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William Hague – Coverup

William Hague – Coverup

As background and full expo of exactly what Hague knew (from the Jillings report) and the coverup of Welsh Care Home abuse.

Video from the The BCG Telford conference Feb 2015 filmed by Paglia Productions in conjunction with the UK Column. Independent research collated and presented by the Fighting Back Research group.

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Early Day Motion 38 – please support

Early Day Motion 38 – please support




New IBM program lets banks and retailers spy on your Social Media Activities

New IBM program lets banks and retailers spy on your Social Media Activities

No longer is the NSA alone in spying on you now IBM is leveraging your “Behavioral analytics” based on your Facebook and Twitter posts.

While at least the NSA has to pay lip service to the Constitution in brave new world corporations don’t.

Should IBM be allowed to harvest your social online activities and hand them to corporations to predict your next move?



Obvious ?

Obvious ?



Greville Janner update



In 1995, a twenty-three page booklet revealing the full inside story on the Greville Janner case began arriving in the mail at newspapers and television company offices across Britain.

Professionally written and laid out, the booklet, entitled “Is Greville Janner QC above the law?,” gave a full and accurate account of the Frank Beck paedophilia case to which Janner’s name had become inextricably linked. Apart from fulsome notes, the booklet contained as an appendix, a four-page pamphlet which had been published in 1992 headed “Janner FAILS to answer ‘sex with boy’ evidence.”


Up until now the scrutiny has mainly focused on how, although said to be too ill with dementia to be tried, the 86-year-old founder of the Holocaust Education Trust was able to take part in parliamentary debates, collect a hundred thousand pounds in expenses, and was compus mentus enough to sign over his property deeds to his children thereby putting them out of range of any damages litigation.


But even now, after all this has been raked over, there are still some curious omissions in the coverage, and perhaps one involves Lord Janner’s propensity to groom senior police officers on behalf of various Jewish organisations. This is best illustrated by an evening at Covent Garden Opera House some years back when three black-tied men strode onto the empty stage after the main performance and launched into a spirited rendering of “A policeman’s lot is not a happy one” to the uproarious laughter of their guests.

The three included the then-serving Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police  John Stevens, the former president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews and suspected child rapist Lord Janner QC himself, and Gerald Ronson, a billionaire property dealer who was imprisoned for his part in the huge “Guinness” financial fraud in 1991.

What the three men had in common, apart from a love of opera, was they all sat on the advisory committee of a charity called the Community Security Trust, a private investigation agency run out of the British Board of Jewish Deputies and which has been chaired by Gerald Ronson since he left prison.

Small world?

Mark Ronson (Aaronson) is related to Malcolm Rifkind, and to Leon Brittan.

Mark Ronson is related to the  convicted fraudster Gerald Ronson.




Elderly face NHS discrimination under new UN death targets

Elderly face NHS discrimination under new UN death targets

The NHS could be led to discriminate against the over 70s to meet ‘highly unethical’ UN health targets which seek to reduce premature deaths in younger people, senior medics have warned.

Under the proposed Sustainable Development Goals, UN member states will be given targets to cut the number of deaths from diseases like cancer, stroke, diabetes and dementia by one third by 2030.

However because many are age-related illnesses people who succumb to those diseases from the age of 70 are not deemed to have died prematurely and so are not included in the target.

Baroness Sally Greengross, former director of Age Concern England who also signed the letter said: “If adopted, this UN target could lead to institutionalised discrimination against older people in health care, both here in the UK and globally.

More here http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/health/elder/11637179/Elderly-face-NHS-discrimination-under-new-UN-death-targets.html

Perfect rainbow circle over Niagara Falls

Ukraine to default before Greece?

Ukraine to default before Greece?

Via the Slog  https://hat4uk.wordpress.com/2015/05/28/ukraine-breaking-leaks-from-kiev-government-suggest-imminent-default-after-president-signs-controversial-debt-moratorium-law/

UKRAINE BREAKING….leaks from Kiev Government suggest imminent default after President signs controversial Debt Moratorium Law

Eight days ago, Vladimir Putin argued that the new Ukrainian law being passed would allow the country “to default on its debt without warning as of now” – depending on which internet translation you accept. The Russian leader may be about to be proved correct.

A display of cowardice at Leon Brittan’s funeral

A display of cowardice at Leon Brittan’s funeral

Leon Brittan’s memorial service on Tuesday packed the West London Synagogue, but there were some notable absentees. We in the congregation were informed that the government was represented by Lord Howe (the Earl Howe, not Geoffrey). He is an estimable man, but well below Cabinet level. Since Brittan had been Home Secretary, it would normally be customary for the present holder of the office, Theresa May, to attend. Was she absent because of the accusations against Brittan, among others, about ‘establishment’ cover-ups of child abuse in the 1980s? If so, it was cowardly. Absolutely nothing has been proved. Unless it is, ministers should stand up for those who have served government in the past instead of running before the wind.

This is an extract from Charles Moore’s notes, available in The Spectator tomorrow.


China executes teacher for sexually abusing 26 girls

China executes teacher for sexually abusing 26 girls

they are seeing a rising number of child sex abuse cases

China’s top court said it has executed a primary school teacher found guilty of raping or sexually abusing 26 girls.

Li Jishun had committed the crimes between 2011 and 2012 while teaching at a village school in Gansu province.

He preyed on pupils aged 4 to 11 who were “young and timid”, according to a statement by the Supreme People’s Court reported by local media.

It said there have been more than 7,000 child sex abuse cases in recent years and that the trend is on the rise.