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KITTY aka  Cliff! perched on a cannon.. I could think of other places he should be perched from

KITTY aka Cliff! perched on a cannon.. I could think of other places he should be perched from

Perched on a cannon, Sir Cliff Richard is all guns blazing as he strikes a typically age-defying pose for his annual calendar ahead of his 75th birthday.

Wearing a patriotic Union Jack t-shirt and red shorts, the ‘Peter Pan of Pop’ looks fired up for his forthcoming celebratory tour in a shot from the new 2016 edition that will delight his army of loyal fans.

The 74-year-old appears relaxed and upbeat in the pictures, which show him deeply tanned and enjoying a ‘Summer Holiday’ lifestyle in Barbados, where he has a magnificent six-bedroom villa.

In September’s image, however, he is trying a rather faster mode of transport than the double decker bus from the 1963 film – a powerful three-wheeled motorcycle.

The calendar comes after he paid poignant tribute to his friend Cilla Black at her recent funeral, where he reminisced about first seeing her ‘fantastic legs’ at her home in Barbados, said: ‘I can’t think of Cilla in the past tense. It just seems outrageous…’, and sang his song Faithful One.

Aussies Busted for Running Pedophile Ring 45,000 Strong

Aussies Busted for Running Pedophile Ring 45,000 Strong

A 10-month operation by an Australian police anti-pedophile taskforce put an end to a global ‘dark net’ of child abusers that had 45,000 members. An Australian administering a pedophile ‘bulletin board’ was sentenced to 35 years in jail for child abuse.

Queensland’s Taskforce Argos targeting child abuse disclosed a clandestine pedophile ring, saving potentially hundreds of children from sexual exploitation, reports the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

Members of the ring residing in Australia, Europe, United Kingdom and the US ranked inside the network in accordance with the quantity and originality of materials they uploaded for common use inside the site. The name of the network, using encryption software to hide identities and mask people’s browsing history, has not been publicly disclosed by a South Australian District Court.

Read more http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/08/26/aussies-busted-for-running-pedophile-ring-45000-strong/

Widespread Prescribing of Antipsychotic Drugs Sparks Serious Health Problems

Widespread Prescribing of Antipsychotic Drugs Sparks Serious Health Problems

Antipsychotic drugs are being prescribed to an ever-increasing number of adolescents and young adults, and many of them are being prescribed for off-label purposes. But these over-prescriptions are putting youngsters at risk, though we’re slow as a society to change our med-heavy ways.

These powerful medications are being prescribed to young people with attention-deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a condition the drugs are not approved to treat.

 According to researchers from Columbia University in New York, the percentage of teens using antipsychotics rose from 1.10% in 2006 to 1.19% in 2010. Among young adults aged 19 to 24, the percentage rose from 0.69% to 0.84%. [1]

For the study, research psychiatrist at Columbia Dr. Mark Olfson and his colleagues analyzed prescription data from 2006, 2008, and 2010, as well as records from 2009 combining pharmacy and medical claims information. The records spanned prescriptions filled at approximately 60% of all retail pharmacies in the U.S.

Where they belong ?  Camerons go surfing in water polluted with diluted sewage

Where they belong ? Camerons go surfing in water polluted with diluted sewage

David Cameron, chillaxing with his wife Samantha in Cornwall, presumably thought he was safe from a shower of excrement – at least until PMQs begins again in September. But the unlucky PM chose the wrong moment to bodyboard with his wife Samantha, as the surf was riven with diluted sewage.

South West Water confirmed to the Times that sewage was pumped into the sea on Sunday morning and on Wednesday afternoon off Polzeath beach, where the Camerons have holidayed every year since 2010. The couple were photographed bodyboarding for about an hour on Monday and Tuesday.

Campaign group Surfers Against Sewage issues alerts to warn people against entering the water because of the risk of infection. Untreated sewage is pumped into the sea as an emergency measure when heavy rain might cause the water to back into people’s homes.

Read more http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2015/aug/28/camerons-surfing-polluted-sewage-polzeath-beach-cornwall

‘Depraved’ Devon paedophile jailed for baby rape and torture photos

‘Depraved’ Devon paedophile jailed for baby rape and torture photos

A PERVERT found with hundreds of images showing babies as young as three months being raped and tortured has been branded “depraved” by a judge.

Stephen Chowles, 47, was caught with a library of more than 4,000 images and films showing serious or sadistic abuse of children.

His sickening hoard contained images of a three-year old being raped, the oral rape of a three-month old baby and of children who were tied up and in “appalling pain”.

Chowles was jailed for two years after a judge told him his activities had contributed to the misery and suffering of child victims of the international pornography trade.

Chowles, of Torquay, admitted nine counts of making indecent images of children when he appeared at Exeter Crown Court on Friday.

Judge Francis Gilbert, QC, told him: “These offences are of the worst possible sort.

“One involves a male raping a three year old child and another depicts the oral rape of a baby aged approximately three months.

New Boss on Construction Sites Is a Drone

New Boss on Construction Sites Is a Drone

The site of a lavish new downtown stadium for the Sacramento Kings in California are being monitored by drones and software that can automatically flag slow progress.

Once per day, several drones automatically patrol the Sacramento work site, collecting video footage. That footage is then converted into a three-dimensional picture of the site, which is fed into software that compares it to computerized architectural plans as well as a the construction work plan showing when each element should be finished. The software can show managers how the project is progressing, and can automatically highlight parts that may be falling behind schedule.

At the Sacramento project, video is being captured by a drone-operating company called ImageInFlight. The software developed by the University of Illinois team can show how different subcontracting teams are working together.

The University of Illinois team is currently testing a system that will allow drones to attach cameras to locations across a building site, so that activity can be monitored continually. In experiments, they are also using a crowdsourcing platform to categorize workers’ activities in video footage. A manager can then see how different tasks are being performed overall, and how much time each individual is spending on a job.


Let’s make a drama about pederasts

Let’s make a drama about pederasts


Channel 4 to make Operation Yewtree drama about household name accused of historic sex offences

National Treasure will be penned by This Is England co-writer Paul Thorne and is inspired by the downfall of shamed stars Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris and Stuart Hall

In recent years we’ve been bombarded with revelations about the historic sex offences of people in the public eye and the lives that they’ve destroyed.

“This fictional drama explores the emotional impact on both a family that finds itself in the eye of such a media story, and on the accuser.”

It will be penned by This Is England co-writer Paul Thorne (?)

I looked him up. Paul Thorne is a comedian. Not the same guy as Jack Thorne


this is nudging by the media – from newspaper thro TV ‘programme’

an attempt to manipulate public perception

thro obfuscation and confused messages, so that people

feel sorry for celebs – forget about current politicians

and the survivor/victim becomes the baddie

It shows they’re desperate doesn’t it?