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How many people do you know who have some form of  cancer?

I doubt if there is anybody who doesn’t know somebody with a cancer in one form or another.

Sadly, today, one in three will succumb, how long before it’s two in three?

Where is the public outcry? Geo-Engineering (chemtrails), the rubbish ingedients in some foods, E Numbers, additives, GMOs, poor nutrition, Codex Alimenteris, all surely have a hand in this.

Billions and billions are supposedly spent on research, the drug companies are raking in massive profits and squashing anyone will alternative ideas to attack cancer. It’s pretty obvious why!

They have come up with NOTHING new in the last thirty years. Why not?

Chemo is a killer, PROVEN!  It may well kill cancer cells BUT chemo is, in itself, a killer. It destroys healthy cells too, the very ones needed to fight back!

The way forward has to be in getting your immune system up to speed and doing the fighting, not the mustard gas technology apparently used in chemo.

Cannabis Oil could well be the future, no side effects and it seems to work.

For sure this is unlikely to be taken up by mainstream medicine, Big Pharma profits would drop like a concrete parachute and they would never be allowed.

So people keep on dying needlessly to keep up the profits of licensed killers.

There is no other way to explain the reluctance of Big Pharma and mainstream medicine to accept alternative treatment. After all, the drug companies finance medical schools to a large degree. Can you see where I’m coming from?

A worldwide disgrace, suiting The New World Order and Agenda21 in it’s plans to cull the population.

Inside the police unit controlling access to our data

Inside the police unit controlling access to our data

At a police building in south London, which I’ve been asked not to identify, I’m led through security gates, into the lift, up several floors and along a corridor to Scotland Yard’s Communications Intelligence Unit.

A sign on the door says No Unauthorised Access, but police have invited me in because they want to set the record straight.

What they do here is not about snooping on our calls and emails, they say – it’s about saving lives.

The room, which looks like a call centre, is split into three sections, each with clusters of desks and computer terminals.

One part is devoted to urgent requests for communications data and is staffed 24 hours a day.

A whiteboard lists the priority cases, known as Grade Ones, where there is an immediate threat to someone’s life.

Read more http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-33247533


Disney’s ABC Family Channel Debuts Transgender Show

Disney’s ABC Family Channel Debuts Transgender Show

“Becoming Us,” airing Monday, is an unscripted look at life for Ben Lehwald, an Evanston, Illinois, teen whose father, Charlie, is becoming a woman named Carly. In a preview clip, family members wince at a photo of gender reassignment surgery and Ben meets the parents of his girlfriend, Danielle, whose father is also transitioning.

The show stands to benefit from the surge in publicity surrounding Jenner, the Olympic gold medalist formerly known as Bruce, who appears on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine in a form-fitting corset. ABC Family has committed to 10, one-hour episodes, produced by TV host Ryan Seacrest. Jenner’s own E! network documentary series “I Am Cait” debuts July 26.



This must be some sick joke ” Alan Milburn: Labour must realise Tony Blair was great like Margaret Thatcher”

This must be some sick joke ” Alan Milburn: Labour must realise Tony Blair was great like Margaret Thatcher”

Well I have heard it all now !

Labour must accept that Tony Blair was “great” like Margaret Thatcher and learn lessons from his success or it will never be in power again, Alan Milburn has said he endorsed Liz Kendall for the leadership.

The former health secretary said the party “could not have got it more wrong” at the last election as Ed Miliband “unilaterally sought to bring the shutters down on New Labour”.

In a major intervention over the future of the party, Mr Milburn said Labour must snap out of its “self-delusion” and realise that voters no longer know what the party stands for.

And while saying there can be “no return” to New Labour, the former frontbencher outlined five lessons from Mr Blair’s success that must be adopted by whoever wins the party leadership.

The speech is the latest from a Labour grandee chastising the party for its electoral defeat last month – when it recorded its worst result since 1987 – and urging reform.

However it is Mr Milburn’s calls for a rehabilitation of Mr Blair, whose legacy over Iraq has divided newer MPs and the public, and his political strategies that will raise eyebrows.


Depraved bank workers sexually abused baby – after one said it would be “cute” to see assault

Depraved bank workers sexually abused baby – after one said it would be “cute” to see assault

A pair of depraved bank workers sexually assaulted a one-year-old girl – after one said it would be “cute” to see the other abuse a baby.

David Harper, 36, struck up a relationship with married colleague Jennifer Maguire, 31, before encouraging her to send him videos of herself and the child.

The pair’s despicable crimes were only uncovered as a result of an unrelated internal investigation into Harper’s behaviour at a Bank of Scotland branch in South Lanarkshire.

They are both facing jail.

Bosses initially started trawling through his emails over claims he had harassed another female member of staff – but called in police when they uncovered even more disturbing material.

Maguire claimed she got involved in the child abuse because Harper had threatened to put naked images of her online.

Read more http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/depraved-bank-workers-sexually-abused-5944987

Lamb Genetically Modified with Jellyfish Sold as Meat by Paris Butcher

Lamb Genetically Modified with Jellyfish Sold as Meat by Paris Butcher

Police have now been called in and an inquiry launched into how the lamb could have been passed as fit for human consumption.

Le Parisien newspaper reported that the animal’s mother was a sheep called Emeraude whose DNA had been modified to include a jellyfish gene called Green Fluorescent Protein by researchers at the National Institute for Agronomic Research (INRA) in Paris. Her lamb, Rubis, was born with the gene in the spring of 2014. Although produced for research purposes, Rubis was allegedly deliberately mixed with several other lambs that had not been genetically modified and sent to an abattoir.

Emeraude and Rubis were reportedly part of a programme called Green Sheep launched in 2009, aimed at carrying out experiments on mammals for “therapeutic research”


UK: Disabled protesters dragged out of parliament by police

About 50 protesters including some in wheelchairs were forcebly dragged out of the House of Commons by police in London, Wednesday, after attempting to occupy the chamber during a protest against disability cuts to the International Living Fund (ILF).

The Independent Living Fund (ILF) delivers financial support to disabled people so they can choose to live in their communities rather than in residential care.

Residential care can cost between

Weekly residential costs per week range from e.g. £325 per wek to £3295 per week.
We currently have commitments for 52 residential placements at an avaerage cost per week of £1251.

Disability campaigners clash with police inside parliament over benefit cuts

The campaigners were protesting against planned changes to the independent living fund. The fund, worth £320m a year, is currently controlled by the Department for Work and Pensions and is intended to help around 20,000 people with severe disabilities live as independently as possible. Following a consultation, the government announced in March 2014 that it would scrap it at the end of this month.

That’s £16,000 per person p.a

when we have

MPs set to receive 11% pay rise from 2015

Parliamentary watchdog Ipsa is set to recommend a rise of £7,600- per head

Now – who do YOU think needs the money the most?

DWP deaths data being prepared ‘as we speak’ – David Cameron

DWP deaths data being prepared ‘as we speak’ – David Cameron

Hard on the heels of

The DWP won’t tell anyone how many people have died after having their benefits sanctioned – as of June 19th

The Government is preparing to release figures on how many people have died after being judged fit to work, the Prime Minister has confirmed.
A petition calling for the statistics to be made public had accrued over 220,000 signatures before the Prime Minister’s comments today.
Mr Duncan Smith came under fire over the matter at DWP questions on Monday, when Labour MPs Marie Rimmer and Debbie Abrahams both asked why the Government was “refusing” to publish the figures.
Mr Dumkopf Smut argued:
The petition  was “attempting to block” the publication of the statistics ………….and

 it was “disgraceful” members should try to suggest a link between benefits ending and subsequent deaths.
Data released in 2010 showed 10,600 people died between January and November 2011 within six weeks of their Employment Support Allowance claim ending.
Allegations fly at heated Westminster child abuse conference

Allegations fly at heated Westminster child abuse conference

Tuesday’s event, arranged by the WhiteFlowers group, was designed to keep up the pressure on home secretary Theresa May regarding the government-led inquiry, as well as stressing the need for solidarity among campaigners. The group is demanding full and equal legal representation for survivors, the amendment of the Official Secrets Act to ensure it does not cover historical allegations of child sex abuse, and greater measures to protect and support whistleblowers, as well as the prompt prosecution of Lord Greville Janner – the former Labour MP accused of being a serial abuser who the director of public prosecutions, Alison Saunders said was not fit to stand trial due to his suffering from dementia – and other high-profile figures suspected of paedophile activities or cover-ups.

One survivor who was placed in care in homes in Rotherham, Warrington, North Wales and Rochdale, told the audience in an earlier meeting that abuse had taken place in each home. “How was that possible?” he asked. “I would have had to have been the unluckiest kid on the planet for every place they put me in for abuse to happen. That could only have come about with planning.”

Lou spoke with Bill Maloney who said that it was a success, Bill stood up to MP John Mannnand asked when was he going to speak out…

Bill got escorted from Westminster by police with cheers.

Bill will shortly be back on Lou Collins Radio Show.


Rotherham, Warrington, North Wales and Rochdale

and many other places where the paedo rings operated and still operate.

Active Groups