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Chemtrails: Now You Can Do Something About Them

Chemtrails: Now You Can Do Something About Them

Chemtrails—those ubiquitous aircraft sky graffiti—have been implicated in what’s called weather geoengineering that’s been going on for many decades, but increasing dramatically and globally in the last decade.

For readers who may be new to the concept of controlling the weather or using weather as a “weapon of war,” here is a blog I wrote, “An Indisputable Database for Chemtrail Deniers,” that can bring you up to speed on what’s been going on and is ongoing.

Numerous independent scientists and researchers doggedly have investigated what’s being called “contrails,” but actually have been proven to be patented chemical formulations emitted from specifically retrofitted aircraft to spray toxic chemicals, biologicals, and heavy metals into the troposphere in order to engineer weather patterns globally.

Here is an explanation of what’s been happening to the Arctic region of the planet: a polar meltdown.

This talks about the catastrophic die off of Pacific Ocean marine life!

And in this article we learn that weather geoengineering is stealing rain from the western United States.

GeoEngineeringWatch.org has been at helm of exposing the abnormal weather conditions resulting from the deliberate toxic chemical assault and spraying of the Planet, humans, and all life forms for several years and finally has gotten to the point where it’s assembled legal teams in the USA and Canada to institute lawsuits.

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Oh Dear – what’s wrong with the media

Oh Dear – what’s wrong with the media

The video isn’t new – dates from 2014. It was aired on msm – produced by Adam Curtis. He may be considered ‘establishment’ by some – maybe not- by others

However, in a 5 min youtube he does endeavour to explain the madness of msm ‘news’ propoganda

How the Media Keeps Us Distracted From Things That Matter

The media is supposed to tell us everything important. We need media outlets that will direct its mass audience towards what truly counts: justice, truth and wisdom. So why is it that after spending just a few hours watching a news broadcast, you’re likely to feel overloaded, confused, unfocused, and distracted from what really matters? Below is a thoughtful video that explores what is wrong with mainstream media and what tools it uses to exploit our psychological weaknesses.

The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT), also known unofficially as the “Nudge Unit”, is an organisation that was set up to apply nudge theory (behavioural economics and psychology) to try to improve government policy and services as well as to save the UK government money.[1][2]

Originally set up as a team within the Cabinet Office, it is now a limited company, Behavioural Insights Limited. It is headed by psychologist David Halpern.

The Unit was established as a result of the result of enthusiasm from Conservative thinkers including David Willets, Oliver Letwin and Danny (now Lord) Finkelstein for the book Nudge by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein. It suggested that new psychological insights could allow governments to steer people towards desired top-down choices without people realising they were being manipulated.

Mr. Halpern used to be policy chief for Tony Blair, the former Labour prime minister, and later wrote a report on behavioral policy-making commissioned by Mr. Blair’s Labour Party successor, Gordon Brown

BIT was set up in 2010 by the coalition government in a probationary fashion.[1] In April 2013 it was announced that it would be partially privatised as a mutual joint venture.[3]

the unit appears to be adapting psychological tricks dreamed up by big business to get us to part more readily with our hard-earned cash to solve intractable social problems. Located in the Cabinet Office and reporting to key government figures, including the cabinet secretary, Jeremy Heywood*


Media Conspiracy over Cologne Mass Sex Attack

Media Conspiracy over Cologne Mass Sex Attack

The mass sex attacks carried out by nonwhite refugee-invaders in Cologne, Hamburg, and Stuttgart have definitively exposed the manner in which the controlled media attempts to manipulate news—and how the advent of the Internet and social media has completely undermined their previous control over information flows.

The attempted cover-up started with clear political orders from the very top of the German government to the Cologne police. Evidence of this comes from the official police website in Cologne.

In the very first Cologne police report of the events of New Year’s Eve, as published on their official website, it was said that the evening had gone off “in a relaxed atmosphere” and the celebrations in the city’s cathedral square had been “largely peaceful.”

The incredible lies spouted by the police in Cologne can still be seen on their website here, but the New Observer has taken screen shots of that page just in case they see fit to take it down after reading this exposé.

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