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What is a “Conspiracy Theorist” and why we should be proud to question the narrative.


Doesn’t it feel good to be evil?

A 3D- CG comedy?

Minions – Official Trailer 2 (HD) – Illumination

The movie is to be released July 10, 2015. The basic plot of the movie reveals the whole ball-o-wax: The ‘minions’, who live only to happily serve an evil master, find themselves without an evil master to serve, so they set off on a quest to find a new evil master to serve. That’s it. Minions seeking an evil master to serve – how blatant does the new-world-order brainwashing get? And, make no mistake, your children are the direct target.


do you seriously want your children to be brainwashed by a load of bullocks film?

Finland is considering leaving the Euro zone, European political Alliance

On the background of the situation in Greece, many Finnish politicians believe that the country is “not in the club,” said Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten Secretary General of the European political Alliance EUD Richard Bifelt.

In Finland consider possible scenarios of exit from the Eurozone amid the Greek crisis, told the resource Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten Secretary General of the European political Alliance of eurosceptics EUD (Europeans United for Democracy) Richard Bifelt.

Data that Finnish politician shared with German news resource, journalists are considered “unexpected”. According to his estimates, many Finnish politicians believe that Finland is “not in the club”. Under the “club” Bifelt implies the Eurozone.

He refers to a study by the Finnish Professor of Economics at the University of Helsinki Weight Kanninen and other well-known economists and parliamentarians who have previously published scenarios for a possible exit from the Euro zone. Links to the publication Bifelt does not.

The politician said that in the future the authorities will probably abandon the process of integration within the Eurozone, as such policies are not currently supported by society. He hopes that this will happen pretty soon.