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World’s first SAFE SMART DRUG ?

World’s first SAFE SMART DRUG ?

Brain enhancing ‘modafinil’ is the world’s first safe “smart drug” according to researchers at Oxford University and Harvard Medical School, who confirmed it really does enhance mental performance.

Scientists looked at 24 studies into modafinil, a drug which promotes wakefulness and is used to treat narcolepsy, excessive sleepiness and sleep disorders resulting from shift work.

They concluded the drug can improve decision making, problem solving and may even make people think more creatively.

Researchers said the drug is safe when taken on a short-term basis, but acknowledged there is limited data available on the effects of long-term use.

Modafinil is the first ‘smart drug’ to be declared effective, but scientists warn the discovery raises serious ethical questions about how it should be treated by society.

Modafinil can and does enhance some cognitive functions,” said Dr Ruairidh Battleday of Oxford University.

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‘I See People in Parliament Who Should Be in Prison’

‘I See People in Parliament Who Should Be in Prison’

Labour Member of Parliament John Mann has told Germany’s Weltspiegel television channel that he sees people walking around the British Parliament who “should be in prison”, in an interview about the ongoing Westminster paedophile scandal. 

The six minute news item was broadcast earlier this week, and shed further light on the level of corruption and cover ups in Westminster following decades of alleged child abuse by leading politicians and political figures.

“It could become the largest political and moral scandal in British history,” the piece begins, in German.

Breitbart London has translated the clip, below, for English speaking audiences.

“Scotland Yard investigates at least one paedophile ring, which allegedly has been acting for decades, even around Westminster. Incredible accusations have been made: organised child molestation by celebrities and politicians in high positions, which have been covered by the police. Incredible crimes, for decades, since the 60s.”

“Currently there is an investigation against 1400 people, even a former prime minister. And there are daily new revelations, because the victims had remained silent due to fear and embarrassment.”

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Convicted paedophile tells judge he knows the names of alleged Westminster child sex ring

Convicted paedophile tells judge he knows the names of alleged Westminster child sex ring

Serial sex offender Michael McAuliffe, 50, threatened to shout out the names before being bundled back to his cell by prison guards.

Judge Peter Benson, sitting in Bradford Crown Court, West Yorks, had seconds earlier adjourned the case to give police six weeks to investigate the claims.

Judge Benson had earlier passed the defence and prosecution council a letter from McAuliffe’s solicitors before the case was heard and as the paedophile was being led into the dock from cells

His barrister James Bourne-Arton, after reading the letter, told the court: “He has a desire to provide relevant information into investigations into those which concern the 1970s in the Westminster area.

“He has details and information, and more, there are other instances of child abuse and a paedophile ring, which he is willing to provide information on.”

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