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After publishing secret spy docs, German news site investigated for treason

After publishing secret spy docs, German news site investigated for treason

A well-known German political and tech news website has received (English translation here) a nearly unprecedented letter from the German Federal Public Prosecutor, saying that two of the site’s top editors are being investigated for treason after having published secret government documents earlier this year.

“We leaked some internal documents of the secret service of Germany in the spring, documenting that they are building up a mass surveillance on social networks with lots of new jobs and new capabilities,” Beckedahl added. “And this wasn’t in public and there wasn’t a debate, two years after Snowden, whether to have more control of secret services.”

“We see it as attempts to threaten us and others,”


Hat tip to Alun and Ian on twitter

‘Smart’ rifle with computer technology fires at WRONG target after being HACKED

‘Smart’ rifle with computer technology fires at WRONG target after being HACKED

The TrackingPoint sniper rifle turns even the most amateur shooters into elite marksmen by using self-targeting technology to perfect the best shot.

But researchers have now discovered a potentially lethal flaw in the “smart” system by hacking into the weapon through its wireless internet connection.

They were then able to use a computer to trick the hacked rifle into switching its aim to an adjacent bullseye.



A judge took pity on the paedophile who abused me as a child, so he let him walk free

A judge took pity on the paedophile who abused me as a child, so he let him walk free

Custodial sentences for child abuse should be mandatory. Personal bias should not be able to take the full role in sentencing for these sorts of crimes

We live in a culture that has come to accept rape and even child molestation as a backdrop to our existence; a culture that excuses the behaviour of abusers while shifting blame onto the victim. A judge may infer that a victim who had consumed a few drinks prior to their rape had in fact contributed to the assault that had been inflicted upon them. Perversely, as in my case, a judge may alleviate blame from a man who has molested a child because he’d decided to have a few pints down the pub beforehand. I would wager strongly that if my judge was overpowered by a man far larger than him on his way home tonight, and was physically forced to engage in even one of the sexual acts I was as a child, that his attacker would be facing a custodial sentence. The sexual abuse of a young girl however may not warrant the same reaction because it has become a readily accepted narrative.

When personal bias can play a role in the sentencing of such a serious and potentially life-altering crime, justice will not always be served. Judges have shown sympathy towards paedophiles before.

I’ve started a petition calling for a mandatory minimum custodial sentence to be introduced for the sexual assault of a child aged 13 and under.


Army ready to act over Calais crisis

Army ready to act over Calais crisis

The British Armed Forces are set to get involved in the Calais migrant crisis for the first time in order to keep the roads clear ahead of a weekend of chaos, Whitehall sources said.

Military planners are considering opening up barracks to relieve roads in Kent blocked by lorries unable to cross the Channel.

David Cameron will chair a meeting of the Government’s emergency committee Cobra on the Calais migrant crisis on Friday morning.

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As the Government struggled to respond to the ongoing chaos:………………

More than 150 people are believed to have made it from Calais

But Peter Sutherland, UN special representative on migration, said he had been amazed by the “absolute nonsense” being alleged over the crisis in Calais.               (he’s not the only one)

Mr Green said: “In the end it’s happening in France so the French have to be the effective authority.

“The single biggest protection we have is our border in France.If the French took that away we would be seeing those scenes in Kent……..


Tourism in Britain(historic – don’t panic)

Those visiting the country so far this year (2014) included 11.38 million from EU countries, 1.1 million from the rest of Europe, 1.57 million from North America and 2.28 million from the rest of the world.

Looks like any excuse to mobilise the military ?

Are you affected by the Calais crisis? Share your experiences – via the guardian

We would like to hear from people who are affected by the crisis……a migrant surviving in a camp in Calais – or endeavouring to make the perilous journey to the UK………….

They’ve got an ‘app’ for that…..

 use the GuardianWitness smartphone app or the Guardian app and search for “GuardianWitness assignments”.