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The 9/11 Conspiracy Theory! (in under 5 minutes)

The 9/11 Conspiracy Theory! (in under 5 minutes)


Microsoft is downloading Windows 10 to your machine ‘just in case’

Microsoft is downloading Windows 10 to your machine ‘just in case’

By Chris Merriman

MICROSOFT HAS CONFIRMED that Windows 10 is being downloaded to computers whether or not users have opted in.

Microsoft told us: “For individuals who have chosen to receive automatic updates through Windows Update, we help upgradable devices get ready for Windows 10 by downloading the files they’ll need if they decide to upgrade.

“When the upgrade is ready, the customer will be prompted to install Windows 10 on the device.”

In other words, if you are patching via Patch Tuesday, as you should of course be, then you are going to get a big hefty folder on your hard drive ready so you can update to Windows 10 on demand.

Whether you believe it’s to avoid fragmentation or to spy on you depends on how much pot you smoked in college, but it now appears to have gone from ‘over keen’ to ‘needy’ and you have to wonder why and whether it’s going to blow up in the company’s face.


Declassified: CIA Helped Produce Hollywood Blockbuster That Grossed over $100 Million

Declassified: CIA Helped Produce Hollywood Blockbuster That Grossed over $100 Million

Zero Dark Thirty was developed and manipulated by the CIA, according to a Freedom of Information Act request filed by Vice News.

By Carey Wedler and theAntiMedia.org.

While the government is no stranger to pushing narratives through cinema, the story of Zero Dark Thirty is particularly jarring because Osama bin Laden was, for years, a foundational tenet of the adventurist war on terror. The filmmakers could have depicted the government’s inability to find him for a decade (granted, this was Boal and Bigelow’s intention, though they still sought the CIA and Panetta as their source of information). They could have investigated and told a story about the murky circumstances surrounding bin Laden’s death. They could have explored the fervent war hysteria of the American populace, spurred by perpetual propaganda from the establishment pitting Osama bin Laden as a bogeyman warranting total imperialist intervention. Instead — with box office revenue over $130 million worldwide — they added to that fanaticism with the help of the government that created it.


Greek coastguard seizes shipment of weapons……..

Greek coastguard seizes shipment of weapons……..

According to some newspapers:

Greek authorities have arrested crew members aboard a vessel reportedly carrying weapons to Islamic State forces in Libya

No further details have been made public about the vessel, its specific cargo or its origin and destination. The vessel is reportedly not registered in Greece.

ISIS Weapons In Europe? Greek Coast Guard Seizes Islamic State Ship Smuggling Ammunition

Authorities have not yet confirmed whether it was connected to the Islamic State group, also known as ISIS, and said more information would be released later in the day.


Greek Coast Guard intercepts aid container full of weapons, firearms, likely intended for Muslim refugees


The Turkish government claimed the weapons were destined for the Sudanese police force and were fully documented.

Foreign ministry spokesman Tanju Bilgic told Reuters: “If investigations by the Greek authorities show that the consignment is going to receivers other than those stated in the documentation, and if that is shared with us, naturally measures could be taken.”


Ship Carrying Undeclared Weapons to Arrive in Heraklion, Crete

A Bolivian-flagged cargo ship was escorted to Heraklion port, Crete, on Tuesday night around 4:30 am after a container with an unknown quantity of undeclared weapons was discovered on board during a Greek coast guard inspection.

The ship “Hadat 1″ had set sail from Turkey and was bound for Libya, with a legal cargo of plastics. It was stopped and searched by a Greek coast guard special forces team, 20 miles off the coast of Ierapetra, Crete as part of a wide-scale operation.

Weapons on board Haddad 1 may have been aimed at the Cretan market

New theories are beginning to emerge about the cargo of the Bolivian flagged Haddad 1 which is impounded in the port of Heraklion.

The 1976 built cargo vessel owned by Greek shipping company MESOGIAKOS NAVIGATION was travelling from Iskenderun, Turkey to Misurata in Libya when was intercepted off Ierapetra on Wednesday after a tip off.

While at first it was thought that the weapons were aimed for the IS jihadist fighters in Libya, authorities are now considering other possible scenarios; the type of weapons found are not the assault rifles favoured by IS in the area, the Kalashnikov AK47 or the American M16 recovered from retreating regular forces in combat areas.

So which is it?

One of the above – or none of the above?

Intelligent Machines… ? God help us !

Intelligent Machines… ? God help us !

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the science of making smart machines, and it has come a long way since the term was coined in the 1950s.

Nowadays, robots work alongside humans in hotels and factories, while driverless cars are being test driven on the roads.

Behind the scenes, AI engines in the form of smart algorithms “work” on stock exchanges, offer up suggestions for books and films on Amazon and Netflix and even write the odd article.

But AI does not have the greatest public image – often due to sci-fi films that display dystopian visions of robots taking over the world.

Over the next month, the BBC will be looking into all aspects of artificial intelligence – from how to build a thinking machine, to the ethics of doing so, to questions about whether an AI can ever be creative. Read more in our Intelligent Machines special report.

For many, the only reference point they have for AI comes from films. So what is the reality of where we are with the technology, and is it anything like the fictional future we have created?

Read more http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-33629465


Government invites regimes with ‘appalling’ human rights records to London arms fair

Government invites regimes with ‘appalling’ human rights records to London arms fair

Regimes criticised for “appalling” human rights records have been extended official invitations by the Government to attend the world’s largest arms and security fair in London, The Independent can reveal.

The list of countries invited by UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) to attend the Defence and Security Equipment International Exhibition (DSEI) exhibition next includes countries criticised by campaigners for gross infringements of civil liberties, including Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Egypt and Thailand.

The invitation to Azerbaijan has been made despite a rebuke from a Government minister over its draconian imprisonment of a journalist for “questionable allegations”. Foreign Office minister David Lidington said Britain “will take every opportunity to raise concerns over human rights” in the country.

Read more  http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/government-invites-regimes-with-appalling-human-rights-records-to-london-arms-fair-10495415.html

‘Must-have’ weapons on sale at London Arms Fair

‘Must-have’ weapons on sale at London Arms Fair

London hosts the world’s biggest arms fair next week, giving global weapons manufacturers a chance to exhibit their newest and deadliest wears. RT has compiled the essential wish list for any buyer.

Military technology advances at a rapid rate and this year’s Defence Security and Equipment International (DSEI) exhibition in London’s EXCEL Centre promises a finger-twitching array of new wears.

The international exhibition has established itself as the leading platform to view and purchase state-of-the-art equipment from the world’s defense and security industry.

Highlights on show include Israel’s latest ‘suicide’ drone, bullets which are able to steer themselves to a moving target, and a silent laser capable taking down an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) mid-flight.

Arms manufacturers do not publicize the price of their weapons, presumably because they cut deals with clients depending on how much they buy. As such it is not possible to list the going rate for each of these deadly gadgets.

Read more http://www.rt.com/uk/314948-london-arms-fair-weapons/

BBC on 9/11

BBC on 9/11

BBC reports that Building 7 has fallen to the ground 26 mins before it actually happens.

Sick’ paedophile gang face jail after raping babies and streaming abuse online

Sick’ paedophile gang face jail after raping babies and streaming abuse online

The seven men, who lived across the UK, travelled hundreds of miles to carry out the attacks together between 2013 and 2014.

They also used online streaming to provide real-time help to each other – including advice on ‘date rape’ drugs to drowse their victims.

The group, who will be sentenced at Bristol Crown Court today, have been described as “sick, depraved, cruel and callous” by a judge.

They are aged between 31 and 51, and include three convicted sex offenders.

Together, they have been convicted of 29 child sex abuse offences, including conspiracy to rape and the multiple rape of a child aged under 13.

They are John Denham, 50, from Wiltshire, Matthew Stansfield, 35, from Hampshire, Adam Toms, 33, from Somerset, Christopher Knight, 35, from Manchester, Robin Hollyson, 31, from Bedfordshire, David Harsley, 51, from Yorkshire, and Matthew Lisk, 33, from Sussex.

Read more http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/604416/paedophile-gang-child-abuse-rape-online-streamed-Bristol-Crown-Court

European Refugee Crisis – The Anatomy of a Coverup

European Refugee Crisis – The Anatomy of a Coverup