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Blair: ‘Perversion of Islam’ behind Middle East problems

Blair: ‘Perversion of Islam’ behind Middle East problems

The “perversion of Islam is the source of a lot of the problems in the Middle East,” and more than force is needed to tackle extremism, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said Tuesday.

Blair spoke to CNN after Tuesday’s release of the report “Inside the Jihadi Mind.”

The Centre on Religion and Geopolitics — an initiative of Blair’s Tony Blair Faith Foundation — analyzed propaganda from ISIS, al Qaeda and al-Nusra Front over two years for the report.

It found the Salafi-jihadist groups shared nearly identical ideologies and said challenging their interpretation of Islam was critical to defeating them.

“There’s no point in just tackling the violence unless you tackle the ideology of extremism behind the violence,” Blair said.

“You’ve got these broad ideological strands that lie behind a lot of this extremism. If you take, for example, some of the organizations in the Middle East, some of those clerics that are putting out the most extreme stuff — they’ll have Twitter followings that go into millions of people.

Healthy gut bacteria and the understanding of interconnectivity is the key to longevity

Healthy gut bacteria and the understanding of interconnectivity is the key to longevity

The prevailing belief portrayed in the world today is that people are separate from one another. Many people believe they are separate from the natural processes occurring here on Earth, such as how soil is replenished, how food is grown, and how proper nutrition creates well-being inside.

In these beliefs of separateness, their actions toward nature and their lack of interactions with nature do not matter to them. Their actions toward their fellow man do not matter either. Interactions with plants, animals, and even bacteria are viewed through a lens of isolation and fear. For example, man’s role in preserving the health of the soil directly impacts his health. The depletion of nutrients and microbes in the soil via herbicide poisoning ultimately has negative repercussions for the entire community because a diverse array of bacteria is necessary for the people. Bacteria are necessary for establishing healthy human immunity, digestion, and nutrient absorption. These colonies of bacteria live symbiotically with people inside and outside of their bodies, communicating with cells and signaling when the immune system should prepare during stressful times.

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White House: bombing of hospital ‘collateral damage’, not a war crime

White House: bombing of hospital ‘collateral damage’, not a war crime

The White House has said that the US airstrike against a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, was not a “war crime.”

The United States carried out the air strike on the hospital in the northern city of Kunduz on Saturday, which resulted in the deaths of 22 civilians.

Since the deadly strike, US officials have offered contradictory statements about how a US aircraft ended up bombing the hospital.

On Monday, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, in response to a question on whether the incident was a “war crime,” said, “Well, I wouldn’t use a label like that because that is under investigation.”

“The events in Afghanistan are a profound tragedy. We’re talking about doctors who have left the safety and comfort of their homes, traveled to a remote region of the world that everybody knows is dangerous and they’re risking their lives,” Earnest continued. “The fact that some of those individuals lost their lives is a profound tragedy.”

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Taxpayers’ Alliance director apologises for ‘crass’ pensioner comment

Taxpayers’ Alliance director apologises for ‘crass’ pensioner comment

Alex Wild, of the Taxpayers Alliance, said the government should act fast to make cuts because many of those affected would “not be around” at the next election to vote against them.

Mr Wild made the comments at a fringe meeting at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester, where he also suggested that by cutting benefits now many older people would forget which party had enacted the policy.

George McNamara, head of policy at Alzheimer’s Society, said the comments were “flippant, ill-considered and offensive, particularly to the millions of UK pensioners who are either living with dementia or caring for a loved one with the condition”.


No of over 65’s with dementia = 773,502

No of over 65’s in UK = 11.1m (17.4% of the population),

By my reckoning that = 93% of over 65’s DO NOT have dementia