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What Happens to Your Consciousness When You Take Ayahuasca?

What Happens to Your Consciousness When You Take Ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca is a psychedelic brew mostly composed of Banisteriopsis caapi vine and can be combined with various other plants. The natural ingredients to prepare this medicine can only be found in the deepest jungles of South America; the amazons rain forest.

For hundreds of years, Indigenous tribes of South America have been using this ancient elixir to reconnect with the spiritual world and cleanse their bodies from all the negative energies they have collected through their long journeys. However, Ayahuasca serves a higher purpose; to help people reach enlightenment and a higher consciousness level. It is said that once you try this psychedelic brew, you’ll never look at life the same way.

This sacred elixir can help a person to awaken their intuition and reach consciousness by opening their mind to an experience out of the ordinary. This is why Shamans often say that this plant has its own soul. They call it “planta maestra” which means sacred plant. This sacred plant will take you into a journey to the world of the unkown, a world that very few people have had the chance to see.

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Police Using Biometrics on Americans… Without Consent in Unaccountable Database

Police Using Biometrics on Americans… Without Consent in Unaccountable Database

Facial recognition and biometric databases have been a reality in technology for decades, and have been used overseas by the military to assist in occupying potentially hostile populations in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.

Populations there not only face the possibility of becoming a statical civilian casualty, but are processed and tagged like cattle as well.

Now, that paradigm is coming home to roost – as spy agencies like the NSA have long planned.

Biometrics are designed for use in mass populations here in America and throughout the Western world, not just war torn locales. According to the NY Times:

Facial recognition software, which American military and intelligence agencies used for years in Iraq and Afghanistan to identify potential terrorists, is being eagerly adopted by dozens of police departments around the country to pursue drug dealers, prostitutes and other conventional criminal suspects. But because it is being usedwith few guidelines and with little oversight or public disclosure, it is raising questions of privacy and concerns about potential misuse.

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Unemployed young people will be sent to work boot camp, says minister

Unemployed young people will be sent to work boot camp, says minister

Guardian: Rowena Mason and Frances Perraudin

Matt Hancock says plan for jobseekers between 18 and 21 to be placed on intensive activity programme is not a form of punishment

The senior Conservative, who heads David Cameron’s earn or learn taskforce, will set out plans for jobseekers aged between 18 and 21 to be placed on an intensive activity programme within the first three weeks of submitting a claim.

They will get an initial three-week intensive course of practising job applications and interviews, which will then be regularly reviewed by a dedicated job coach.

The new requirements, outlined on Monday, will be in place by April 2017

Company offers rain-free wedding days for £100,000 – Corporate Geo-engineering

Company offers rain-free wedding days for £100,000 – Corporate Geo-engineering

Would you pay £100,000 to keep the rain away on your wedding day? Luxury holiday company Oliver’s Travels is hoping some couples will. Since January, it has offered an eye-catching new service. For £100,000 – or more – it is offering to harness the cloud seeding powers of science to guarantee “fair weather and clear skies for your wedding day”.

“It’s an idea that has come from customer feedback,” says Natasja Rasmussen, head of customer experience at Oliver’s Travel. “We have been working with a wedding consultant for the last 10 years, sending couples out to luxury villas and chateaus in France and the Caribbean. We’ve had lots of feedback and one of the negatives was bad weather. So we have decided to do something about it.”

To fulfil their “guaranteed” pledge for fine weather, which is only nullified in the event of a natural disaster such as a hurricane, Oliver’s Travel has teamed up with the Texan meteorological contractors Just Clouds which specialise in the uncertain art of cloud seeding. This involves flying through clouds in an aeroplane and lacing them with a compound called silver iodide. Silver iodide acts as a freezing nuclei, a key component in the formation of precipitation. Water vapour molecules collide with it and turn into ice crystals that fall to earth as rain. The theory is that by managing the concentrations of freezing nuclei in a portion of atmosphere, meteorologists can control the levels of rainfall in the landscape below.

Tweaking the atmosphere to bring rain to order may seem so outlandish that it belongs to some dystopian future, but in reality it is nothing new. The science of cloud seeding dates from the forties, and the work of US chemist Vincent Schaefer. In the post-war years experiments in rain creation were rife on either side of the Atlantic. They reached a zenith during the Vietnam war when the US government allegedly conducted their highly classified Operation Popeye, an attempt to extend the monsoon season by cloud seeding in the hope of flushing out the Viet Cong.

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