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Leon Brittan, Dossiers and Toe Suckers – off  their Head (Mr)?

Leon Brittan, Dossiers and Toe Suckers – off their Head (Mr)?

Follow up on FOI revelations

Dickens 40 page  November 1983 dossier to Leon Brittan contained ‘allegations of paedophilia in Buckingham Palace and the diplomatic and civil services’.

This letter of 18 January 1984 from Leon Brittan to Geoffrey Dickens appears to confirm the story of a vice ring within Buckingham Palace?


Leon Brittan’s hand written note, on the above letter, suggests that he was well aware of the ‘Palace’ & PIE allegations

Mr Head: for advise pse (in particular in relation to the ”Palace” correspondence. I propose to ack (?) receipt in the letter to Mr D. on that)

(I wonder what Mr Michael Head of the Criminal Justice Dept advised?)

As in?


Daily Express, 25th November 1983

A 2nd DOSSIER was handed over to Leon Brittan in January 1984 – and this one ran to 50 pages

via Spotlight

Daily Mirror, 19th January 1984


The January 1984 dossier contained information on the Paedophile Information Exchange, an organisation that campaigned to legalise sex with children, and gave details of ‘sex assaults at a children’s home’, and named prominent paedophiles including a ‘top television executive’.

A recently unearthed cutting from the Huddersfield Daily Examiner (19.1.84) gives more detail on the January 1984 dossier – apparently it also contains ‘allegations of child assault at the ceremonies of religious cults‘.



Oh – and to reinforce that Toe Sucker is suffering from a similar disability to Janner (maybe ATOS could evaluate?) P.I.E was never banned by the Government – in fact Leon Brittan was attacked in the msm for his lack of response. He awaited the DPP view ? So even after  5 dossiers, and a million signature petition  Leon Brittan, as Home Secretary, was unable to act?


The Daily Express, in a comment piece on 2nd September 1983

Sir Thomas Hetherington was DPP.

Articles via spotlightto whom all researchers are deeply grateful


Labour grandees who ‘abused children’ welcome schoolboys to Commons

Labour grandees who ‘abused children’ welcome schoolboys to Commons


Since this photograph was taken in 1976, Greville Janner and George Thomas have been exposed as alleged paedophiles.

The pair, later ennobled as Lord Janner and Viscount Tonypandy, have been accused of preying on children and yesterday campaigners said there was growing evidence a Labour paedophile ring operated at Westminster.

A third former Labour MP, the late Leo Abse, has also been named as an alleged abuser.

Janner, 86, is the only one of the three still alive. Last month he avoided being charged with 22 counts of child sex, when prosecutors ruled he was too unwell with dementia.


Talking with the Plants by Alloya Huckfield

Talking with the Plants by Alloya Huckfield

In ancient ages past, these present times were foretold, in long forgotten stories told by old men and women. We live in a feverous world of duality, contradiction and intrigue. Pushed hither and tither by the desires of men. It is time to take back our old traditions foretold by our grandmothers and listen to the quiet voice within for a way out of the mire of confusion which perpetuates our consciousness. We live in a left brain world one reduced to atoms of matter and nothing more. We struggle in a world where love is only honoured by Hallmark is its endless parade of pointless cards. Sentiment is cheap, or so you would think, however each year that piece of card with a tacky verse rising in price higher and higher. We live in a reality of contradicting forces the pull and push of duality, as we crash our way through the labyrinth of our lives. Who is there to guide us, religious men, social agents, governments, celebrities? We look to one god to another, yet all seem to call for war and a bloody mess, or is that just a trait of humankind. No religion so far, no god or deity or passing ET can fix our mess for us we have the responsibility to address this mess ourselves. Isn’t it time we stopped looking to the heavens to some outside force or praying to some invisible god because to be quite frank they do not seem to have the answers. Who will guide us out of this chaotic disaster we call life on Earth.

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20,000+ Police March In Force Against G7 Protests in Germany

20,000+ Police March In Force Against G7 Protests in Germany

Though more than 20,000 police officers were deployed to keep voice of the people away from powerful leaders, the critiques offered by demonstrators appear highlighted by the enormous efforts made to silence them.

Speaking out against the destructive policies of the world’s leading industrialized nations—which includes the U.S., U.K., Canada, France, Japan, Italy, and Germany—organized groups and individuals who participated in the protest carried signs and banners decrying inaction on climate change, the pending TransAtlantic Trade in Partnership (TTIP) agreement, ongoing wars and militarization, and the overarching assault on global democracy that has seen the power of corporations rise alongside nearly unprecedented levels of economic inequality



Lou Collins Radio Show with Bryn Alyn Survivor talking Tri.x, Pie & Government

Lou Collins Radio Show with Bryn Alyn Survivor talking Tri.x, Pie & Government

On todays show live from 11am Kaz from Bryn Alyn talks about her research into Tri.X

102.5FM or www.soundartradio.org podcast will be available later today

Prescription antidepressants, tranquilizers and painkillers all increase risk of murder

Prescription antidepressants, tranquilizers and painkillers all increase risk of murder

People taking antidepressants, tranquilizers and painkillers are all significantly more likely to kill another human being than similar people who are not taking those drugs, according to a study conducted by researchers from the Karolinsksa Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden, and published in the journal World Psychiatry on June 1.

Following high-profile school shootings in the United States and Finland, commentators have wondered whether antidepressants being taken by the shooters might have played a role in their actions.

“It has been repeatedly claimed that it was the antidepressants used by the persons who committed these massacres that triggered their violent behavior,” researcher Jari Tiihonen said. “It is possible that the massive publicity around the subject has already affected drug prescription practices.”

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