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Operation Kaddie?????

Operation Kaddie?????

Yes – it’s Sirius – planet X……..?

Sir Cliff Richard left “shocked and traumatised” by police inquiry into

sex abuse claims


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When you start ‘singing’?

Mmm – Can’t take this article  siriously [not a typo] – not solely cos of the David Wigg pic – and the ‘character validations’

South Yorkshire Police told the Sunday Mirror the force was “receiving investigative support” from the Crown Prosecution Service over its assault probe.

But CPS officials swiftly confirmed that, despite contrary reports, no file had been received from cops.

Police have repeatedly refused to give any details of the progress, costs, or manpower involved in the probe into Sir Cliff, codenamed Operation Kaddie. South Yorkshire Police said in a statement: “The investigation continues and we are now receiving investigative support from the Crown Prosecution Service.”

The CPS would not comment further.

Oh dear

It’s being called a PROBE btw – guess that’s the 2016 term for what they used to call a witch hunt.

Others stick with the old English term – COVER UP


Breaking: Israel’s Ex-Ambassador to UK Accused of Sexual Liaisons With Minors

Breaking: Israel’s Ex-Ambassador to UK Accused of Sexual Liaisons With Minors

Tonight, Tikun Olam breaks the story of the Israeli ambassador who cheated on his wife with men and boys–inside the ambassador’s residence!

Israel’s former ambassador to the UK has been accused of inviting men and boys for trysts late at night when his wife was not home.  A British policeman filed a complaint with Israeli authorities about the incidents.  A further investigation by the foreign ministry’s inspector general found that UK-born Ambassador Daniel Taub, who was ambassador from 2011-2015, violated security protocol by not notifying his chief of security of the identity of the visitors.  The purpose of recording visitors is in order to prevent Israeli diplomatic personnel from being blackmailed or compromised.  Since MI5 knew of Taub’s activities, the Israeli foreign ministry was concerned that he might be compromised by them or that one of his paramours might attempt to extort payments from him.

Diplomatic security is provided by the Shabak, which would be aware of the incident.  But my attempts to elicit comment from an Israeli security source were met with silence.  Though the story has been reported in the Israeli media, no one has yet identified Taub by name.  This is peculiar because there is no judicial gag order against reporting his name.  This is one hot potato!

When questioned about the matter, Taub claimed he had never invited a minor into the residence.  He added that the visitors were all adults and that their purpose was “therapeutic” (!) in nature.  Though none of the Israeli reports have spoken outright of sexual activity, how could there not be?

When asked to explain why the police officer would claim minors entered his residence if that wasn’t the case, Taub claimed that he and the policeman had exchanged words and the officer had been offended by something the ambassador had said to him.

Read more http://www.richardsilverstein.com/2016/02/03/breaking-israels-ex-ambassador-to-uk-accused-of-sexual-liaisons-with-minors/?utm_content=buffer07d4e&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer