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Peter Ball

Peter Ball


Peter Ball’s latest arrest came in 2011 but only after a retired police officer working in safeguarding for Lambeth Palace found files relating to the case and passed them on to Sussex Police. 


Peter Ball has a twin brother

michael ball

The Community of the Glorious Ascension is an Anglican monastic community in the United Kingdom, co-founded in 1960 by twin brothers Michael Ball and Peter Ball who both later became bishops.

Another member of the Balls bros’ Community of Glorious Ascension – Bishop Dominc Walker – performs exorcisms and

In 2015 the British tabloid press published articles saying that Walker had reported Leo Abse, George Thomas and Enoch Powell to the police as suspected paedophiles .[14] He said that “A number of survivors independently gave the name of a particular MP being involved … I don’t believe there was any collusion in their stories.”[15] Walker went on to tell senior clerics that Abse was named by three abuse survivors whom he had counselled when a vicar in Brighton in the 1980s.

More on Ball and his ‘connections’ :



The above is an extract from Goody’s research which unearthed a great many more ‘connections’.


First the crops, now the babies: Chinese scientists genetically modify human embryos to create designer babies

First the crops, now the babies: Chinese scientists genetically modify human embryos to create designer babies

(NaturalNews) If a group of Chinese scientists gets their way, the future genome of the human race will be designed and mapped out by their genetic standards. Human genetics might one day have to pass strict genetic tests and go through genetic modification to meet the demands of developing a more perfect human race. Chinese scientists are taking eugenics to a whole new level at the Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, confirming for the first time that human embryos have been genetically engineered.

Those who are angered at the current corporate control and genetic modification of crops should be even more furious at the experiments currently taking place on human embryos.

The Chinese scientists claim they have modified the germ line of several human embryos. The genetic changes are intended to eliminate the possibility of a fatal blood disorder in humans called thalassemia. This is the next step toward a society of designer babies engineered to possess more disease-resilient traits.

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Pediatrician Admits ADHD is ‘Made Up,’ Prescribes Meds Anyway

Pediatrician Admits ADHD is ‘Made Up,’ Prescribes Meds Anyway

Jon Rappoport exposed in 2012 a shameful practice of psychiatrists in the name of ‘social justice.’ With the guise of improving academic achievement, doctors like Dr. Michael Anderson are prescribing drugs like Adderall to children with self-admitted, ‘made-up’ ADHD diagnoses.

Adderall is a dangerous stimulant, but Dr. Anderson, a pediatrician for many poor families in Cherokee County, north of Atlanta, prescribes Adderall whether his patients have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or not when he hears they are suffering in school. He admits the disorder is ‘made up’ and prescribes the drugs anyhow, but usually only to children in low income schools with the explanation that they need to be drugged to keep up with children who perform better academically.

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3mn Europeans sign petition against TTIP

3mn Europeans sign petition against TTIP

Anti-TTIP activists have submitted a 3 million-signature petition to the European Commission in London and Brussels in a bid to halt secret trade negotiations between the EU, US and Canada.

The petition, believed to be one of the largest ever compiled, calls for an immediate end to Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations.

Some 500,000 people in the UK signed the petition, alongside millions of EU citizens.

It cites concern over the lowering of environmental, consumer and employment protections and the deregulation of public services such as water as a result of TTIP.

Campaigners also highlight the controversial investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS), a clause that would pave the way for private firms to sue governments in cases where government policies threaten a company’s profits.

In March, a British parliamentary committee published a scathing attack on TTIP in which it called on the government to produce more convincing evidence in favor of the deal.

There are also fears powerful tobacco companies could use TTIP to sue governments that attempt to legislate in the public interest, according to heavily redacted European Commission documents released last month.

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VIP paedophile inquiry: Police criticise Panorama broadcast.. “The COVER UP begins again”

VIP paedophile inquiry: Police criticise Panorama broadcast.. “The COVER UP begins again”

The BBC’s decision to air a Panorama programme on child sexual abuse has been criticised by the Metropolitan Police, which says the broadcast could affect inquiries.

It said it had “serious concerns” about the programme’s impact on witnesses and victims considering coming forward.

A man who made allegations against VIPs told Panorama that campaigners may have led him into making sex abuse claims.

The BBC said it was “important and fair investigative journalism”.

However, Norfolk Constabulary chief constable Simon Bailey, who oversees child abuse investigations for the National Police Chiefs’ Council, told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme Scotland Yard was “absolutely right” to express concern publically over the programme.

In a statement that referred to the Panorama programme, called The VIP Paedophile Ring: What’s the Truth?, the Metropolitan Police warned: “Seeing an individual make allegations and then be targeted by the media is not going to encourage others to speak out.”

Read more http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-34461709

Bishop who abused young priests during naked prayers ‘got away with it for two decades after MPs and a ROYAL supported his defence when he was originally arrested

Bishop who abused young priests during naked prayers ‘got away with it for two decades after MPs and a ROYAL supported his defence when he was originally arrested

Peter Ball, the former Bishop of Lewes and of Gloucester, was arrested in 1992 after beating a 17-year-old novice monk and encouraging him to pray naked.

However, the Director of Public Prosecutions decided not to charge him after a number of VIPs including MPs, public school headmasters and the Lord Chief Justice phoned police to stand up for him.

Among 2,000 letters of support sent on behalf of Ball were some from cabinet ministers and one from an unidentified Royal, the Old Bailey heard.

Ball, now 83, was today jailed for 32 months, two decades after he was let off with a caution for carrying out a string of sex attacks on vulnerable youths.

The former bishop – who once described Prince Charles as ‘a loyal friend’ – preyed on his victims for sexual pleasure when they came to his home in Litlington, East Sussex.

Many were teenagers or in their early 20s at the time they sought out the bishop through his ‘Give A Year For Christ’ scheme.