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PLEASE SHARE :Calderdale Council accused of covering up the scale of child sexual abuse which took place in care homes.

PLEASE SHARE :Calderdale Council accused of covering up the scale of child sexual abuse which took place in care homes.

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Calls for new investigation into alleged child abuse at care homes in Calderdale

There are calls for fresh investigations into alleged child sex abuse at care homes in Calderdale, dating back more than thirty years. Victims and supporters staged a protest today outside the council’s offices in Halifax to demand justice over cases which they claim were not fully looked into at the time, despite some successful prosecutions. They say vulnerable children are still not being protected

Video on link

Kaz’s Event was also covered on BBC


C 2.57

Kaz’s amazing dedication and hard work has resulted in significant breakthroughs following the event organised on 14 August in Halifax.

The level of msm coverage has been superb and we thank all those involved, including the police, who helped facilitate.

Most of all we thank Kaz and Jay and all those who were there.



Much, MUCH more in the pipeline.

BREAKING: Janner abused  – by his daughter

BREAKING: Janner abused – by his daughter

Horrific revelations regarding Janner’s medical condition emerged today at the close of a gruelling 59 second appearance at Westminster Magistrates Court.

As his daughter led her father out of the court room (where he remembered his name – despite his dementia) she announced

‘Let’s go home and have a nice ice cream’

Despite pleas to spare the 87-year-old the “barbaric, inhumane and uncivilised” ordeal

He will now be taken home  and potentially subjected to:
Amyl acetate
Diethyl glyco
Aldehyde C-17
Ethyl Acetate
Monoglicerides, Diglicerides, & Triglicerides
Janner -will his performance be Magik?

Janner -will his performance be Magik?

Westminster Magistrates Court has become a theatre for the day. So far the leading man (Janner) has failed to appear on stage – and his supporting cast have enacted a set piece tragic scene whilst stage hands gear up for a possible change of venue.

“To be Westminster – or not to be Westminster’

Aye, there always Wood Green…….”

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 12.00.12

Wood Green CC is actually further away from Janner’s house than WMC Marylebone Rd. 6.2 miles vs 3.2 miles

Does Wood Green hold special memories for Janner – sufficient to evoke the magic muse required for his 30 second soliloqy? A sort of Shakespearean All’s Well That Ends Well?

As the curtain goes down for another interval, the audience is left in suspense.

will it be Much Ado about Nothing?

As the play draws to a close, a messenger arrives with news of J’s capture – but B proposes to postpone his punishment to another day

The curtain rises again at 1400 hrs.

Kaz on the BBC – One woman is accusing Calderdale Council of covering up the scale of child sexual abuse which took place in care homes.

Kaz on the BBC – One woman is accusing Calderdale Council of covering up the scale of child sexual abuse which took place in care homes.

Calderdale Council is being accused of covering up the scale of child sexual abuse which took place in care homes in the 70s, 80s and 90s.

In 2001, Malcolm Phillips, who ran Skircoat Lodge Care Home for nearly 20 years was jailed for repeated sexual abuse of children in his care.
A social worker there, Andrew Shalders, abused young boys – he was jailed for 15 years, and died while inside.

But Kaz Gray, one of their victims, has told BBC Radio Leeds that she believes other people complicit in the abuse are still working with children to this day. Kaz herself was abused at Skircoat Lodge, and says she was trafficked to a notorious care home in North Wales, where she was raped. Today, Kaz will lead a protest outside Northgate House in Halifax, where Calderdale’s Social Services are based – she want the files on abuse at care homes reopened.

Calderdale Council’s Director of Children and Young People’s Services, Stuart Smith says:

“Today’s demonstration is about historic cases of child abuse relating to Skircoat Lodge in the 1980s and 1990s, which, after a Police investigation led to a number of prosecutions and convictions. We fully supported the investigation at the time. This was an appalling case and we regret that children suffered when they were in the care of the local authority.

“We have been supporting Karen over the last 18 months and have met with her to address her concerns. We will continue to offer her support.

“I would like to reassure people that nobody involved in the historic cases works for the Council, and in the intervening years our safeguarding practices have changed beyond recognition. As you’d expect, we check the details of all our staff thoroughly before they are employed by the Council, so we can be confident that our children are only ever placed in the care of people we can trust.”

Listen here http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02zlfjk



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Blue-green algae blooms increasingly threaten drinking water worldwide

Blue-green algae blooms increasingly threaten drinking water worldwide

Several factors are contributing to the concern; wastewater nutrients or agricultural fertilizers in various situations can cause problems in rivers, lakes and reservoirs.

“The biggest health concern with cyanobacteria in sources of drinking water is that there’s very little regulatory oversight, and it remains unclear what level of monitoring is being voluntarily conducted by drinking water utilities,”

People should also develop an awareness of what cyanobacteria look like, in a natural setting appearing as green, paint-like surface scums. They should avoid water recreation on a lake or river that has these characteristics, researchers said.

Cyanobacterial toxins are not destroyed by boiling.



Contaminated water health scare as hundreds of thousands told to boil their water due to parasite

5,000 Scottish homes hit with contaminated water

Drinking water warning for parts of county

Why You Need to Cover Your Webcam RIGHT NOW

Why You Need to Cover Your Webcam RIGHT NOW

By Claire Bernish

Your computer’s built-in webcam is easy to take for granted if you don’t use if very often. But just because you don’t take advantage of this amazing piece of technology — as a woman in Toronto was recently shocked to learn — doesn’t mean it isn’t being used.

Chelsea Clark’s night watching Netflix with her boyfriend didn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary — until pictures of the couple from that evening were sent to her Facebook account by the hacker who’d taken them from her webcam.

Clark described this as “a terrifying notion. It was a really bizarre thing to receive those messages and it really took a second to be like, ‘OH MY GOD, that’s what this means, that’s the implication of receiving this message is someone was just watching us. We obviously had no idea it was taking place at the moment, but retroactively it was like a really, really deeply creepy feeling. It was very unnerving. I mean it does feel like there’s just someone in your home with you.”

Hackread reported previously that hackers use Remote Access Trojan (RAT) to gain access to unsuspecting users’ computers and record their activity, including webcam sessions. In a separate incident, a Canadian woman who had taken control of users’ webcams was arrested for spying.

This RAT malware is easily obtained by young and novice hackers through those with more experience. Called “ratters” because of the name of the malware they most often use, these hackers take control of a victim’s computer and electronic devices and then attack, according to Hackread.

Read more http://www.activistpost.com/2015/08/why-you-need-to-cover-your-webcam-right-now.html