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Hitler DID escape Germany in 1945: Staggering new claims point to huge Nazi cover-up

Hitler DID escape Germany in 1945: Staggering new claims point to huge Nazi cover-up

In allegations set to debunk one of the biggest slices of world history, Russia is also accused of hiding vital evidence proving the Fuhrer and his wife Eva Braun fled in disguise.

Two corpses found after the Second World War reported to be those of Hitler and Braun were in fact murdered body doubles.

The claims due to be aired in an explosive television expose tomorrow will blow wide open theories of what happened to the world’s most infamous mass murderers.

The programme claims Hitler did not die at the end of the war and threatens to  expose the foundation of post-Second World War history as nothing more than a tissue of “lies”.


Patrick Henningsen revealed this in 2013, see video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xszKqQhnvEQ



People who refuse cancer treatment live for an average of 12 and a half years.

It might rub some people the wrong way to state this, especially those who’ve had to watch a loved one die from conventional cancer treatment, but each of these supposed treatments don’t actually work, in many cases. Little-known science, which the medical-industrial complex has made it a practice to ignore or cover up, reveals that, despite what the medical industry often claims, chemotherapy in particular just isn’t an effective cancer treatment.

After investigating this further, Dr. Jones found that cancer patients who underwent chemotherapy actually died more quickly, in most cases, than those who followed their doctors’ recommendations by getting the treatment. A few number-crunching efforts later and Dr. Jones exposed a fact that the conventional cancer industry doesn’t want the world to know about its multi-billion-dollar cash cow.

“People who refused treatment lived for an average of 12 and a half years,” stated Dr. Jones about his study’s findings, which were published in the journal Transactions of the New York Academy of Sciences. “Those who accepted other kinds of treatment lived on an average of only 3 years.”


Experts slam UK govt.’s budget proposal

Experts slam UK govt.’s budget proposal

A group of academics have dismissed Conservative government’s plan to enshrine permanent budget surpluses in law as a political gimmick that ignores basic economics.

The academics said a law aw forcing the government to cut spending or raise taxes every year to generate a budget surplus, characterized as Micawber economics, would suck the economy dry and within a few years could trigger another credit crunch.

In a letter, 77 of the best-known academic economists, including French economist Thomas Piketty and Cambridge professor Ha-Joon Chang accused Chancellor George Osborne of turning a blind eye to the complexities of a 21st-century economy.

It came in response to chancellor’s Mansion House speech earlier this week during which he said the government should be forced by law to bring down the UK’s debt mountain to protect the economy against future shocks.

Source  http://presstv.ir/Detail/2015/06/13/415649/Experts-slam-chancellors-budget-proposal

You honestly will not know what to make of this groundbreaking Australian puppet show

You will be as dumbfounded as I was when you see this government funded puppet show featuring disembodied limbs, childbirth and human feces performed in front of groups of children!

Video https://vimeo.com/121001475

Hiker Stumbles Across United Nations Base Camp Hidden In Plane Sight In The Middle Of America!

Hiker Stumbles Across United Nations Base Camp Hidden In Plane Sight In The Middle Of America!

Imagine if you will: You’re hiking along one of your favorite trails, enjoying nature and time to yourself, and all of a sudden, you come across a military base camp in the middle of nowhere, yet not too far away from roads, etc. in order to make shipments and maneuvers to and from said base camp quite easy and efficient.

trange military bases have been popping up seemingly overnight in many places across the U.S. in the last couple of months, and many fear they are all related to what is supposed to be nothing more than a military exercise known as Operation Jade Helm 15, which many concerned Americans feel is going to be more than an ‘exercise.


Partrick Rock

Partrick Rock

Information will not be released

Mrs J Groves
HM Courts & Tribunals Service
London Regional Support Unit
102 Petty France
Post Point 9.02, 9th Floor
London SW1H 9AJ
DX 152380 Westminster 8
T 0203 334 2915
F 0870 324 0126
E xxxxxx.xxx.xxxx@xxxxx.xxx.xxx.xx

Mr Philip Walton
Via email: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx

12 June 2015

Freedom of Information Request
Dear Mr Walton

Thank you for your email dated 14 May 2015 sent to the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), in which you asked for the following information:

Cameron’s Aide Patrick Rock, the last I heard, was bailed to appear at Southwark Crown Court on 27th Feb 2015. I have been looking out for what happened on all the news media, and there is NOTHING. This smacks of some sort of enforced political cover up, but I would like to be told that that this view is not correct from the Ministry accountable for Justice, and if there is no cover up, what happened on that date to Mr Rock.

Your request has been handled under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) and has been passed to me because I have responsibility for answering requests relating to HM Courts & Tribunal Service (HMCTS) in London and

I can confirm that HMCTS does hold the data you are requesting, but in this instance will not be releasing it as it is information contained in a court record and therefore exempt from disclosure.

We are not obliged to provide information contained in a court record. In this case, the information you are seeking is contained in the relevant case files which are part of a court record (section 32(1) of the FOIA). The terms of this exemption in the FOIA mean that we do not have to consider whether or not it would be in the public interest for you to have the information.

Also we are not obliged, under section 40(2) of the FOIA, to provide information that is the personal information of another person if its release would contravene any of the provisions in the DPA for example, if disclosure is unfair. The terms of this exemption in the FOIA mean that we do not have to consider whether or not it would be in the public interest for you to have the information.

You can find out more about sections 32 and 40 by reading the extracts from the FOIA and some guidance points we consider when applying this exemption, attached at the end of this letter.

You can also find more information by reading the full text of the FOIA. Section 32 is viewable here: www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2000/36/section/32; and section 40 viewable here: www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2000/36/section/40.


It’s not just about child abuse – it’s also about abuse of law and justice.



Was Commons Speaker George Thomas in a sex abuse ring with Grevile Janner?

Was Commons Speaker George Thomas in a sex abuse ring with Grevile Janner?

 Lord Tonypandy, George Thomas, at home in Cardiff. The 1st Viscount Tonypandy was elected Speaker of the House in 1976.

Throughout Thomas’s adult life, it seems he harboured a dark personal secret; one which he took to his grave. Quite how dark remains the subject of police investigations today, 18 years after his passing was marked by universally reverential obituaries.

Last month, it emerged that a man had come forward to tell police he had been sexually assaulted on that Aberystwyth train in 1959.

The fellow passenger who had abused him, he said, was none other than George Thomas MP, the future Viscount Tonypandy. The alleged victim was 22 years old at the time.

That allegation came less than a year after it was claimed that Thomas had raped a nine-year-old son of Welsh Labour activists. The first alleged abuse of the boy took place in the late Sixties — a time when Thomas was being described in print as ‘the best-loved man in the House of Commons’.

Full article http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3122273/Was-Commons-Speaker-sex-abuse-ring-Janner-Famous-call-Order-Order-George-Thomas-one-best-loved-MPs-s-accused-vile-attacks-boys-young-nine.html

CIA releases 9/11-related internal documents

CIA releases 9/11-related internal documents

Five documents assessing CIA conduct before and immediately after the 9/11 terror attacks were released Friday. The redacted files include the previously unavailable 2005 assessment of the CIA, as well as reactions by relevant officials.

In response to FOIA requests for the full 2005 OIG report, CIA and other agencies conducted an extensive review of the nearly 500-page document in order to release information that no longer needed to be protected in the interests of national security,” the agency said in a statement.

One of the documents released on Friday is the redacted version of the 2005 report by the CIA Office of Inspector General (OIG), examining the agency’s accountability and intelligence community activities before and after the September 2001 terrorist attacks. The CIA had previously released only a heavily redacted executive summary of that report.

Read more  http://rt.com/usa/266902-cia-documents-9-11-release/