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Ted Heath Investigated Over Child Sex In Jersey

Ted Heath Investigated Over Child Sex In Jersey

Four police forces have confirmed they are investigating claims of child sex abuse against the former prime minister Sir Edward Heath.

Jersey Police said Sir Edward was a subject in its investigation into historical child sex abuse allegations on the island after claims were made that he would take children from care homes for a ride in his yacht.

Wiltshire Police has disclosed it has received a number of calls to a helpline it set up appealing for potential victims and witnesses to come forward.

Kent Police has also received a report of a sexual assault having been committed in East Kent in the 1960s by a complainant naming Sir Edward in connection with the allegation. Detectives are making initial inquiries and will get a full account of the complainant’s story.

Read more  http://news.sky.com/story/1530217/ted-heath-investigated-over-child-sex-in-jersey

Ben Fellows Exclusive Interview since being found NOT guilty & Bill Maloney talks CSA enquiry

Ben Fellows Exclusive Interview since being found NOT guilty & Bill Maloney talks CSA enquiry

Lou Collins Radio Show 3.8.15 Bill Maloney talks Ken Clarke & Ben Fellows 1st interview since trial by Lou Collins on Mixcloud




‘Dirty money is not welcome here’. Stop laughing, you couldn’t make it up, he actually said it!

This is the same man whose family has offshore tax havens.

The very same who hands his mates large chunks of publicly owned assets. ie The NHS.

The man who covers up for establishment paedophiles, allows Starbucks, Costa, Amazon, Google and Tescos among many others, to avoid Corporation Tax.

A man who allows HSBC and Barclays to launder millions of £ drug money, fiddle interest rates and manipulate gold and silver prices.

A man who allows LIBOR and exchange rates fiddling, interest rate manipulation, will not prosecute individual, fraudulent banksters and creates phoney terrorism.

How much more of this moronic puppet are we, the taxpayers, prepared to tolerate?

No, you couldn’t make it up, we just seem to accept being lied to, deceived, stolen from, made fools of, all in the course of a day!

Ted Heath child sex abuse claims part of ‘newspaper silly season’, says ex-Tory MP

Ted Heath child sex abuse claims part of ‘newspaper silly season’, says ex-Tory MP

Brian Binley, told Radio 4’s Today programme: “I think it’s a very confusing story really, maybe produced during the silly season, kept back because stories are at a premium at this time.

“I was, by the way, attached for a short time for private office – I wasn’t there very long but I did get to know him a little bit

Brian Binley – who he?

He was an organiser with the National Young Conservatives from 1965 to 1968

In 2006, he became the victim of identity theft, when someone tried to divert his bank statements and unsuccessfully attempted to steal £9,000 from him whilst he was in India. The perpetrator wrote to Binley boasting of his exploits.[6]

He received a six-month driving ban in May 2007 having totted up 12 points on his licence when caught doing 37 mph in a 30 mph zone in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. With nine points already, he was given three more and a ban by Towcester magistrates.[7]

Other than his wiki page – above, it seems he’s not the only family member who likes living life in ‘the fast lane’…

Son of Tory MP Brian Binley jailed

Former police officer Matthew Binley, 27, was arrested after he crashed his Alfa Romeo in Northampton, Northants, whilst twice the drink-drive limit.

Brian Binley, who has been Conservative MP for Northampton South since 2005, was not present at the hearing. He came under fire in 2009 after it emerged he illegally claimed £57,000 in expenses by renting a £1,500 a month flat from his own company.

However, despite the Committee on Standards and Privileges finding he had breached parliament rules he was ordered to pay back just £1,500 in January last year.

They don’t have a problem being economical with the truth either?

Amazing how quickly msm have pounced on this ”news” ?

Wonder who else will come out of the woodwork to defend Heath? Maybe Kenneth Clarke, who secured his first job as a whip in 1972 in Edward Heath’s government has something to add?


Jeremy Corbyn could be the next Prime Minister, says Ken Clarke.. No comment about the Ben Fellows trial Mr Clarke ?

Jeremy Corbyn could be the next Prime Minister, says Ken Clarke.. No comment about the Ben Fellows trial Mr Clarke ?

Jeremy Corbyn could be the next Prime Minister if he wins the Labour leadership race, senior Conservative Ken Clarke has said in a warning to fellow Tories.

The minister without portfolio said that Mr Corbyn’s populist left-wing policies could prove difficult to beat, and argued that the Islington North MP is closer to the centre than former Labour leader Michael Foot, who suffered a humiliating defeat in 1983.

“Don’t underestimate Jeremy Corbyn,” Mr Clarke, who has served as the Chancellor and Home Secretary, told The Huffington Post.

“If you have another recession or if the Conservative Government becomes very unpopular, he could win,” he added.

Clarke, a grandee fondly nicknamed “The Beast”, told the website that Mr Corbyn’s popularity lies in his appeal as “a non-politicians answer to the Westminster establishment”.

Read more  http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/labour-leadership-race-jeremy-corbyn-could-be-the-next-prime-minister-says-ken-clarke-10436255.html


Government Uses Psy-ops, Trolls, Propaganda to Push “Conformity

Government Uses Psy-ops, Trolls, Propaganda to Push “Conformity

Have you ever wondered if that corny Facebook user or that statist online commenter parroting government talking points was actually a paid propagandist working for Big Government? Well, there is a good chance he or she actually was. According to recently published official documents, a scandal-plagued U.K. government snooping unit bombastically styling itself the “Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group” (JTRIG) has been using “behavioral science,” social-media trolls, and online propaganda to manipulate public opinion and destroy critics at home and abroad. And it wants still more “behavioral science support” to further enhance its troubling “capabilities.”

Among other objectives, the outfit and its armies of online trolls work to promote “obedience” and “conformity” while countering activists whom authorities characterize as “radical” or “extremist,” the documents show. The British snoops also work closely with the U.S. National Security Agency, which has found itself embroiled in growing scandals for lawlessly spying on millions of innocent Americans without so much as a warrant or even probable cause. And like the NSA, it is hardly the first time that the British snooping bureaucrats have come under fire for their shady activities. Officials insist all of their scheming is “legal.”

The latest revelations surrounding the manipulation of public discourse and opinion by JTRIG trolls, part of the U.K. signals-intelligence agency known as the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), were exposed last month by The Intercept. Several previously secret documents were published. Perhaps the most revealing, though, was a 42-page paper from 2011 entitled “Behavioral Science Support for JTRIG’s Effects and Online HUMINT [Human Intelligence] Operations” authored by psychologist Mandeep K. Dhami.

Read more http://www.thenewamerican.com/world-news/europe/item/21215-government-uses-psy-ops-trolls-propaganda-to-push-conformity

Javed Khan to tackle Rotherham child abuse

Javed Khan to tackle Rotherham child abuse

Javed Khan, chief executive of Barnardo’s, said: “We are intent on tackling this horrendous crime and supporting victims as they try to rebuild their shattered lives.”

Barnados’s has received £3.1m to tackle child sex abuse in Rotherham and to help rebuild the lives of victims.

Javed Khan was previously chief exec of Victim support

In 2014 the head of Victim Support, the Government-backed charity for people affected by crime, was accused of taking an armed gang to settle a long-running land dispute in his native Pakistan.

Javed Khan is reported to have arrived in the village of Haveli Bagal last week with about eight men armed with automatic rifles.

The events threaten to embarrass Victim Support, which receives £38 million a year from the Government.

With a reduced budget he’ll have to make do with less ordnance?