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Jimmy Savile and Prince Charles’ very close friendship with sex abuse bishop Peter Ball

Jimmy Savile and Prince Charles’ very close friendship with sex abuse bishop Peter Ball

Peter Ball… was propelled into the royal circle by two people… One was prebendary Willie Booth, a former chaplain at Westminster School, who’d taken over from Caesar. The other was Jimmy Savile.

Ball’s royal friendships were not confined to the Prince of Wales.

Ball was on close terms with the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret, and was invited to preach at Sandringham.

Even the Queen supported him after his police caution. In 1994, when she was distributing Royal Maundy money in Truro, Ball was there with his brother, who was Truro’s bishop.

After lunch in the Chapter House, the Queen, who had been on the high table with local dignitaries, went across to Ball, held out her hand and said in the clearest of voices: ‘My love and encouragement, Bishop.’

Charles, meanwhile, must surely have been advised to keep Ball at arm’s length — just as he had been advised to distance himself from Jimmy Savile.

The Prince did receive letters from the public complaining about Savile,’ says a senior aide.

29 Nov 1998
THE mother of a trainee monk who was sexually-abused by a Bishop has slammed Prince Charles for giving refuge to the perverted priest.

Angry Mary Todd said: “This man ruined my son’s life. He is pure evil, a beast, and he’s hiding behind God.”

Despite being an old friend of Prince Charles, Princess Diana banned him from visiting their Highgrove home after the 1993 sex scandal. 

 Last night Mary, from Nottingham, said: “This is quite unbelievable. I don’t know what Prince Charles thinks he is doing.

“The man ruined my son’s life and should have been locked away.

“Instead he now lives in luxury on one of the finest estates in the country.

“I don’t feel Ball was ever properly punished – but the fact that the prince has given sanctuary to this pervert is staggering.

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Oregon “reporting” Caught Using Sandy Hook Footage

Tom Watson ‘forced out’ head of VIP sex abuse case as he admits Leon Brittan slur caused ‘distress’

Tom Watson ‘forced out’ head of VIP sex abuse case as he admits Leon Brittan slur caused ‘distress’

The detective in charge of the VIP sex abuse investigation stepped down after complaining that he was being deliberately undermined by Tom Watson, the Labour MP, The Telegraph understands.

Scotland Yard knew two years ago that claims about a Westminster child abuse ring were largely unfounded, but investigations were strengthened under political pressure, it has also emerged.

“Tom Watson has questions to answer. He has put pressure on the authorities to carry on with an investigation that had gone nowhere.”
Damian Green, the former policing minister

The revelations will put further pressure on Mr Watson, Labour’s deputy leader, over his role in forcing police to question Lord Brittan over allegations of rape. The former home secretary went to his grave with the shadow of a rape allegation hanging over him, despite the fact that police had dismissed the case over lack of evidence.

Det Chief Insp Paul Settle, who was head of the Metropolitan Police’s paedophile unit, quit the VIP child sex abuse scandal last year following a series of interventions by Mr Watson.

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Belfast man Gary Carruthers had 170-page manual on how to abuse children

Belfast man Gary Carruthers had 170-page manual on how to abuse children

 Gary Carruthers (34), from Victoria Street, Belfast, was found with more than 6,000 indecent images of youngsters.

Police also discovered ‘pseudo-images’, where the faces of children are superimposed onto abuse images. It is believed that one of these images used a photograph of a child known to Carruthers.

The 6,000-plus pictures were found on two storage devices which were part of a haul of 30 found in the bedroom of the house Carruthers shared with his mother and sister. The National Crime Agency (NCA) is yet to investigate 28 of the devices.

An officer from the NCA told the court how some of the files, contained within discs found in a safe in the defendant’s bedroom, were encrypted, and that attempts to secure codes to access them had so far been unsuccessful.

A solicitor for Carruthers said his client had not refused to reveal the codes, rather that he did not know that the files, which were downloaded from a website, were encrypted or he did not know the passwords.

Ards Magistrates Court heard yesterday how the images that have so far been accessed varied in degree of severity from level one up to level five.

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