “aspirational”.

The Prime Minister’s plan comes as he announces a £70 million investment in relationship counselling to prevent hundreds of thousands of families splitting up over the next five years.

Mr Cameron’s speech marks the latest step in delivering on the Conservatives’ key election promise to help families at every stage of life.

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Genetically engineered mosquitoes battle Zika virus in Brazil

Genetically engineered mosquitoes battle Zika virus in Brazil

In an effort to curb the spread of the Zika virus, a UK-based company has partnered up with Brazilian authorities to introduce genetically modified sterile mosquitoes into the wild to reduce the population and the threat of the virus spreading to humans.

The Zika virus is spread to people through aedes aegypti mosquito bites. Once contracted the illness is usually mild with symptoms lasting from several days to a week. The most common symptoms of Zika virus are disease are a fever, rash, joint pain, and conjunctivitis.

While most cases of the decease are hardly ever noticed, pregnant women fall under a special category of risk. If infected their newborn children could be prone to microcephaly, a neurological disorder that results in abnormally small heads, leading to developmental issues and sometimes death.

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Blackpool Council approves fluoridated school milk plan

Blackpool Council approves fluoridated school milk plan

Fluoridated milk will be handed out to 8,000 schoolchildren in Blackpool to help tackle “poor dental health”.

The move is part of the Lancashire seaside town’s free school breakfast scheme – but parents will be able to opt out of allowing their children to be given the drink.

Blackpool councillor Tony Williams, who has concerns over the plan, said “mass medication” should not be allowed.

Councillors approved the scheme and a group will be set up to implement it.

The group combining Blackpool Council, Public Health England, Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and oral health charity the Borrow Foundation will oversee the scheme.

‘Conflicting evidence’

Councillor Graham Cain said: “Unfortunately the state of Blackpool’s dental health is very poor.

“Some parts of the country can benefit from fluoride naturally appearing in their daily drinking water – in Blackpool we cannot.

“The free breakfast programme allows us to reach all primary school children as they are growing up and make the fluoride milk available to them there.”

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Hatton Garden Heist leader ‘found sick pics of Tory child abuser’ in 1971 raid

Hatton Garden Heist leader ‘found sick pics of Tory child abuser’ in 1971 raid

Hatton Gardens heist boss Brian Reader was horrified when his gang broke into a bank vault and found sickening photos of a leading politician abusing children.

But the notorious crook was shocked further when the thieves left the pictures for police to find – only for the Tory Cabinet minister’s crimes to be hushed up.

Reader, known as The Guv’nor, is facing jail for planning last year’s £14million Hatton Garden raid and claims about his previous high-profile break-in can now be revealed for the first time.

The images are said to have been found stashed in a safety deposit box in 1971 when the gang tunnelled into a branch of Lloyds in Baker Street, Central London, and escaped with a £3million haul.

A close confidant of 76-year-old career criminal Reader said: “It was a shock for them when they found photographs of a famous ­politician abusing children.

“The gang were disgusted and left them lying on the floor of the vault for the police to find but nothing was ever done.”

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Lord Janner: Child sex abuse case against late peer is dropped

Lord Janner: Child sex abuse case against late peer is dropped

The sex abuse trial against former Labour Peer Lord Janner, who died in December, has been formally dropped by prosecutors.

The 87-year-old, who was suffering from severe dementia, had been accused of a string of child sex allegations dating back to the 1970s.

Last year, the Crown Prosecution Service admitted it had missed numerous opportunities to prosecute the former MP, but ruled that his ill health meant he was unfit to stand trial.

But that decision was challenged by some of the alleged victims and prosecutors embarked on a “trial of fact” to determine whether Janner was responsible for the crimes he had been accused of.

Following his death, it was suggested the case might continue, but at a short hearing at the Old Bailey on Friday, prosecutors announced that they were formally closing the case.

Richard Whittam QC told the court: “Ordinarily death brings a criminal prosecution to an end. There is no person to be tried and they could not get a fair trial.”

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Now Tony Blair calls for EU ARMY

Now Tony Blair calls for EU ARMY

The former Prime Minister railed against those who view the ongoing eurozone crisis and current refugee crisis across Europe as the beginning of the end for the continent’s political union.

Writing in Newsweek, the ex-Labour premier insisted “European unity has never been more important” with the EU “never more needed and never more in the interests of the countries that make up” the 28-member bloc.

Ahead of the upcoming in/out referendum on Britain’s EU membership, Mr Blair claimed now is a “moment for the countries of the EU to bind tighter together” as he hit out at those calling for Brexit and who are “forever-looking backward to break the union asunder”.

Mr Blair warned the rise of new superpowers such as China and India means the “global order” is shifting away from the West and that if Britain wants “to play a role in global decision-making” it must remain tied to Europe.

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