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100,000 women take to Britain’s streets to protest against President Trump..Where were these women when we were uniting against child abuse ?

100,000 women take to Britain’s streets to protest against President Trump..Where were these women when we were uniting against child abuse ?

Wearing pink, pointy-eared ‘p****hats’ to mock the new president, throngs of women descended on the US capital and other cities around the globe on Saturday for marches and demonstrations aimed at showingDonald Trump they won’t be silent over the next four years.

They carried signs with messages such as ‘Women won’t back down’ and ‘Less fear more love’ and decried Trump’s stand on such issues as abortion, diversity and climate change.

There were early signs that crowds in Washington could top those that gathered for Trump’s inauguration on Friday. City officials said organisers of the Women’s March on Washington had more than doubled their turnout estimate to 500,000 as crowds began swelling and subways into the city became clogged with participants.

Celebrities including Katy Perry, Scarlett Johansson, Jake Gyllenhaal, Emma Watson, Charlotte Church and Amy Schumer are among those taking part in rallies across the world.

It wasn’t just a US phenomenon and it wasn’t just women: More than 600 ‘sister marches’ were planned across the country and around the world, and plenty of men were part of the tableau.

Some 2.2 million people are marching globally to promote women’s and human rights, with an estimated 100,000 out on the streets in Britain.

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Smart Dust – The Future of Involuntary Treatment of the Public

Smart Dust – The Future of Involuntary Treatment of the Public

Smart dust is a name given to extremely small computing particles, RFID chips, or other very small technologies.

A popular article from Extreme Tech describes it in the headline: “Smart dust: A complete computer that’s smaller than a grain of sand.” An article from War is Boring is titled “Future Military Sensors Could Be Tiny Specks of ‘Smart Dust’ New technologies allow for extremely small—and ubiquitous—military sensors.” A paper from University of California, San Diego describes smart dust:

“The term “smart dust” originally referred to miniature wireless semiconductor devices made using fabrication techniques derived from the microelectronics industry. These devices incorporate sensing, computing and communications in a centimetre-sized package.”

It is promoted as an eventuality, that smart dust will cover streets and buildings to identify people, that people will have smart dust in their bodies, and other things in mainstream television and media. They paint a utopian, blissful picture of it.

However, the history of entities involved in creating smart dust show a different perspective. The same entities who create destructive technology (drones, surveillance technology, technology for warfare) are involved with its creation: military industrial complex players, from the RAND Corporation to Hitachi, to DARPA and their collaborators in academia.

As with all technology, the people who wield it determine whether it’s used for the benefit of, or against the common people.


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Many of the gilded glitterati gathering in Davos, Switzerland amid the towering Alps for the annual World Economic Forum (WEF) see the populism sweeping much of the world as a fascinating trend. They certainly enjoy talking about it. But their academic chitter-chatter is starting to take on a panicked tone over the implications of the common man demanding a better life—a life without poverty in the face of plenty and without nonstop unwinnable wars, among other vexing problems.

Even before this year’s WEF started on Jan. 17, American public television personality Charlie Rose—a frequent attendee of the much more exclusive Bilderberg meetings that AFP has doggedly covered since 1975—was interviewing several guests about this topic on his well-known talk show, as this AFP reporter flipped on the TV during recent travels. Rose’s esteemed guests fretted over several trends that suggest there’s a devolution from globalism in the works—call it “de-globalization.”

Council on Foreign Relations President Richard Haas and Chicago Council on Global Affairs President Ivo Daalder in early December 2016 confided to Rose that they’ve got the jitters over the current populist surge, most visibly represented by brash businessman Donald J. Trump’s ascent to the presidency—and above all by what his election says about the worldview of a sizable cross section of the American people. Simply put: Globalization is losing its grip on the human psyche.

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The Common Law Nations Alliance – Our ‘membership’ of the EU is VOID

The Common Law Nations Alliance – Our ‘membership’ of the EU is VOID

An interesting quote can be found on the inside cover of the original 1958 copies of The Memoirs of Field-Marshal Montgomery:’… There is a sombre warning – more striking perhaps because it comes from a soldier – that what is to be feared in the future is not the possibility of a shooting war but the more insidious onslaught of economic forces aimed at undermining the very foundation of our civilisation.’Clearly, Field Marshal Montgomery was aware of what has for a long time been working unlawfully and treasonously behind the scenes in our nation.
The Bill of Rights 1688 is an important part of the British Constitution. It is the contract between the monarch and the people.Under the section entitled ‘Supremacy’ it states: ‘And I doe declare That no Foreign Prince Person Prelate, State or Potentate hath or ought to have any Jurisdiction Power SuperiorityPreeminence or Authority Ecclesuiasticallt or Spiritual within this Realm so help me God. ‘It is clear that this contract was broken when Elizabeth Windsor, the woman who holds the title of ‘Queen’, signed the Lisbon Treaty.
That means our relationship with the EU since the Lisbon Treaty is void. Furthermore, any legislation that hands or has handed even one iota of our sovereignty to the EU or any other international body is also void. It is also important to note that by signing away our sovereignty, Elizabeth has also broken her oath to God to ‘govern … according to [our] laws and customs…’ and to ‘maintain the laws of God, the true profession of The Gospel…’Our ‘trusted’ politicians from all parties, judges, civil servants and others swear oaths to uphold our laws and customs in the service of our sovereign. Why do so many of them also break their oaths?It is significant that our unique Common Law rights, which are rooted in the Bible and not found in the EU, were never mentioned during the recent ‘EU Referendum’.But then, the entire ‘Brexit’ charade is a con, a distraction – we have never lawfully been in the EU.
It is therefore time for us to ‘drain the swamp’ of those ministers, politicians, judges and others who have broken the law.It is also time to restore the protection that the Common Law and our constitution gives the men and women of our nation against pernicious members of government and/or monarchy.

Read more http://www.commonlawnationsalliance.com/common-law-nations-alliance-leaflet

Los Angeles Satanic Temple’s biggest EVER ‘black mass’ with blood-letting and ‘destruction rituals’

Los Angeles Satanic Temple’s biggest EVER ‘black mass’ with blood-letting and ‘destruction rituals’

The Satanic Temple Of Los Angeles, a chapter of a nationwide satanic organization, hosted a massive ‘black mass’ Saturday night, complete with a live bloodletting ritual and a 45-minute lecture about demonic cats.

Guests could also attend a destruction ritual and an invocation ritual, both with live music. The event doubled as a fundraiser for the chapter’s causes, with include women’s reproductive rights, the First Amendment and prisoner’s rights.

The Satanic Temple, headquartered in Salem, Massachusetts, has 24 chapters across the United states. Members of the movement, which calls itself an organized religion, do not believe in a personal Satan but say they preach rationalism and reject superstition.

VIP tickets to Saturday’s massive rally cost $66.60, while other guests paid $15. Attendees, many of which wore costume, were pictured by LAist enjoying six hours of Satanic activities, including live painting and tattooing.

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The Common Law Nations Alliance

The Common Law Nations Alliance

The Common Law is at the root of all Common Law nations and their constitutions.

Common Law nations include the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Ireland, the United States of America, Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand and many more (see here for a list of jurisdictions across the world).

But please note, that, whilst non Common Law might not be interwoven into the constitions of non-Common Law nations, it can be applied everywhere, so this website is relevant to all nations and all people.

Common Law is God’s Law through the true Christ, implemented by man’s common sense and reason. It is the only expression of the true Law we have in the wolrd today. And it is currently in the process of being set aside in favour of corporate international dictatorship, arbitrary man-made law and the law of false teachings.

The aim of The Common Law Nations Alliance is to unify the Common Law nations under the banner of the Common Law.

That means The Common Law Nations Alliance is about taking a major step towards asserting true government, with God through Christ as overall Sovereign.

The Common Law Nations Alliance also aims to unify all men and women who believe in, and follow, the true Jesus Christ.

Read more http://www.commonlawnationsalliance.com/

Download the leaflet here http://www.commonlawnationsalliance.com/common-law-nations-alliance-leaflet


Trump calls CNN ‘fake news’ during press conference… Brilliant

Trump calls CNN ‘fake news’ during press conference… Brilliant

President-elect Trump hit back at CNN, telling one of the network’s correspondents that he disseminates “fake news.”

“You’re fake news,” Trump said to CNN correspondent Jim Acosta during a press conference Wednesday in New York.

Acosta had tried to shout out a question to Trump, who was railing against CNN for publishing a story Tuesday that Trump had been presented with a report by intelligence officials that claimed the Russian government has compromising information on him. Trump told Acosta that he would not call on him.

The information included lewd sex acts that Trump had allegedly participated in during a trip to Russia, according to a dossier published by BuzzFeed. Trump has denied the allegations and other news outlets, including the New York Times and Washington Post, have said they knew of the report well in advance but were unable to substantiate it.


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WTF ! Former Asda worker is the first British MAN to become PREGNANT

WTF ! Former Asda worker is the first British MAN to become PREGNANT

A former Asda worker will be the first British man to become pregnant and will complete his gender transition after giving birth.

Hayden Cross, from Gloucester, had already undergone the preliminary stages to officially becoming a male, but has delayed the completion until giving birth.

The 20-year-old is four months pregnant after finding a sperm donor on Facebook, which prompted him to put the procedure on hold.

He the Sun on Sunday: ‘I am worried about how I will look and what people will think and say about me.

‘There are a lot of small-minded people out there.’

He added that he will ensure he stays single during the child’s formative years in order to keep matters as simple as possible.

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You couldn’t make this up…NHS hospital spends £1,265 on 100 gender neutral toilets

You couldn’t make this up…NHS hospital spends £1,265 on 100 gender neutral toilets

A cash-strapped NHS trust has spent more than £1,000 on gender neutral toilets.

Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust spent £1,265 to change toilet signs to show symbols for men, women, the disabled and the gender neutral.

More than 100 toilets over three sites were changed just before Christmas by the Trust that, last June, announced it was cutting 450 jobs due to ‘budget savings’.

At the time the Trust said the announcement should come as ‘no surprise’ because it had it had been vocal about its need to reign-in spending.

The toilets now all feature grab bars for disabled users, sanitary bin and sink and no urinal, according to the Sun.

Seventy-seven toilets were converted at Birmingham City Hospital, 31 were changed at Sandwell Hospital as well as six Rowley Regis in the West Midlands.

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Woman jailed for three years for holding BIBLE STUDIES !

Woman jailed for three years for holding BIBLE STUDIES !

Ma Huichao was sentenced after her bible study group threatened to “disturb public order”.

China Aid said the woman was taken into custody alongside four other Christians after communist party officials claimed the group was meeting without government approval.

The small group was accused of “gathering a crowd to disturb public order” in the western Xinjiang region of the country.

The court sentenced Huichao to three years in prison

Huichao’s lawyer was not allowed to plead not guilty on his clients behalf, according to China Aid.

The court sentenced Huichao to three years in prison on December 30.

It is believed Huichao will not appeal her sentence.

China’s Communist Party has placed increasingly harsh restrictions on Christians in recent months.

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