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Lord Janner: Child sex abuse case against late peer is dropped

Lord Janner: Child sex abuse case against late peer is dropped

The sex abuse trial against former Labour Peer Lord Janner, who died in December, has been formally dropped by prosecutors.

The 87-year-old, who was suffering from severe dementia, had been accused of a string of child sex allegations dating back to the 1970s.

Last year, the Crown Prosecution Service admitted it had missed numerous opportunities to prosecute the former MP, but ruled that his ill health meant he was unfit to stand trial.

But that decision was challenged by some of the alleged victims and prosecutors embarked on a “trial of fact” to determine whether Janner was responsible for the crimes he had been accused of.

Following his death, it was suggested the case might continue, but at a short hearing at the Old Bailey on Friday, prosecutors announced that they were formally closing the case.

Richard Whittam QC told the court: “Ordinarily death brings a criminal prosecution to an end. There is no person to be tried and they could not get a fair trial.”

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Now Tony Blair calls for EU ARMY

Now Tony Blair calls for EU ARMY

The former Prime Minister railed against those who view the ongoing eurozone crisis and current refugee crisis across Europe as the beginning of the end for the continent’s political union.

Writing in Newsweek, the ex-Labour premier insisted “European unity has never been more important” with the EU “never more needed and never more in the interests of the countries that make up” the 28-member bloc.

Ahead of the upcoming in/out referendum on Britain’s EU membership, Mr Blair claimed now is a “moment for the countries of the EU to bind tighter together” as he hit out at those calling for Brexit and who are “forever-looking backward to break the union asunder”.

Mr Blair warned the rise of new superpowers such as China and India means the “global order” is shifting away from the West and that if Britain wants “to play a role in global decision-making” it must remain tied to Europe.

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