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Miley Cyrus’ “BB Talk” Celebrates Child Abuse

Miley Cyrus’ “BB Talk” Celebrates Child Abuse

Although Miley Cyrus is a veteran at pushing unsound garbage to the masses, BB Talk reaches a new low by outright celebrating child abuse. This video truly embodies everything that is wrong with the entertainment industry.

The story of Miley Cyrus is rather sad and, unfortunately, it keeps getting sadder. Recruited by Disney at a very young age, she quickly became another case of a child star turned to an oversexualized minor. For her post-Disney career, a brand new persona was created: A wild, short-haired, drugged up freak and industry slave who is 100% geared towards pushing the occult elite’s ugly agenda (as documented by my previous articles about her). As the figurehead of the Beta Kitten system, Miley has little to no control over her career and is constantly placed in degrading situations and made to act out all of the perversions of the occult elite.

BB Talk is yet another attack to basic human decency as it is clearly celebrates, normalizes and trivializes the sexualization of children. The entire context of this song is nothing less than a child abuser’s ultimate fantasy. Watching the video is simply revolting (you really don’t need to watch it) – especially when one considers Miley’s “industry” upbringing.

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3 ISIS Twitter accounts ‘trace back to UK govt computers,’ claim hackers

3 ISIS Twitter accounts ‘trace back to UK govt computers,’ claim hackers

At least three Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) supporters’ social media accounts are run from IP addresses linked to the British government’s Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), a group of hackers has claimed.

The group of teenage computer experts, known as ‘VandaSec,’ have unearthed details of internet protocol (IP) addresses used by three jihadists to access Twitter accounts used to carry out online recruitment.

The addresses were thought to be based in Saudi Arabia, but upon further inspection they linked back to the DWP’s London offices, according to the Daily Mirror.

Don’t you think that’s strange?” one of the hackers asked the Daily Mirror.

We traced these accounts back to London, the home of the British intelligence services,” they added.

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GCHQ could ‘grab’ UK shopping data from loyalty cards

GCHQ could ‘grab’ UK shopping data from loyalty cards

Proposed new surveillance laws are so broad they could allow spies to monitor people’s banking and shopping habits, MPs and peers have been told.

The draft Investigatory Powers Bill includes plans to store the online activity of everyone in the UK.

But a lesser-known clause would let the security services download personal details from “bulk” databases.

Internet privacy campaigner Jim Killock claimed it could even include things like the Tesco Clubcard scheme.

It was revealed earlier this year that GCHQ is downloading large amounts of personal data, known as “bulk personal datasets”, under old pieces of legislation.

The Home Office wants to put the practice on a firmer legal footing and has promised tougher safeguards – including six month warrants issued by the home secretary – and judicial oversight.

But Open Rights Group director Jim Killock, giving evidence to the Parliamentary committee examining the draft bill, said it appeared to suggest mass surveillance.

“What is a bulk data set? Which have been accessed and grabbed by GCHQ so far? Who might that apply to?

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Teachers and health workers among nearly 700 child abuse suspects arrested

Teachers and health workers among nearly 700 child abuse suspects arrested

Members of Government, armed forces, law enforcement and teachers are among hundreds of suspected child sex offenders arrested in the last nine months.

A major joint operation between the National Crime Agency and 40 police forces around the country targeting online child abuse images has caught nearly 700 alleged paedophiles, it has been revealed.

Almost 150 people have already been charged as investigations concerning the vast majority of the remaining suspects continue with officers saying the figure is likely to rise.

Norfolk Chief Constable Simon Bailey, of the National Police Chiefs’ Council, said 93 per cent of those arrested were not previously known to law enforcement agencies in relation to child abuse.

He said: “If we hadn’t gone out looking for them as we have done, they would have remained under the radar and the nearly 400 children we’ve safeguarded since then would still be at risk. Today’s results demonstrate a new level of intent to stop offenders viewing indecent images and abusing children, and a new sophistication in our tactics.

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The Zombies Sleep No More

The Zombies Sleep No More


The Tipping Point Is Here – And It’s All About You


Many will be forced to enter the “dark night of the soul” whether they want to or not. I can tell you from personal experience that it’s a hell of a lot easier and quicker if you elect to let yourself go through it, and in many ways the sooner you do, if you haven’t already, the better.

Indian doctors sue Bill Gates for harming children with deadly ‘humanitarian’ vaccines

Indian doctors sue Bill Gates for harming children with deadly ‘humanitarian’ vaccines

(NaturalNews) If Monsanto, the most evil corporation in the world, were a person, his name would be Bill Gates. Yes, the Microsoft founder-turned-icon of Third World humanitarianism is an absolute crook, and an utterly vile one at that. Reports indicate that Gates’ many crimes against humanity in the form of illegal vaccine testing on innocent children are finally being addressed in a new lawsuit filed by the Indian government, which seeks to stop this demon of death from killing any more babies.

The Supreme Courts of India are currently conducting an extensive investigation into the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s devious actions abroad, which mainly involve testing deadly vaccines on poor, and oftentimes illiterate, children in developing nations without informed consent. According to Health Impact News, the case focuses specifically on illicit human experimentation that occurred with the two available vaccines for HPV, Cervarix (GlaxoSmithKline) and Gardasil (Merck & Co.).

Back in 2009, the Gates Foundation quietly funded trials of Gardasil on some 16,000 tribal school children living in Andhra Pradesh, India. According to a report published in Economic Times India back in August, many of the children fell violently ill not long after receiving the vaccine, and at least five of them died.

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Chris Patten/Paedophiles & Paedophile-Infested Establishment Institutions/St Benedict’s School

Chris Patten/Paedophiles & Paedophile-Infested Establishment Institutions/St Benedict’s School

Chris Patten, Chairman of the BBC Trust, Governor of Ditchley Foundation, linked to Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission and Common Purpose also chancellor of Oxford University

Chris Patten began his political career as Tory MP for Bath. He was elected in 1979, when Margaret Thatcher came to power.

From 1999 to 2004 he was one of the two UK members of the European commission. He became chancellor of Oxford University in 2003 and was made a life peer in 2005.





Images of children and Chris Patten ..Patrick Rock worked for Chris Patten

Patrick Rock moved to Brussels and worked for Chris Patten (European Commissioner) …Patten preceded by Leon Brittan


 photo patten and brittan_zpsa6u2427c.jpg




Norman Lamont, Stanley Johnson, Leon Brittan

Patrick Rock was arrested at his home in February. He resigned from his post as deputy head of Cameron’s policy unit after his arrest, which was not made public until the details were published by the Daily Mail three weeks later.


Jo Johnson ex-head of Cameron’s Policy Unit

 Chris Patten is a member of  the European Council on Foreign Relations along with Jo Johnson



Lord Patten with Leo Johnson, brother of Boris and Jo Johnson – FT Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Awards 2011


Chris Patten chaired the BBC Trust, the governing body of the British Broadcasting Corporation until his resignation on grounds of ill health on 6 May 2014.

Patten accused of a cover-up on BBC Savile probe



From BBC to right hand of Pope: Patten to advise Vatican on media strategy

Former Tory chairman takes new job advising Holy See on how to handle press weeks after quitting BBC for health reasons…a high-level committee to advise Pope Francis on media strategy.
The appointment is sure to cause surprise since Patten stood down as BBC chairman scarcely two months ago, after heart surgery, saying he needed to reduce the range of roles he held. What is particularly striking about his latest job is that it should come so soon after his departure from an institution that has come under withering fire for its failure to deal openly and thoroughly with accusations of sex abuse.

 photo patten20st20bene_zpsn34skldn.jpg

Lord Patten of Barnes is an Old Priorian and the Patron of Ealing’s St Benedict’s School

2014/15  The Senior School Prize Giving on 9 September. Lord Patten of Barnes, the school’s most eminent alumnus, was the guest of honour.


 photo st bene_zpssmnrgloo.jpg

 9 Dec 2015

A DEPUTY head teacher at a £4,000-a-year Catholic school plagued by a “terrible history” of child abuse was charged with offences related to “child porn”.

Allot, 39, was charged with possessing, showing and making indecent images of children as well as possessing extreme pornography

The former Tory councillor has been a teacher at St Benedict’s since 2004.

He left for a year in 2011 to work as a research associate for a project on the Prime Minister’s “Big Society” initiative and Catholic social teaching at Cambridge University.


In 2011 it was revealed that St Benedict’s, then run by Ealing Abbey monks, was linked to 21 sexual attacks dating back to 1970.

Father David Pearce, the former head of the junior school, was jailed for eight years in 2009 after he was convicted for of abusing five boys over 36 years.

Four victims were under 14.

Wanted priest, Father Lawrence Soper, has been missing since allegations he had also abused pupils emerged.



St Benedict's junior school in Ealing, West London

Prior sexual abuse at the school…

In October 2009, Dom David Pearce, a monk of Ealing Abbey and former headmaster of the Junior School, was jailed for eight years, subsequently reduced to five years, for sexual abuse offences at the school in the period from 1972 – 1992 and for one further offence in 2007 after he had ceased to work in the school.

In March 2011 Dom Laurence Soper, the Abbot of Ealing Abbey during the 1990s, was arrested on child abuse charges relating to the period when he was a teacher at, and the bursar of, St Benedict’s School; it was reported in October 2011 that he had failed to answer bail and was being sought by the police.

In the light of these matters, and other alleged but unproven offences, the Abbot commissioned a report to be prepared by Lord Carlile of Berriew with a view to making recommendations on the School’s governance. As a result of the changes made the Independent Schools Inspectorate said in its 2013 inspection report that the pastoral care at St Benedict’s was excellent.

In October 2011 the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith ordered its own enquiry into the same matters, to be conducted by Bishop John Arnold.


Lord Carlile & Janner

As a young reporter, I was given letters that might have helped make a case against the MP for child abuse

The establishment, in the shape of his fellow MPs, men such as Labour’s Keith Vaz, Tory David Ashby and the then Lib Dem MP now Lord Carlile, closed ranks.

Carlile played a prominent part, describing Janner as a man of “integrity” and “determination”. Carlile should have known Janner fairly well.
They were both MPs, both QCs, both members of Friends of Israel, both patrons of UK lawyers for Israel.
They appear still to both be patrons of the Friends of Israel Educational Foundation. They were regulars on the same parliamentary committees dealing with legal affairs. They were both to leave the Commons at the same time and both to join the Lords only slightly apart.

Carlile shared a small Commons office with Cyril Smith for many years.

Carlile’s mistress and eventual wife was a senior legal adviser to the Director of Public Prosecutions. Cosy world, Westminster, it it not?

DPP Saunders is closely advised by Alison Levitt QC, who happens to be the wife of Janner supporter, Lord Carlile

Carlile went on to be a stunningly illiberal “Independent” Reviewer of anti-terror legislation, where he demonstrated his independence by agreeing to absolutely everything the security services told him. 42 day detention with no charge? No problem. In fact there was no period of detention without charge posited so extreme that Carlile did not support it. Secret courts hearing intelligence evidence the defence were not allowed to see? Fine by Carlile. Control orders? Great. He is a fantastic bastion, protecting the public, is Carlile.

Even better, of course, at protecting his associates.


Ayahuasca: the greatest secret in the universe

Ayahuasca: the greatest secret in the universe

“There is a secret, and this is it.” ~ Terence McKenna

People around the world have begun to ‘wake up’ and take the journey down the rabbit hole to see what’s really going on in the world and start questioning what this reality is all about.

What is reality and why are we here?

After personally having had multiple DMT, ayahuasca experiences and met many people who have had the opportunity to do the same it is clear that the ayahuasca experience is one of the best kept secrets in the universe.

Although each persons experience on ayahuasca is unique, there are some commonalities that show up again and again.

These include:

  • experiencing pure love and wisdom.
  • entering another realm more real than what we experience day-to-day on earth.
  • realising we are all one.
  • fear of death eliminated, as you realise this is a temporary existence for your soul to grow and learn.
  • everything is conscious.
  • entering a realm where space and time no longer exist, everything is infinite and in the ‘now’.
  • experiencing unconditional love through every cell of your being, on a level we don’t have words to describe.
  • having access to all information in the universe instantly. Realising we in our human bodies will never fully grasp all there is, reality is far more complex than we could ever imagine.
  • reliving past experiences of your life, first from your perspective, then from the other persons perspective. We get to feel how we made them feel. This is for us to learn, not as a punishment.
  • there is no punishment in this realm, even if your have a ‘bad’ experience. The ayahuasca is teaching you a valuable lesson, it’s up to you to learn from it.
  • digging up past traumas buried deep in our subconscious, bringing them to the surface and helping us face them and get over them.
  • a love for all living beings (people and animals). Many people eat less meat, go vegetarian/vegan or eat more fruit and vegetable following the experience.
  • giving up on the material world, many people change their field of work to one that help others rather than focusing on making money for oneself.
  • realising that we are not here to accumulate money or physical possessions, we are here to help one another, love one another and grow.
  • during the experience the ego is removed, revealing your true self.
  • you may see complex geometry, moving and flowing in colourful patterns.
  • realising everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies.
  • feeling of your pineal gland (3rd eye) being sore for a day or two after, like a muscle worked out for the first time.
  • meeting other beings far more intelligent than any human and being able to telepathically communicate with them.

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Why you’d have to be a complete idiot to take a flu shot

Why you’d have to be a complete idiot to take a flu shot

(NaturalNews) The scientific truth about flu shots and the human immune response is that flu shots only work for people who don’t need them.

People who are immunocompromised — who might actually benefit from viral exposure rehearsal — have no ability to build antibodies in response to the vaccine. Thus, the flu shot is wasted on them.

On the other hand, people who show a strong immune response to a flu shot are the very same people with healthy, active immune systems that can easily handle influenza exposure without a vaccine!

Flu shots, in other words, only “work” on people who don’t need them. But they FAIL on those they claim to protect.

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None Of The Seven Foiled UK Terror Plots Was Directed From Syria.  Has Cameron misled MP’s?

None Of The Seven Foiled UK Terror Plots Was Directed From Syria. Has Cameron misled MP’s?

None of the seven terror plots foiled in the UK over the past year was directed from Syria, senior MPs have been told by security and intelligence sources.

Despite David Cameron’s claim that the plots were ‘linked to’ or ‘inspired by’ ISIL, MPs have ascertained there is no evidence that any of them were actually coordinated by the Islamists’ command and control centre in Raqqa.

The admission is a serious challenge to the case for RAF bombing in Syria as it counters the hints from some Tory – and Labour – MPs that ISIL in Syria had to be targeted with airstrikes because it poses a ‘direct’ threat to the UK.

HuffPost UK has been told that in the run up to the Syria vote in the Commons, senior Shadow Cabinet ministers and senior MPs in other parties asked detailed questions about the nature of the threat posed by ISIL.

When pressed, senior intelligence officials representing the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) said that the seven foiled British terror plots over the past 12 months were either ‘lone wolf’ types, from individuals radicalised or ‘inspired by’ Islamist propaganda, or ‘linked’ to ISIL in other ways.

MP were further briefed that there was some suggestion that the Paris attacks may have been directed from Syria, although the intelligence was far from firm.

But there was no evidence of any of the potential UK attacks being directed in a similar way, even though the nature of the threat could change at some point in the future.

Some MPs were persuaded to vote for bombing in Syria after being briefed confidentially by the PM’s National Security Adviser Sir Mark Lyall Grant and other officials.

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