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Dave and the Drones – Part III

Dave and the Drones – Part III

Every thriller needs a twist and turn


It started as:

Mr Cameron described the drone strikes as “an act of self-defence” which had to be carried out to protect Britain from terrorist attacks because “there was no alternative.

Now it’s become

UK envoy makes new legal argument for drone killings in Syria

Letter from British permanent representative to United Nations says airstrikes were justified on basis of ‘collective self-defence of Iraq’

Th(is)  new explanation, which was not disclosed to MPs at Westminster when David Cameron first told MPs about the killings……

The prime minister made no mention of defending Iraq when he told MPs on London that an RAF Reaper drone had killed two British jihadis, Reyaad Khan and Ruhul Amin, in the Syrian city of Raqqa, in a strike on 21 August.

“Is it because parliament previously voted against action in Syria, making this justification at odds with the will of the commons? The prime minister cannot face two ways on this issue – he needs to urgently explain this discrepancy.”

“David Cameron needs urgently to answer questions about whether there was genuinely an imminent threat to the UK or is this an expansion of the war against Isis without parliamentary approval? This argument was never raised in parliament. It can’t be both explanations.”


Rycroft’s personal involvement will also raise eyebrows. He was Tony Blair’s private secretary at the time of the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

His name was on a key memo revealing that Britain and the US were planning five months before the invasion to take action against Saddam Hussein without a second UN resolution.

By coincidence, Iain Macleod, legal adviser at the Foreign Office, was also legal counsellor at the UK mission to the UN in New York in the run up to the Iraq invasion.

How many twists and turns and wriggles are needed to show the LIE?

Climate change refugees?

Climate change refugees?

Yep – hard on the heels of the EU’s Juncker laying out his plan for dealing with the refugee ‘crisis’

we have Juncker talking of the next ‘wave’

“We are tackling the root causes of the next migration wave, in the next coming decades if we are addressed in a proper way the climate change problem, because tomorrow morning we’ll have climate refugees and we have to know that. And we should surprised or astonished if the first climate refugees are coming to Europe. We have to act now.”


IF you consider that the puppet masters speak in code – and if you consider that ‘climate change’ has ZERO to do with the weather – but rather has EVERYTHING to do with the MOOD of the PEOPLE………… then you might interpret much of what these politicians pontificate in a rather different way?

They are FRIGHTENED of the growing awareness of the people – cos this threatens their political power base.

THINK about it


Will new TV licence fee be linked to the value of your house?

Will new TV licence fee be linked to the value of your house?

Back in May I posted

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 13.49.53


Today we have:

Culture Secretary John Whittingdale suggested the levy could be paid on the same bill as council tax as part of a major reform of the way the public funds the BBC.

‘There are a number of different options – the simplest is instead of your having to pay it separately through the TV licensing authority, you could pay it as same time as another bill like the council tax bill, which would make it easier and would also address part of the concern about evasion.

‘That is a possibility but we have not reached any decision about these things. The suggestion that the method of collection is linked to the issue of whether or not we decide to decriminalise, I would not dispute.’

He said a household levy scheme, linked to council tax, could also be more progressive.


The Movie that changed my life.

The Movie that changed my life.

Twenty six MPs named and shamed for refusing to pay back expenses debts to the taxpayer

Twenty six MPs named and shamed for refusing to pay back expenses debts to the taxpayer

Twenty-six current and former MPs who had expenses debts written off after failing to repay them have been ‘named and shamed’ this morning.

The MPs, including Conservative ministers Tobias Ellwood and Edward Timpson, failed to repay bills of up to £230 owed to the taxpayer.

In total, the Parliamentary watchdog in charge of monitoring MPs’ expenses was forced to write off £2,105.43 over the last financial year.

The debts range from £309.15 owed by the former Labour MP Joe Benton – who stood down at the last election – to the £7.50 in parking costs yet to be repaid by the Tory backbencher Stewart Jackson.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority decided not to take the MPs to court to recover the debts because it would have cost taxpayers even more.

However, David Cameron this morning waded into the row and demanded that any Tory minister with outstanding debts must repay the cash.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3229053/Twenty-six-MPs-named-shamed-refusing-pay-expenses-debts-taxpayer.html#ixzz3lKmMx8LG

Former DJ Jonathan King, 70, arrested on suspicion of historical child sex offences linked to disco in the 1970s and 1980s

Former DJ Jonathan King, 70, arrested on suspicion of historical child sex offences linked to disco in the 1970s and 1980s

Former DJ Jonathan King, 70, has been arrested on suspicion of historical child sex offences linked to a disco in the 1970s and 1980s.

The ex-TV and radio presenter was arrested at his £1.6million home in Bayswater, West London, by Surrey Police officers along with two other men, aged 77 and 86, both from Walton-on-Thames, yesterday morning.

The arrests were made in connection to alleged incidents carried out at the Walton Hop Disco in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey.

Surrey Police said all three men were arrested on suspicion of various sexual offences relating to young boys under the age of 16.

Operation Ravine, an ongoing investigation, is looking into allegations of sexual offences against children connected with the disco in the 1970s and 1980s.

The Sun reports the disco hosted a number of pop stars and celebrities during this period.

Det Ch Insp Karen Mizzi told the BBC: ‘This is a complex investigation into numerous allegations of sexual abuse and assault dating back over several decades.