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Former cop fears ‘cover-up’ as he alleges link between sex beast Sidney Cooke and young boy’s murder

Former cop fears ‘cover-up’ as he alleges link between sex beast Sidney Cooke and young boy’s murder

A top detective who probed Britain’s worst paedophile Sidney Cooke can’t rule out a cover-up over a boy’s murder allegedly involving the sex beast.

Ex-Chief Superintendent Roger Stoodley felt there was evidence to accuse Cooke, 88, of killing Mark Tildesley, seven, in Wokingham, Berks, in 1984.

Mr Stoodley’s comments come amid claims that crimes linked to Cooke were never properly investigated.

The Sunday People last week revealed that Cooke has been repeatedly linked to the unsolved murder of eight-year-old Vishal Mehrotra , who vanished in 1981.

And Mr Stoodley says, after revelations about Jimmy Savile escaping justice, he can’t rule out a cover-up over Mark.

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SAVILE – BBC – As it Happened?

SAVILE – BBC – As it Happened?

Staying with the with Jimmy Savile story, (flying at concorde level to quote JS himself) we can also apply our ‘cover up’ template to the BBC’s handling of their internal inquiries.

Let us remember that:

The BBC is run under Royal Charter, therefore it is under the control of the privy council: (recall Justice Macur and Peter Morrison?)

Officers -Governors – Director-Generals – BBC Trustees are appointed by the British monarch on advice of government ministers.

The BBC Trust is the governing body of the BBC. The Trust is separate from the Executive Board which is led by the Director-General. The Executive Board is responsible for the operational delivery of BBC services and the direction of BBC editorial and creative output in line with the framework set by the Trust.

A few of the main characters in this soap – and flannel – variety performance, including.

Chris Patten, Chairman of the BBC Trust, Governor of Ditchley Foundation, linked to Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission and Common Purpose, multi-faceted , but not a sailor – as he failed to steer a true course.
Helen Boaden, BBC director of news appeared to survive criticism, unlike her deputy Stephen Mitchell. It was widely thought, however, that she would not continue in the job, but in February Boaden accepted an offer of a new job as director of BBC Radio
Michael Grade – Controller of BBC1 (1984–86)
Jimmy Savile died on 29 October 2011

Immediately after Savile’s death BBC Newsnight began an investigation into reports that he was a paedophile.. Savile’s victims alleged abuse at Duncroft, Stoke Mandeville hospital and the BBC.   The Newsnight expose was originally scheduled for broadcast on 7 December 2011, but a decision was taken to cancel its transmission. This ‘decision’ ultimately developed into a major crisis for the BBC when a similar ITV documentary was eventually screened on 3rd October 2012.   The BBC sub-scandal involved senior executives, director-generals past and present, including the chairman of the BBC Trust, Chris Patten.  The corporation stood accused of suppressing the Newsnight programme because it could have compromised the screening of two Jimmy Savile Christmas tribute shows.

The then Director of BBC News, Helen Boaden, was accused of placing an “impossibly high barrier” before Newsnight’s plans to expose Jimmy Savile as a paedophile, by insisting that its journalists act as if he were still alive and able to sue, according to sources at the programme.  Helen Boaden then revealed that she had phoned Mark Thompson, who was BBC Director General, in November 2011,and told him of the police investigation into Savile at Duncroft. Thompson categorically denied being responsible for pulling the programme. Lord Patten was made aware of that phone call in a letter from Tory MP Rob Wilson.

Despite being handed a transcript of Boaden and Thompson’s phone conversation, Lord Patten repeatedly refused to address the issue and even warned one MP he could be sued if he attempted to go public.  Then on 22nd October 2012 came a Panorama special.

The joint BBC investigation between Panorama and The World At One, which aired on both BBC One and BBC Radio 4, asked how the DJ got so close to the heart of Britain’s establishment and why in 1972 the BBC had failed to take effective action that might have saved young people from abuse. As the scandal engulfed the BBC within weeks the corporation again came under the spotlight with their Newsnight broadcast regarding claims about abuse in North Wales – a programme in which Lord McAlpine was NOT named, but who, nonetheless, still received a large payout in compensation – for what exactly is still not fully known.

The Newsnight Savile scandal gave rise to two investigations. (dead end investigations)

Dealing with the first – The Pollard Review , headed by Nick Pollard who was the former Head of Sky News – (control over key personnel?)
The Pollard Review Terms of Reference (ToR) for both independent reviews were proposed by the BBC’s Executive Board and approved by the BBC Trust. (Sounding Familiar – same as Waterhouse?)

The Pollard Review ToR
Were there any failings in the BBC’s management of the Newsnight investigation?

The Pollard Review omitted to report on the Thompson/Boaden communication (information withheld)

The outcome
The unanimous conclusion of the four Trustees is that they are satisfied that Nick Pollard properly weighed all the evidence that was available to him and that the conclusions of his report are robust. They remain confident that Nick Pollard conducted an independent, fair and thorough examination of the issues raised by the dropped Newsnight investigation.


Dame Janet Smith Review
Lady Justice Smith has been listed as one of the 100 most powerful women in the UK. She is one of only four women judges sitting in the Court of Appeal, alongside Baroness Butler-Sloss, whom you may recall stood down as Chair beacuse of a ‘conflict of interest’.

Initially, Dame Janet’s remit was to”conduct an impartial, thorough and independent review of the culture and practices of the BBC during the years that Jimmy Savile worked there”… (including) whether BBC child-protection and whistleblowing policies were good enough. This would have encompassed reviewing Stuart Hall’s activities.

However, she has recused herself after it emerged that she knew Ray Colley, who had previously worked with Stuart Hall as the regional manager at BBC Manchester.  Mr Colley’s wife, was married to Dame Janet’s current husband, Robin Mathieson.
I’ll give you a moment to digest that ………………………………..

The ToR have already been revised – due to Janet’s ‘ conflict of interest’

The review is believed to be covering the years 1965 to 2006.   I say ‘believed’ since although started in 2012, the Review has still not been published…………(a little like Macur?)

It would be possible to conjecture that the Smith review may have more in common with Chilcott than simply the cost









5 Families Sue Big Pharma in France for Vaccine Damages to Children

5 Families Sue Big Pharma in France for Vaccine Damages to Children

Here is a story that originates from the French media about 5 families with vaccine-damaged children who are suing the drug manufacturers for vaccine damages.

You will not, of course, ever read a story like this in the U.S. mainstream press for the simple reason that families cannot sue drug manufacturers for damages due to vaccines – it is against the law. There were so many lawsuits due to vaccine damages and deaths in the 1980s, that Big Pharma blackmailed Congress by threatening  to get out of the vaccine business (which is exactly what should have happened if there were truly a free market in the U.S. where failed products and companies were allowed to fail) unless they were given legal protection from ALL lawsuits.

So Congress gave Big Pharma total legal immunity to any harm due to vaccines back in 1986, and the U.S. Supreme Court upheld that law in 2011. Instead, the U.S. law has set up a special “vaccine court” funded by taxes consumers pay on the vaccines. The U.S. Government has attorneys that fight on behalf of the government not to pay damages for vaccine injuries and death. But they have paid out millions of dollars in damages nevertheless, even though the mainstream media seldom reports this.

– See more at: http://healthimpactnews.com/2014/5-families-sue-big-pharma-in-france-for-vaccine-damages-to-children/#sthash.dPoTSLRI.mwA5B8xt.dpuf

NHS details released against patients’ wishes, admits data body

NHS details released against patients’ wishes, admits data body

The body responsible for releasing NHS patient data to organisations including insurance companies has admitted information about patients has been shared against their wishes, it has emerged.

Requests by up to 700,000 patients for details from their records not to be passed on, registered during preparations for the creation of a giant medical database, have not been met.

But the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) told MPs that it “does not currently have the resources or processes to handle such a significant level of objection” and it also encountered technical issues over logging the preferences.

Patients registered their objections during the development of the controversial care data system but the plans were shelved in March 2014.

The admission was made in a letter to the House of Commons health select committee in February from HSCIC chair Kingsley Manning, who admitted it “may take some time” to resolve the issue.

Reade more  http://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/jun/06/nhs-data-released-against-patients-wishes


Smart clothes: Levi’s & Google working on interactive, device-linked fabric

Smart clothes: Levi’s & Google working on interactive, device-linked fabric

Google has announced its cooperation with Levi’s to design wearable technology by weaving touch-pad style capabilities into the fabric. The new technology would enable people to make phone calls and send messages just by swiping their clothes.

Items like jeans, sweaters, jackets, carpets and even furniture could potentially be turned into an interactive device, to be used like a trackpad or button, according to Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP), which is in charge of the development.

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China resorts to using drones to spy on students trying to cheat in its notoriously tough university entrance exams

China resorts to using drones to spy on students trying to cheat in its notoriously tough university entrance exams

Drones are being used to spy on pupils during university entrance examinations in China to stop them from cheating, according to Chinese media.

Officials in Luoyang, central China, have adopted the high-tech method to monitor students while they take the notoriously difficult tests.

The silent-flying drones will hover over students during university entrance exams known as ‘gaokao’, which are taken by more than nine million teenagers every year.

The devices will use 360 degree rotations to scan testing halls and locate suspicious radio signals created by hidden earpieces used to obtain the answers to exam questions.

Keir Starmer demands protection for human rights in maiden Commons speech

Keir Starmer demands protection for human rights in maiden Commons speech

NEW MP Keir Starmer has used his maiden speech in the House of Commons to demand that the Human Rights Act is saved from the axe.

He rose to his feet in the chamber on Friday for the first time since winning the Holborn and St Pancras parliamentary seat at last month’s general election, warning that the Conservative government would be making a mistake to repeal the Act.

Magna Carta was the foundation of the notion of equality before the law and individual freedom; that it enshrined due process, habeas corpus and access to justice; and that it was the origin of ­trial by jury.

It is thus ironic that in the year when we celebrate Magna Carta, proposals were announced in the Queen’s Speech to ‘bring forward proposals for a British Bill of Rights’. That is code, of course, for repealing the Human Rights Act, which, like Magna Carta, is a human rights instrument setting out fundamental values and rights.




Comparison site shares plummet as watchdog starts probe:

Comparison site shares plummet as watchdog starts probe:

Millions were wiped off the share value of price comparison websites yesterday as they were named in an inquiry into market-rigging.

‘Consumers trust price comparison services to help them switch to the best energy deals available on the market.

‘But some energy price comparison sites have been behaving more like backstreet market traders than the trustworthy consumer champions they make themselves out to be in adverts on TV.’

All the websites – MoneySupermarket, uSwitch, ComparetheMarket, Confused.com and GoCompare – denied misleading the public and insisted they have helped consumers save millions of pounds a year by shopping around.


They would – wouldn’t they?


Man calls 911 when his angry cat won’t let him into his house

Man calls 911 when his angry cat won’t let him into his house

The 7.5 pound Stamford cat eventually let his timid owners back into the house after the police paid a visit and gave the all-clear. We wonder what the expert negotiators said to the cat to make it spare the lives of its humans.