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Studies Show Normal Children Today Report More Anxiety than Child Psychiatric Patients in the 1950’s

Studies Show Normal Children Today Report More Anxiety than Child Psychiatric Patients in the 1950’s

Two new meta-analytic studies involving thousands of children and college students show that anxiety has increased substantially since the 1950’s. In fact, the studies find that anxiety has increased so much that typical schoolchildren during the 1980’s reported more anxiety than child psychiatric patients did during the 1950’s. The findings appear in the December issue of the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

“The results of the study suggest that cases of depression will continue to increase in the coming decades, as anxiety tends to predispose people to depression,” says psychologist and study author Jean M. Twenge, PhD, of Case Western Reserve University.

She adds that other implications of the findings suggest that alcohol and drug abuse will continue to be an increasing problem too, because anxiety usually precedes the onset of substance abuse. There are also implications for physical health. “Research has found that anxious people have a higher mortality rate, most likely because anxiety has been linked to higher occurrences of asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, inflammatory bowel disease and coronary heart disease,” said Dr. Twenge. About 8 percent of today’s U.S. teens suffer from some type of diagnosed anxiety disorder, according to the National Institute of Mental Health.

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Dame Disaster honoured

Dame Disaster honoured

As chief executive of Birmingham City Council from 2002-05, where she earned £175,000 a year, Miss Homer was caught up in a postal votes scandal that ended up before the courts.

Election Commissioner Richard Mawrey said fraud in the city ‘would have disgraced a banana republic’ and said Miss Homer, acting as the city’s returning officer, had ‘thrown the rule book out of the window’.

He said her decision to allow postal ballot papers to be transported to the count in shopping bags as ‘the direst folly’.

– In 2005 she was appointed to run the Immigration and Nationality Directorate, part of the Home Office, on £200,000 a year.

She inherited a department which was already in chaos, with asylum claims piling up, but on her watch the following year it emerged 1,000 foreign criminals had been mistakenly released, costing then home secretary Charles Clarke his job.

His successor, John Reid, declared the immigration system ‘not fit for purpose’. The same year it emerged 450,000 asylum cases had not been dealt with but left in boxes at the Home Office.

– From the ruins of IND, Miss Homer designed, and became the boss of, the UK Border Agency, and is now earning £208,000 a year. Her tenure at UKBA was marked by a string of bad news stories and highly critical reports by MPs.

More than 100,000 of the 400,000 asylum seekers found in the backlog were allowed to stay – in what MPs said amounted to an ‘amnesty’. Around 400 of the 1,000 foreign criminals were also told they could remain in Britain and dozens remained untraced.

Cameron’s involvement in HSBC fraud, being investigated by FCA

Cameron’s involvement in HSBC fraud, being investigated by FCA

Curious that this isn’t headline reported news?

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Fuller details on this website (interactive data on link)

The whistleblower:

HSBC Whistleblower: Biggest Bank Fraud in British History Carried Out on UK Shoppers and Covered Up

Says it all

Says it all

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So This Is Christmas – John Lennon

For everyone

Whatever your beliefs

Saturnalia or no

Time with loved ones is precious

Enjoy the moment



Santa is coming to YOUR town

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Not on my Xmas card list

Not on my Xmas card list

Janner does the decent thing? (with a little help from his friends?)

Janner does the decent thing? (with a little help from his friends?)

Lord Janner dies, aged 87, after long illness

Lord Janner, the former Labour peer and MP ruled unfit to stand trial on child sexual abuse charges, has died.

He had been suffering from dementia and died peacefully at his home on Saturday aged 87, his family said.

The peer had been accused of 22 counts of historical sex offences against boys – allegations his family denied.

A “trial of the facts” set for April will no longer take place. A lawyer representing alleged victims said they had been denied justice.



Toys could be used as spying devices, MPs told

Toys could be used as spying devices, MPs told

The security services could remotely take over children’s toys and use them to spy on suspects, MPs have been told.

The draft Investigatory Powers Bill would place a legal duty on internet providers to assist in hacking devices.

But it would not be restricted to phones and PCs, a tech industry chief told the Commons science and technology committee.

Antony Walker, of techUK, said anything that connected to the internet could “in theory” be hacked into.

In the future, this could include driverless cars or household appliances connected to the internet – the so-called Internet of Things – said Mr Walker.

He said the Home Office needed to spell out more clearly where it draws the line over what it calls “equipment interference”, highlighting recent concerns about “smart toys” that connect to the internet and have microphones and cameras built-in.

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Sex offenders not monitored and vulnerable children left at risk

Sex offenders not monitored and vulnerable children left at risk

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary has demanded further action after inspectors found:

  • Officers failed to recognise children at risk of exploitation despite clear warning signs.
  • Lack of training had resulted in ‘poor investigations’.
  • 250 sex offender checks were not carried out.
  • Year-long delays for analysis of computers and other electronic devices in a huge backlog.
  • Children went missing more than 10 times without any action to protect them.
  • And youths are unnecessarily being kept overnight in cells.

Seventeen out of 21 cases of child sex exploitation looked at by inspectors were deemed to be be ‘inadequate’ or ‘required improvement’. The revelations led to West Midlands MEP Bill Etheridge to ask: “What they hell is going on? These crimes are the worst in society and the police need to do everything they can to root it out and we expect them to do it professionally and exceptionally. If we haven’t got the right people for the job, then we need to get rid of them and get someone else in.”

The inspectors’ report said some improvements have been made over the past 12 months. However, it revealed there are 720 children identified as at risk of sexual abuse in the area and that police chiefs had increased the number of dedicated to its public protection unit by 370 officers plus 16 support staff.

Similar shortcomings by West Midlands Police, which is led by Chief Constable Chris Sims, in dealing with child protection were highlighted by inspectors in 2014.

Read more http://www.expressandstar.com/news/crime/2015/12/15/sex-offenders-not-monitored-and-vulnerable-children-left-at-risk-what-the-hell-is-going-on/