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So, we have an ‘austerity’ budget due soon, more cuts, less benefits, less tax credits, less NHS, less everything. At least for us…. but wait!

There’s massive refurbishment coming for Westminster and Buckingham Palace too, hasn’t been done for years apparently. This will cost the taxpayers millions in these so called ‘hard times’.

Our trustworthy, caring politicians will have to move out for a while as will our Saxe Coburg Gotha Monarch and entourage.

How about a very different reason, one moving rapidly through the alternative and more believeable media?

How about a huge attempt to get rid of ALL and ANY traces of DNA from the victims of sexual child abuse and murder which many know has been taking place over many years at both sites?

Conspiracy Theory? Not this time, Police whistleblowers have revealed all, along with survivors of establishment abuse who will NEVER be silenced until each and every one of these perverts is properly dealt with, WHOEVER THEY ARE! These pervs are well aware the dam is bursting and are so scared, this is surely a desperate attempt by the guilty.

Bill Maloney EXCLUSIVE interview with Lou – DNA


Max Clifford Charged With Indecent Assault

Max Clifford Charged With Indecent Assault

Max Clifford has been charged with one count of indecent assault allegedly committed in 1981, the Crown Prosecution Service has said.

The former public relations executive will appear at Westminster Magistrates Court on 21 July.

Scotland Yard said the charge relates to a woman aged over 16.

Baljit Ubhey, Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS London, said the CPS had considered evidence gathered as part of Operation Yewtree in making the decision.

She said: “Having completed our review, we have concluded that there is sufficient evidence and it is in the public interest for Mr Clifford to be charged with one offence of indecent assault.”

Clifford represented some of the biggest names in showbusiness during a career that spanned more than four decades.

He became well known for brokering deals with tabloid newspapers for kiss-and-tell stories.

He formerly represented pop mogul Simon Cowell, the late reality TV star Jade Goody and boxer Muhammad Ali.

Source  http://news.sky.com/story/1512868/max-clifford-charged-with-indecent-assault

Adam Hills Rant About UK Government Cuts – The Last Leg


Parents horrified after £32.99 talking baby doll they bought from Toys R Us teaches their two-year-old daughter to say ‘f*** it

Parents horrified after £32.99 talking baby doll they bought from Toys R Us teaches their two-year-old daughter to say ‘f*** it

A couple has been left gobsmacked after a doll they bought their two-year-old appears to have taught her how to say ‘f*** it’.

Anthony Burridge and Sarah Williams let daughter Emily choose the My Little Baby Born Nappy Time doll, which is meant to ‘babble’ like a baby, as a birthday treat from Toys R Us.

But when they got it home they realised the £32.99 toy sounded like it says ‘f***, f***, f*** it’.

Mr Burridge, from Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, has now taken the doll, which was bought as a gift using birthday money given by other family members, away.

The 39-year-old, who is an IT manager, said: ‘We opened the packaging on the doll and handed it to Emily.

‘She was so excited to play with her new toy but as soon as she pressed its belly, we heard it say the swear word.

‘Sarah and I were gobsmacked. When we played it again, it was clear that it was saying “f***”.

Pedo Jeffrey Epsteins pal the Duke of York to become new chancellor of Huddersfield University

Pedo Jeffrey Epsteins pal the Duke of York to become new chancellor of Huddersfield University

It’s received more than its share of royal visits in recent years.

Now the University of Huddersfield has sealed royal approval once more after HRH The Duke of York agreed to become its new chancellor.

Prince Andrew will replace Star Trek legend, Sir Patrick Stewart, at the upcoming graduation ceremonies.

Prof Bob Cryan, the university’s vice-chancellor, said he was delighted the Duke of York accepted the invitation to be chancellor.

“It is obviously a great honour and a source of great prestige to have a member of the royal family at the head of our university,” said Prof Cryan.

“But in the case of The Duke of York, this is much more than a ceremonial appointment.

‌“He has a real commitment to the development of entrepreneurial and digital skills among young people and fully appreciates how important they are to the future of ‘UK Plc’.

read more  http://www.examiner.co.uk/news/west-yorkshire-news/duke-york-become-new-chancellor-9574666

Council wants to know who is looking after Plymouth children without parents

Council wants to know who is looking after Plymouth children without parents

COUNCIL chiefs are appealing to people who have privately fostered children to alert them to the care arrangements.

Plymouth City Council is using national Private Fostering Week, which runs from July 6-10 as an opportunity to appeal to people across the city to notify them if they’re involved in a Private Fostering Arrangement.

The week, which launches today, is designed to make people more aware of and give more details on private fostering arrangements. When a child is looked after by someone other than a parent or close relative for more than 28 days, this is known as private fostering (a close relative includes a grandparent, aunt, uncle, sister or brother).

These arrangements can occur because of various circumstances, for example divorce, separation or arguments in the child’s family, or if the child is the boyfriend or girlfriend of one of your children.

Health Product of the month

Health Product of the month

What is BioAstin?

BioAstin is a dietary supplement, which acts as a powerful antioxidant, as well as offering many other health benefits, including sun protection. It is derived entirely from carefully cultured, natural vegetable micro algae; which is a powerful source of Astaxanthin (pronounced Asta-Zan-Thin), supplying daily servings in easy to swallow, soft gel capsules.

What is Astaxanthin?

Astaxanthin is an exceptionally powerful Antioxidant, which protects our body and immune system from free radical damage, caused by pollution and toxins present in our body.

Facts about the Sun

The sun has been supporting life on planet Earth for years with its vast healing & therapeutic powers. Nowadays, most people are actually afraid of being in the sun, because it is claimed that the sun can cause skin cancer and premature aging. The so-called harmful effects of sun exposure have been greatly exaggerated by doctors, beauty experts & the media. As a result, the sun, nature’s most powerful life-giving force, has been tagged as one of nature’s most harmful elements. Obviously you cannot throw out caution and just sunbathe whenever you wish; too much exposure to the sun’s rays can cause harmful and dangerous damage to your skin, however recent reports illustrate that the many benefits of SAFE sun exposure greatly outweigh the risks.

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A message & video from Tom Crawfords son Craig

A message & video from Tom Crawfords son Craig

Near the end.. The police lined the cars up and their colleague took photos of them! See the video.   Let’s name and shame these absolute vile human beings.

No one was there to see how they all acted when they were stealing the house.. Mindless, emotionless pricks. And Hearing my mum scream to keep her mothers belongings who died only four weeks ago..as they carted it away was heart breaking. And refusing to let anyone help her or support her. Waiting till me and my dad were out of town. Unlawfully arresting my dad. these fuckers took two weeks to plan it all.. And then say they’re impartial???? there’s so much more they did.


Teachers can ‘seize and DESTROY’ pupils’ lunches in ‘nanny state’ crackdown

Teachers can ‘seize and DESTROY’ pupils’ lunches in ‘nanny state’ crackdown

As part of guidelines on lunchbox searches, teachers are also expected to consult and discuss healthy eating plans with pupils’ parents.

The Department of Education claims schools and teachers should also seek out legal advice if they have worries over pupils’ food.

Education minister Lord Nash said: “Schools have common law powers to search pupils, with their consent, for items.

“There is nothing to prevent schools from having a policy of inspecting lunch boxes for food items that are prohibited under their school food policies.


‘nanny’ state – or dictatorship ?


Tom Crawfords daughter Amanda shares emotional Facebook post, PLEASE SUPPORT The Crawfords by contacting MP’s and getting the shocking videos put there..

Tom Crawfords daughter Amanda shares emotional Facebook post, PLEASE SUPPORT The Crawfords by contacting MP’s and getting the shocking videos put there..

Amanda ( Tom’s Daughter)  posted :   Not actually been to sleep so excuse the state of this but
we dont actually know whats gone on, why they did it or why they refused us any paper work to see which in itself is against the law. What i witness yesterday was terrorism. Pure and simple. My nan not yet in her grave our family pet with maybe only hours to live now. We were threatened, attacked, assulted, insulted, laughed by “bailiffs” court staff, “security staff” and most shocking of all the police, all day long even while i was sobbing told we were boring by a police man, god the list is endless. But the crooks of the matter are. We read out to them verbatim the actual laws being broken. Which ive lost count of. They’d cover many pages, the people there to protect us and be impartial, were totally ONLY on the side, with the bank…however. with all this said its only the beginning. Now its a criminal matter, we have plans. Things will get going again. At the end of the day we have every bank docket to prove that we paid over 130k ish on a 41k mortgage. Along with all our other evidence If that in itself apart from the rest of the matter isn’t enough evidence for you i don’t know what it. It was proven in court we did not change the mortgage it was proven the judge could NOT find the figure the bank were claiming we owed, it was also proven that we did not agree for it to be changed, and that the bank did not change it back to its original agreement 2 parties HAVE to agree to change a contract thatvis FACT and was agreed upon in court . However this is all a side matter though, as NO PROCESS was followed. Litrally none. Grater issues and laws have been broken. So once we get it further they are going to have to prove what they are saying. Considering they brought zero evidence to the previous hearing well that will be very interesting wont it. They can’t and they know it. Anyway lifes a fucking ball bag of a bitch sometimes i feel so so sorry for my mum , dad, sister and brother but you know what I couldnt be bloody prouder. One day all will see. The criminals may have won yesterday but not for long. THANKYOU SO SO MUCH for the messages of support you’ll never EVER understand what it means to us. Love you all and THANKYOU for sticking with us xx