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Connecting the dots on crimes against children: Abortion organ harvesting, forced vaccinations, medical kidnapping and CPS child abuse

Connecting the dots on crimes against children: Abortion organ harvesting, forced vaccinations, medical kidnapping and CPS child abuse

When I first read the news about Planned Parenthood harvesting organs from babies during abortions, I wasn’t surprised. As the editor of Natural News, I’ve spent years documenting horrific crimes against children and humanity carried out by various industries (vaccines, pharmaceuticals, factory foods, etc.)… all of which profit from the exploitation of children’s bodies.

The real surprise in hearing the news about Planned Parenthood selling off baby body parts for scientific research was not the realization that this activity is being conducted, but rather the realization that the political left in America is perfectly okay with this practice.

They defend it, they apologize for it and they pretend it isn’t happening. This is the pattern frequently witnessed across all abuses of children in which operators on the political left — which tend to include most vaccine pushers — live in a shocking state of denial about what’s really going on in their own country (and to their own children).

Read more  http://www.naturalnews.com/050533_abortion_organ_harvesting_medical_kidnapping_crimes_against_children.html

HELP needed please

HELP needed please


Support on the ground needed please – plenty of space to camp out.

Supplies – particularly water  – please deliver to the caravan at 2/3 Bridge Street

Property is set to be fire-sale auctioned on 29th July – in London – as per link below




Stone Tablet Tells Tale of Early Maya King

Stone Tablet Tells Tale of Early Maya King

Archaeologists have discovered centuries-old stone tablets dating back to the ancient Mayans and it could shed more light on a period of history researchers have struggled to understand, at least until now.

Researchers with La Corona Regional Archaeological Project were the ones behind the fascinating find, pointing out that the panels were in amazingly good condition, even after being stowed away for centuries.

“The fact that the stele [the shrine] and these panels were preserved by the ancient Maya themselves long after they were first carved adds a new wrinkle to our interpretation of how much the ancient Maya valued and strove to preserve their own history,” Tulane University researcher Marcello Canuto said.

Canuto said the hieroglyphics reveal images of one of the early kings from the ancient empire, one of the periods of time that researchers have understood the least, but that could all change after further examination and study.

The blocks also contain the second known reference to the infamous Mayan calendar’s 2012 end date, which some believed suggested was the year the world would end.