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Woman fined €1,000 for refusing to be fingerprinted at Paris climate rally

Woman fined €1,000 for refusing to be fingerprinted at Paris climate rally

A court in Paris has fined a woman €1,000 ($1,060) for refusing to have her fingerprints taken at a rally where clashes erupted between protesters and security forces ahead of a UN climate summit.

The lawyer for the 25-year-old woman said legal proceedings against her “verged on the ridiculous”, pointing out that out of the hundreds arrested at the demonstration only two people had appeared before the court.

Riot police fired teargas at far-left activists and arrested more than 300 people after a group of protesters pelted officers with bottles and candles taken from a tribute to the victims of the Paris attacks.

The demonstrations disrupted a largely peaceful rally that saw thousands of people form a human chain across the French capital to urge world leaders to seal an ambitious pact to stop global warming.

French police have banned demonstrations on Paris’ prestigious Champs Élysées avenue and near the venue for the conference at Le Bourget north of the capital during the two-week climate talks.

The government introduced a state of emergency following a coordinated onslaught by gunmen and suicide bombers which killed 130 people in November, and parliament has given the green light to prolong the extraordinary set of security measures for three months.

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Humans will be ‘irrevocably altered’ by genetic editing, warn scientists

Humans will be ‘irrevocably altered’ by genetic editing, warn scientists

British scientists are among 150 experts calling for a worldwide ban on the genetic editing of embryos claiming the practice would ‘irrevocably alter the human species.’

Hundreds of geneticists are meeting in Washington this week to discuss whether there should be a global moratorium on engineering the DNA of humans if it means that genetic changes would be passed on to future generations.

Experts from Kings College London, Newcastle University and the University of London have joined with lawyers, sociologists and campaigners to call for an urgent ban on the practice warning it will lead to ‘designer babies’ and ‘GM humans.’

However other scientists claim that prohibiting research will only drive the practice underground to ‘black markets and uncontrolled medical tourism.’

In April China was ordered to ‘rein in’ scientists who altered the DNA of embryos to modify the gene responsible for the fatal blood disorder thalassaemia. The Francis Crick Institute in London is also currently seeking permission from the Human Fertilisation and Embyrology Authority (HFEA) to carry out similar experiments in Britain although the embryos will not be implanted in humans.

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